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Default Re: Cynder vs. Kratos Aurion

Cynder (Oo)
Quillian (m) <Blaze> @ Scope Lens
Health: 68%
Energy: 76%
Currently: Soaked; optimistic.
Commands: Rollout ~ Rollout / Dig (down) ~ Rollout / Dig (up) / Dig (down)

Kratos Aurion (Oo)
Wizard (m) <Blaze> @ Lucky Egg
Health: 57% (Sub: 4%)
Energy: 70%
Currently: Worrying over his injured creation. Has a substitute (4% health). -1 Special Attack. Moderately paralyzed (15% failure chance, 50% speed, 2% more energy for movement; lightens to mild in 4 successful actions). Hidden Power is Water type.
Commands: Work Up ~ Hidden Power/Magic Coat/Chill ~ Hidden Power/Magic Coat/Chill

Round 3

As the trainers issue their commands, Wizard maintains his calm, smug at the prospect of splashing his foe some more, while (still flicking water off his fur) Quillian perks up. He can get behind getting defensive! So curl up he does, sniffing the air for the toasted scent of Wizard's Substitute and pawing at the ground to start himself rolling in its direction. He's off to a rough start, bumping up against a few larger rocks and slowing to a near stop at a particularly gritty spot on the path to his target. But, with the help of plenty leg-kicking and arm-flapping, he eventually accelerates to a decent clip. His collision with the doll makes a satisfying crunching sound; rocks skitter across the ground, separated from the energy binding them together by the crash, but the flattened Fennekin-alike still retains the last dregs of its substance. With some effort Quillian turns to angle his roll back at it, and the second hit proves enough to eliminate what's left of the Substitute. The few remaining rocks that constituted its head and body clatter to the ground, lifeless. Quillian lets out a celebratory whistle and continues in tight circles to maintain his momentum.

Across the slope, Wizard spares a moment to sorrow over his poor substitute, but quickly refocuses on the battle. Not willing to rely on his back legs for a happy dance, he settles for wiggling his front paws and nodding his head as he mutters cool and hip catch phrases to himself. Go Wizard! You can do it, Wizard, you're a real whiz! Wait, it kind of feels weird to talk about himself in second and third person in the same sentence, but "Go me" and "I can do it" would be kind of self-centered? Maybe it would be better to focus on his opponent, like Quillian still has water on him, ha ha, but that wouldn't be very nice… ugh, he's not very good at this Work Up thing. His overthinking does take his mind off Quillian's earlier volcanology lesson — by the time he stops, he's forgotten all about the supposed explosive properties of the ground beneath him.

Quillian slows down as he realizes Wizard isn't attacking, suspicious of some sort of malevolent Psychic-y ritual. When nothing untoward happens, however, he picks up speed again, aiming himself at the real Wizard this time. As Wizard whispers Go Wizard! for the nth time, Quillian rolls towards him, much faster than he'd approached the Substitute, and plows into him with an emphatic thwack. Even coming from lower down on the slope, the collision knocks Wizard prone. In that moment an idea occurs to Quillian, and instead of returning to where he started, he continues up the slope, determined.

Wizard recovers his balance and snarls at Quillian. Interrupting his very successful and clever self-confidence-boosting session? He must pay! Wizard grits his teeth and summons a swarm of light blue energy orbs that fly forward as one, pelting the retreating Cyndaquil with renewed force. A second volley of spheres falls just short of Quillian as he travels further and further up the volcano's slope… and then stops, and then starts rolling back down. Wizard's eyes widen as he realizes what Quillian is doing: the Cyndaquil weaves confidently between rocks and gathered brush, using the change in altitude to gather speed. Unable to dodge his approaching opponent because of his hurt legs, Wizard summons more of the swirling orbs and tosses them at Quillian as fast as he can, trying to arrest his momentum — to no avail. Muscles tense in his curled-up position, Quillian hurtles down the slope, nudging himself every so often as he homes in on his target. When he finally smashes into Wizard, it's with the most force yet, and the collision sends both Pokemon flying off the ground and down the slope.

Despite his best efforts at bracing himself, Wizard bounces against the ground several times, jolting his already injured legs with each jounce, and ends up skidding nearly to the bounds of the area delimited for the battle. The Fennekin rises to his feet in halting motions, wincing in pain, and glares at his foe. No more games — Quillian will regret that. Probably. With a whispered incantation, Wizard invokes an ancient force passed down from generations to amplify his strength; sparks flare about his tail, and his eyes begin to glow a deep, unsettling red.

For his part, when Quillian lands, he keeps on rolling.

Cynder (Oo)
Quillian (m) <Blaze> @ Scope Lens
Health: 50%
Energy: 64%
Currently: Rolling with the punches. Rollout base power is 240.
Used: Rollout x3

Kratos Aurion (Oo)
Wizard (m) <Blaze (activated)> @ Lucky Egg
Health: 30%
Energy: 62%
Currently: Ready for revenge. +1 Attack. Moderately paralyzed (15% failure chance, 50% speed, 2% more energy for movement; lightens to mild in 1 successful action). Hidden Power is Water type.
Used: Work Up ~ Hidden Power ~ Hidden Power

Field Notes
- Movement order: Quillian (65) > Wizard (30).
- Pieces of charred rock are scattered around.

Action Notes
- I feel obligated to share this video of a hedgehog rolling over.
- Wizard's Blaze was activated after he fell to 30% health on the last action.

Quillian: 68 - 9 (Hidden Power) - 9 (Hidden Power) = 50
76 - 2 (Rollout) - 3 (Rollout) - 7 (Rollout) = 64

Wizard: 57 - 9 (Rollout) - 18 (Rollout) = 30
70 - 2 (Work Up) - 3 (Hidden Power) - 3 (Hidden Power) = 62

Wizard's Substitute: 4 - 4 (Rollout) = 0

Rollout: 3 * 1.5 = 4 damage. 2 = 2 energy.
Work Up: 2 = 2 energy.

Rollout: 6 * 1.5 = 9 damage. 6 / 2 = 3 energy.
Hidden Power: 6 * 1.5 = 9 damage. 3 = 3 energy.

Rollout: 12 * 1.5 = 18 damage. 12 / 2 + 1 = 7 energy.
Hidden Power: 6 * 1.5 = 9 damage. 3 = 3 energy.

Cynder commands next!
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