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Default Re: Mega Evolution

With further cogitation on this topic, I'm wondering whether five energy for an overall +5 to stats is appropriate. It's reasonably powerful, but that's also exactly the going rate for any boosting attack. Mega evolution does also change abilities, so you are getting something more there, but you also have to lose out on your item slot to use it. So what I'm thinking is:

a) give more than a total of +5 in boosts
b) decrease energy cost and/or remove the action requirement
c) something else?

Removing the need to take an action to mega evolve makes it much more powerful--I don't think too powerful, though. Decreasing the energy cost to 3% or even 1% ultimately doesn't have a lot of impact; you're basically left with a one-use nearly-guaranteed silver wind and ability change that costs you an item slot. Which I guess might be okay? That effect is better than for some items, worse than for others, so whether or not it's "worth it" is a little situational. I do think it's good to have some choice involved in mega evolution, like, you may not always want to mega evolve a 'mon for a battle, but on the other hand I don't know if the ability as discussed is quite splashy enough.
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