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Default Re: Cynder vs I liek Squirtles

Round One

After some inactivity a handful of trainers from the Asber league are picking things up again! Appropriately enough, this arena looks like it's gone through a period of inactivity as well, to say the least. Our three visitors enter the ruins of the old temple and briefly marvel at being inside an ancient, irreplaceable piece of history. But who really cares? The Pokémon world is full of mysterious ancient crap; ruins like these are dime-a-dozen. This looks like a perfect place to FIGHT.


Cynder (2/2)
Vexx[Levitate] dusk-stone
Health: 100%
Energy: 100%
Status: Calmly waiting for the battle to begin.

I liek Squirtles (2/2)
Freela[Cursed Body]
Health: 100%
Energy: 100%
Status: Floating around restlessly.


Freela begins the battle by sparkling as ostentatiously as she can muster. A dazzling display of pulsing lights fizzles in and out of existence around her in incomprehensible patterns, sure to frazzle anyone's brain who tries to make sense of their unknowable geometry.

However, what she's failed to notice is that Vexx, too, is sparkling, a much more subtle, dignified sparkle. Freela's strange lights reflect in the veil covering Vexx's body; their patterns are only more alien when reflected in the warped surface of the Misdreavus's fabric-like folds. Freela can't help but stare transfixed at her own ethereal light show, and soon enough, the lights fade and she left floating listlessly at an odd angle, having only frazzled herself.

Vexx gives a satisfied little smirk and moves on to her Rain Dance. Of course, she doesn't exactly have any limbs, so it comes across as more of a Rain Wiggle to onlookers, but really, that's their loss. They simply don't appreciate culture. Sure enough, a smattering of rain begins to grace this old temple, and before long, the rain is beating down like there's no tomorrow. Clearly the powers that be recognize a dance when they see one.

Freela, of course, isn't too bothered by this; the rain can only make her feel more in her element. Her head continues to feel like jelly — more than it's supposed to, that is — but she manages to shake herself out well enough to figure out her move. An orb of pure black energy churns itself together between her arm-tentacles and lurches straight at Vexx, caught completely unawares by her tottering opponent pulling herself together. Vexx is left with a faint but unshakeable pins-and-needles feeling throughout her body, like she's just a little more out of sync than usual with the mortal plane.

She rights herself in one graceful swoosh. No matter; a minor miscalculation. She's still well on track to steal the show. For her grand finale for Act One, she calls forth a bolt of lightning from the heavens. A blinding flash and an ear-splitting crack tear through the closed space; the bolt strikes true, searing through Freela's wispy body and leaving a giant scorchmark in the middle of the ruin.

Freela flutters around drunkenly. That certainly did a good amount to smack her back to reality, but on the other hand, she's still seeing lights, and her head, on top of feeling like jelly, now feels like that jelly has been through the microwave. Who even does that, that doesn't sound appetizing at all, she thinks; she absentmindedly prepares to spew a jet of hot water at Vexx but the warmth welling up in, uh, wherever Water Pokémon get their water from — in any case the gross warm feeling in her mouth just makes her think of heated jelly and she ends up gagging at the thought and choking on her attack. Vexx watches very satisfied as her opponent finishes out the round sputtering helplessly.


Cynder (2/2)
Vexx[Levitate] dusk-stone
Health: 85%
Energy: 83%
Status: Very satisfied with herself. −1 Special Defense.

I liek Squirtles (2/2)
Freela[Cursed Body]
Health: 80%
Energy: 93%
Status: Coming back down to earth. Confused (mild, 15% failure chance).

  • Rain continues to fall (7 actions remaining).
  • Cynder commands first next round.


Action 1:
  • Vexx used Magic Coat:
    • 4% energy
  • Freela used Confuse Ray:
    • 4% energy
    • Reflected by Magic Coat
    • Freela's confusion rate is 50%
  • End of action:
    • Freela's confusion chance drops to 45%

Action 2:
  • Vexx used Rain Dance:
    • 5% energy
  • Freela used Shadow Ball:
    • ≤ 45 to hit self, rolled 85
    • ≤ 20 to lower SpD, rolled 16
    • ≤ 5 to crit, rolled 96
    • 3% energy (4% − 1% type)
    • 15% damage (8% + 2% STAB + 5% super-effective)
  • End of action:
    • Freela's confusion chance drops to 40%

Action 3:
  • Vexx used Thunder:
    • ≤ 30 to paralyze, rolled 53
    • ≤ 5 to crit, rolled 63
    • 8% energy
    • 16% damage (11% + 5% super-effective)
    • Freela's confusion chance drops to 20%
  • Freela used Scald:
    • ≤ 20 to hit self, rolled 3
    • 4% damage to self
  • End of action:
    • Freela's confusion chance drops to 15%

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