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Default Re: Kung Fu Ferret vs Gzhoom

Round Twelve

Kung Fu Ferret (XOO)
Kuzenbo (M) <Damp>
Health: 2%
Energy: 56%
Commands: Water Pulse x3
- Still in the game.

Gzhoom (OOO)

Holly (F) <Blaze>
Health: 32% (capped)
Energy: 24%
Commands: Relax and Clear Head ~ Flamethrower x2
- Miserable. Confused (moderate).

In reserve: Notorious (M) <Receiver>, HP 10% / EN 55%

Holly curls her tail in under her belly to protect her flame, closing her eyes and trying to focus. She needs to stop panicking and get herself back under control, no matter that Kuzenbo is still standing there, impassive as ever, preparing to soak her with another water pulse. Holly flinches as the cold, wet attack hits home, and what's worse, the high-pitched screech that accompanies it leaves her ears ringing and puts her in another temporary daze. Despite her best efforts, she isn't feeling terribly calm, but she has to do her best to get another attack in. Otherwise Kuzenbo's going to be able to simply soak her into unconsciousness.

Holly slowly uncurls, schooling herself to take her time, to stop and rest whenever she starts feeling dizzy or anxious, and to ignore the ball of water gathering between Kuzenbo's hands, promising another attack to come. She just needs to take her time and concentrate, take her time... and concentrate...

Holly takes a deep breath and finally spits out a column of fire--one that's a bit shaky and uncertain at first, but which grows more ferocious as Holly's confidence is restored. The flamethrower engulfs Kuzenbo, and the psyduck is still standing when it dissipates, leaving Holly to think that she might not have finished the psyduck after all. But then Kuzenbo slowly begins to lean... and lean more... and ultimately tips over on his side, eyes wide but staring and clearly unconscious.

Kung Fu Ferret (XXO)
Kuzenbo (M) <Damp>
Health: 0%
Energy: 54%
Used: Water Pulse
- Knocked out!

Gzhoom (OOO)

Holly (F) <Blaze>
Health: 20%
Energy: 19%
Used: Relax and Clear Head ~ Flamethrower
- Still in miserable shape, but quiet proud of herself. Confused (mild).

In reserve: Notorious (M) <Receiver>, HP 10% / EN 55%

Final Notes
- The first water pulse worsened Holly's confusion, but ultimately it didn't matter.
- Kung Fu Ferret sends out his last pokémon
- Gzhoom attacks
- Kung Fu Ferret attacks


Holly's command: relax
!confusion check: 25% - 10% command = 15%
Roll: 6
Energy: 1%
Acc: n/a
Damage: n/a

Kuzenbo's command: water pulse
Base 3% - 1% STAB = 2% energy
Acc: 100%
!crit roll: 16
no crit
Pow 60 -> base 6% + 1.5% STAB + 1% stat * 1.5 = 12% damage Holly
!extra effect: cfs (20%)
Roll: 19
!confusion worsens

-- Action One Results --



-- Begin Action Two --

Holly's command: flamethrower
!confusion check: 30%
Base 5% - 1% STAB = 4% energy
Roll: 12
Acc: 100%
!crit roll: 13
no crit
Pow 90 -> base 9% + 2.25% STAB + 1% stat * 0.66 = 8% damage Kuzenbo
!extra effect: brn (10%)
Roll: 16
no effect

-- Action Two Results --


Knocked Out!
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