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Default Re: Cynder vs. Kratos Aurion

The volcano's slope is more gradual than most, but it's still a trek up a winding rocky path, littered with dusty pitfalls, until the trainers reach a clearing flat enough to hold their battle. The referee goes about with the bureaucratic matters, noting down the time and date and cordoning off a broad swathe of the slope with red-and-white barricade tape, while the trainers prepare for the match.

Cynder sends out his Pokemon first, a small and tidy Cyndaquil clutching a handheld set of magnifying lenses. Quillian has to steady himself against the slight slope of the terrain as he lands from his ball, and his back flares up a few times (mimicking the volcano, he thinks to himself) as he investigates his surroundings: first scenting the breeze to orient himself, then nudging a stray rock or two with his snout to clear a rough circle, sending brief flurries of dust into the air.

Kratos Aurion too calls a Fire Pokemon, tossing out a Poke Ball to reveal a similarly small Fennekin, ear-fur immaculately combed back. Ever composed, Wizard preens and adjusts the faintly glowing egg tied round his neck. His gaze flits about the hillside — dark gray veins of cooled lava underfoot, pyroclastic deposits scattered about further off, and thickets of trees and low brush in the distance — before settling on his opponent. Quillian soon finishes exploring and turns to face Wizard as well, and the referee lowers the flags that will begin the bout.

Cynder (Oo)
Quillian (m) <Blaze> @ Scope Lens
Health: 100%
Energy: 100%
Currently: Sniffing around inquisitively.
Commands: Confide ~ Crush Claw ~ Body Slam

Kratos Aurion (Oo)
Wizard (m) <Blaze> @ Lucky Egg
Health: 100%
Energy: 100%
Currently: Poised for action.
Commands: Psychic/Work Up/Magic Coat ~ Psychic/Work Up/Magic Coat ~ Psychic/Work Up/Magic Coat

Field Notes
- Movement order: Quillian (65) > Wizard (60).

Round 1

Wizard leaps to his feet immediately when Quillian scampers over to his side. The Fennekin flinches away, expecting some sort of offensive maneuver, but Quillian instead extends a paw toward him amicably with a "Hi!" Wizard sits back, waiting for the conversation to segue into an attack, but Quillian doesn't stop talking: "You know, we Fire starters gotta stick together! Especially since we're not going to evolve into one of those Fighting types, am I right? We could totally be pals. So just between you and me, I have something to tell you, because we're pals." He trails off for a second and Wizard perks up, if only interested in where this gambit is going.

Quillian cups his paws around his mouth and leans in close to Wizard's ear, and… doesn't have any juicy secret. Dang, what else could be distracting? "Uh, so I did some research, and you know what?" he whispers, trying his best to sound like a self-assured Pokemon who actually knows what he's talking about. "This volcano we're on, it could totally explode!" Quillian puffs up his chest and ignites his back, full-force, for dramatic effect; Wizard eeps and shrinks back a little. Yes! He's on the right track! "You never know about a dormant volcano, 'cause it could erupt any time! One wrong move, and BOOM, we're stuck in a pile of lava and ash and all that stuff. It's gonna come from up there and bury all of us."

Ending on that ominous note, Quillian backs away, and Wizard raises an eyebrow. Huh, is that actually how volcanoes work? It's most likely a trick — but he can't shake the idea that there's some grain of truth in Quillian's spiel, and he doesn't know enough about lava science or whatever to decide definitively one way or the other. Wizard shakes his head vigorously and takes a few deep breaths, trying to dispel his growing apprehension for the time being and instead focus on the fight before him. He looks toward his grinning foe, to appraise the most key elements of form: bipedal, a smidge taller than himself, snouted, round, squat…

When he judges himself ready Wizard starts to mutter magical words ("Oho! Kadabra! Weird!" and so forth, like a truly inimitable wizard) and a nimbus of pink energy pops into existence to encircle Quillian. With power over the pink fog, Wizard's able to lift the flailing Cyndaquil and spends a half-minute clumsily knocking him against the toughest-seeming bits of ground. But Wizard noticeably avoids the sharper but larger boulders and loose rocks, justifying it to himself as trying not to set off some sort of rockslide that starts a volcano eruption. (He doesn't know if that even can happen, but better safe than sorry, right?)

Midair when he's released, Quillian manages to curl up before he lands — not too unceremoniously, he hopes. He takes a moment to brush off the accumulated dust and twigs stuck in the more roughed-up parts of his fur, and then approaches Wizard again, this time for an attack. The Fennekin takes a few steps away but Quillian advances, backing his foe against a heavy pile of stones. That he'll attack is obvious, but the direction should be less so — a rehearsed fake-out jab with one paw, and Wizard dodges right into the other: the perfect opening for Quillian to rake sharp nails down his flank, a swift tackle-graze maneuver that leaves Wizard reeling. The Fennekin yelps as he tries to rebalance himself, and the fur on his left side is noticeably scuffed and tangled.

Scrambling up, Wizard growls another incantation; another cocoon of force throws Quillian further away, preventing another melee blow. Seeing Quillian struggle against the aura to no avail, Wizard decides to invade his mind this time. A mental poke here, a couple prods there, and the Cyndaquil will fall prey to a throbbing headache… at least, that's what that spell is supposed to do. It seems Wizard didn't colossally mess up, at any rate, as his foe grips his head and snuffles in distress. Wizard releases his mental hold, confident that the pain will immobilize Quillian. Indeed, it seems the Cyndaquil can only stagger away as the echoes of the migraine fade, and Wizard sits down, relaxing.

A few quiet moments pass, as Quillian seems to continue wrestling with his headache… but then abruptly drops the pretense, and launches himself forward with a grunt. Back flaring with the fiercest flames yet, he catches Wizard off-guard and delivers some square wallops to the Fennekin's hind legs. The bash and follow-up blows, empowered by a touch of Normal energy, leave Wizard's legs spasming and slightly numb, and the Fennekin can barely even rise to stumble away. Quillian smirks, ready for a repeat attack now that he has Wizard on the defensive. Just as the familiar Psychic energy tosses him back, he curls into a ball and braces himself. The position cushions his head against the worst of Wizard's blows, and the Fennekin's concentration shorts out a few times as his aching muscles refuse to cooperate. But Quillian still looks slightly worse off once the Pokemon find their feet and face off again, at a standstill as they await more commands.

Cynder (Oo)
Quillian (m) <Blaze> @ Scope Lens
Health: 76%
Energy: 88%
Currently: Determined to keep up the heat.
Used: Confide ~ Crush Claw ~ Body Slam

Kratos Aurion (Oo)
Wizard (m) <Blaze> @ Lucky Egg
Health: 85%
Energy: 85%
Currently: Cramping but still confident. -1 Special Attack. Severely paralyzed (25% failure chance, 25% speed, 3% more energy for movement; lightens to moderate in 3 successful actions).
Used: Psychic ~ Psychic ~ Psychic

Field Notes
- Movement order: Quillian (65) > Wizard (15).

Action Notes
- Back in the game! It's been a while since I've done calculations for a reffing, so please let me know if you see anything awry in the numbers.
- Body Slam paralyzed Wizard.
- I realize I don't have anything in my reffing scale post about critical hits - as in the D&E guide, Quillian's critical hitting chance is 10% while he's holding the Scope Lens.

Quillian: 100 - 8 (Psychic) - 8 (Psychic) - 8 (Psychic) = 76
100 - 1 (Confide) - 5 (Crush Claw) - 6 (Body Slam) = 88

Wizard: 100 - 7 (Crush Claw) - 8 (Body Slam) = 85
100 - 5 (Psychic) - 5 (Psychic) - 5 (Psychic) = 85

Confide: 1 = 1 energy.
Psychic: 9 - 1 = 8 damage. 5 = 5 energy.

Crush Claw: 7.5 = 7 damage. 5 = 5 energy.
Psychic: 9 - 1 = 8 damage. 5 = 5 energy.

Body Slam: 8.5 = 8 damage. 6 = 6 energy.
Psychic: 9 - 1 = 8 damage. 5 = 5 energy.

Cynder commands next!
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