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Default Re: Digimon club!

The only Digimon games I've ever played Are ROMs of DW:DS and DW:Dawn, and I recently bought Digimon World Dusk, my first and only real-life Digimon game.

My team currently consists of RiseGreymon, Etemon, and Crescemon as my main fighters. Their names are Marcus, Presley, and Diana respectively.

My Relief Digimon are DotMirageGaogamon, which I'm considering degenerating and digivolving into MirageGaogamon, Monochromon named Misery (after BlackWarGreymon's personality in the second season of the animé), who will digivolve into Vermilimon then BlackWarGreymon as soon as possible, and a Biyomon named Sora. Biyomon's original name was Acid, and she digivolved into Saberdramon then Karatenmon, but that was before Spaekle told me about the Aptitude stuff. Now she'll digivolve into Birdramon so I can get a Garudamon.

THANK YOU SO MUCH SPAEKLE!! *tackle-glomp* <333

Any team-judging, please? I've been considering degenerating and digivolving Etemon to get BlackWereGarurumon, but Gulfmon, eh...I'm not too fond of.

As for progress, I've just restored Dark S Area and I'm in the middle of my first three-star species quest, the Beast quest. I'm supposed to give the Wing Ring to Penguinmon, and I've already given it to the fake one and talked to the real one, so now I'm looking for the Muchomon (fake Penguinmon) to take the Wing Ring back. Have I progressed well enough? All my Digimon (with the exception of Misery and Sora, since they've been degenerated) are above level 30, mostly around level 35-40. The ones that were just degenerated are almost at level 20.


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