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Default Re: Mega Evolution

Originally Posted by Metallica Fanboy
It's worth considering that 5+ in a single action is more than anything can provide at once except for Shell Smash (and there's a difference between spending 3 actions raising your stats, vs. raising them all in 1 action and having the other 2 free to start the assault with -- or even, to keep increasing stats with, since the Mega Evolution boosts won't contribute towards ramming the max stages). It's also not really much of an opportunity cost relative to other existing items -- the ones that fiddle with stats normally only provide 1+ boosts (albeit at no energy or action cost, but usually requiring some condition to be met first).

That said, the 5% energy cost I set up there wasn't substantiated on much of anything, so it's probably worth lowering or even nixing if people do feel that Mega Evolution wouldn't be worthwhile for 5+ net at the current rate.
Right, I forgot that they stack with normal stat boosts and can't be removed/copied/etc. That does make them substantially better than "normal" stat boosts, so paying 5% for them is probably fine. Not that lowering the energy cost to, like, 3% or something would probably have had a lot of impact on usage.

Originally Posted by Eifie
Although I'm kind of wondering about the speed decreases: what's the need for them when the Pokémon's base speed decreases by mega evolving anyway?
Since I was thinking of all the other boosts in terms of stat modifiers rather than base stats, it didn't even occur to me to do something different with speed! But it's true, that base stat does get used, so it could just be a base stat change rather than a boost the way the other ones are. The only reason not to would be that the actual base stat speed changes vary; when the change is listed as "-1 speed," that just means that the mega evolution decreased that stat, but the magnitude of that change varies between megas. So leaving it as a -1 to speed makes the power level of the evos more equal than using the absolute change in speed.

Originally Posted by Eifie
I don't really care about the energy cost. Would it be possible to release mega stones and see how things go before deciding if mega evolution should not take an action? Not having to take an action to mega evolve would be a nice perk, but I'm kind of worried that it could make commanding first against a Pokémon that can mega evolve a pretty huge pain.
Of course, I'm not going to debate endlessly over whether or not the action use is important before releasing mega evolution. If one is clearly a better option than the other, though, it would be nice to figure it out before releasing and make that the initial version!

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