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Default Re: Digimon club!

May I ask, how far away are the Legendary Tamer and Gaia Origin quests from that one where you have to (SPOILER) rescue Julia by fighting ChaosGallantmon?

I have my first fairly-trained Mega, a Dianamon. I had a DotMirageGaogamon by using the reward code thing, but I finally degenerated him to get a regular MirageGaogamon. And my Vermilimon is back, being re-leveled to digivolve into BlackWarGreymon. And my Ogremon is back to BlackWereGarurumon =DDD

Also, I made three fan-Digis of the same digivolution line (In-Training, Rookie, and Champion), but I'm too lazy to scan their pictures right now. They are Scrubmon, Mopmon, and Hauntmon. The whole line is to somehow resemble both mops and pirates at the same time, maybe even ghosts or dragons at Ultimate and Mega, with the exception of Scrubmon (who looks like a scrub-brush) and Mopmon (who's a floating thing with one eye, a mop on his head (with the mop head serving as his hair), mop-like hands, and a mouth that can shoot tiny cannonballs).

I did scan a not-yet-colored, sort of funny-looking pencil drawing of Flamedramon, though. It says "Flames of Courage" instead of "Fire of Courage" because I was going to write "Flamedramon", but it wouldn't fit =P Compromising is good.


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