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Default Cynder vs. Kratos Aurion

Cynder vs Kratos Aurion

Originally Posted by Arena
Format: 2v2 Singles
Style: Set
DQ: 2 weeks
Damage Cap: 50%
Banned/Restricted Moves: OHKOs, Direct Healing, Burn Up
Arena Description: Volcanic Slope
This Battle takes place on the side of a volcano. It's dormant and doesn't do anything to the battle (at least at first), but it's thematically appropriate. Just don't use earthquake too frequently.
Additional Rules: Unevolved Fire-Types only. Abilities that would grant immunity to Fire Moves do not, but their other effects remain unchanged (Flash Fire still boosts the power of Fire moves).
Cynder's eligible active squad

vulpix Pyre the female Vulpix <Flash Fire> @ Spooky Plate
cyndaquil Quillian the male Cyndaquil <Blaze> @ Scope Lens
slugma Geothermophile the male Slugma <Flame Body> @ Razor Claw
houndour Holidays the male Houndour <Flash Fire> @ Weakness Policy
litwick Rushlight the male Litwick <Flash Fire> @ Reaper Cloth

Kratos Aurion's eligible active squad

charmander Flame Mage the female Charmander <Blaze> @ Lucky Egg
fennekin Wizard the male Fennekin <Blaze> @ Lucky Egg

Turn Order
- Cynder sends out
- Kratos Aurion sends out and commands
- Cynder commands
- I ref!
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