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I know I've been dropping the ball on reffings lately, but I just quit my job and although it's going to take a lot to save my grades this semester, I'll be back at it in and around the miracle-working.

I'm putting this here to reference it later, though: IF ANY BATTLE THAT I AM OFFICIATING IS STILL ONGOING COME MAY 19TH, YOU WILL NEED TO ARRANGE FOR AN EMERGENCY REFEREE. Unless something goes terribly wrong (*knocks on wood*), I'll be heading up to another summer of nine week-long summer camp sessions in-between four-odd weeks of training and/or manual labor. While I will still be around in some capacity, such as giving commands, I can't be reasonably expected to keep up with reffings in the meantime, so after finals I'm taking a leave of absence from Ref HQ until the fall.

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