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Default Re: Cynder vs. Kratos Aurion

Hello! I'm really sorry, I had the calcs done but am only now bringing this back for #ASBRevival2019. I'll be lax with the DQ time as it's been a while, let me know if and when you would like to continue the battle!

Cynder (Oo)
Quillian (m) <Blaze> @ Scope Lens
Health: 50%
Energy: 64%
Currently: Rolling with the punches. Rollout base power is 240.
Commands: Rollout / Extrasensory / Sleep Talk x3

Kratos Aurion (Oo)
Wizard (m) <Blaze (activated)> @ Lucky Egg
Health: 30%
Energy: 62%
Currently: Ready for revenge. +1 Attack. Moderately paralyzed (15% failure chance, 50% speed, 2% more energy for movement; lightens to mild in 1 successful action). Hidden Power is Water type.
Commands: Protect ~ Facade ~ Facade

Field Notes
- Movement order: Quillian (65) > Wizard (30).
- Pieces of charred rock are scattered around.

Round 4

Quillian rolls down the mountain...

and rolls, and rolls...

Quillian isn't really sure what's going on, but he appreciates the extra time to build up more momentum. Wizard ignores his orders and various injuries to watch mystified along with the trainers as Quillian continues to roll but go nowhere. Pokemon Go adds quests. Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee release. Dialga and Palkia flash into appearance to stretch the fabric of spacetime to allow him to continue to roll.

After around a year and two months, Wizard reckons that the Cyndaquil is getting close enough. He shuts his eyes and breathes deeply, envisioning what he needs to fend off the eventual end of Quillian's roll. The "out" of the "Rollout," if you like incorrect quips. The flimsy bubble of a normal Protect won't be strong enough... In successive flashes of light, two faintly glowing walls, one bigger than the next, pop into existence between him and Quillian. Wizard almost doesn't notice the pain in his side lessening, with his attention completely on maintaining the shields.

Grinning as he hurtles toward Wizard, Quillian's now so fast he loses contact with the ground a few times. Finally, he slams into - not his opponent, but something with a smooth, plasticky texture. He frowns and leans into the roll, hearing Wizard growls with the pressure of maintaining the Protect. The forcefield bends inward and begins to spark ominously before shattering altogether. Quillian picks up speed again, but then hits the second wall. Again it glows more brightly and distorts, but this time it doesn't break. At a total stop against the field, Quillian sighs and uncurls himself into his usual battle position. He would have punted that Fennekin into a tree and it would have been totally epic, if only he'd had enough speed to break through...

That was a close call! Wizard gulps; time to KO Quillian soon so it doesn't happen again. He starts to drag himself toward Quillian, whose head is lowered and eyes are squinted even more than usual, to hit him a few times, but stops midway. There's a familiar ache in his head, another one of Quillian's mental attacks. His vision wavers, and his other senses don't fare much better. The scent of earth and trees mixed with a barely detectable layer of smoke, the feel of the steady rough rocks, the breeze rustling the trees and on his fur all seem heightened to painful extremes.

Quillian watches Wizard flail around impassively as he pokes around in his head some more. Tried and true, Extrasensory is! When he thinks he's had enough, Quillian lets up on the offense, but braces himself against attack, not sure what to expect. They're closer together than they started so perhaps he'll go for a brawl, but Wizard is struggling to pick himself up with his immobile side... a ranged attack? No, Wizard's running unsteadily at him and he looks mad. Quillian recalls his training and twists away from a swipe, dodges the worst of the hits. But for a smaller Pokemon Wizard is persistent and despite Quillian's efforts Wizard tackles him back against a boulder, tensing up to keep attacking. As Wizard surges forward again Quillian prepares to unleash another mind-attack, aiming to disorient and distract. He chuckles and taps into the Fennekin's head: a flare of spots in his field of view, a ringing in his ears and the feeling of cramping in his legs should be sufficient.

Wizard yelps and trips over himself. He wishes desperately for his comfortable bed, or at least a nice pillow or something; the ground is awfully hard, and Quillian's attack is producing some not comfortable sensations. As the pulsing specks and insistent sound fade away, he's lying on his side, and lifts each leg haltingly to rise to his feet. Another reason to hate this stupid paralysis! Quillian bounces between his feet, ready to dodge; Wizard does not care and leaps blindly. He snarls, biting and scratching everything he can reach, and when Quillian tries to jump away he pounces again. Another one-sided melee and when Quillian scampers away behind a rock, Wizard backs off, breathing hard. With his wounds Quillian's back has burst into crackling flame - they're both in much worse shape than they started this bout in, it seems.

Cynder (Oo)
Quillian (m) <Blaze (activated)> @ Scope Lens
Health: 20%
Energy: 42%
Currently: Simmering and nearly ready to boil.
Used: Rollout (blocked) ~ Extrasensory ~ Extrasensory

Kratos Aurion (Oo)
Wizard (m) <Blaze (activated)> @ Lucky Egg
Health: 14%
Energy: 30%
Currently: Spitting fire. +1 Attack. Mildly paralyzed (10% failure chance, 75% speed, 1% more energy for movement; fades in 1 successful action). Hidden Power is Water type.
Used: Protect ~ Facade ~ Facade

Field Notes
- Movement order: Quillian (65) > Wizard (45).
- Pieces of charred rock are scattered around.

Action Notes
- Wizard's paralysis lightened to mild after the first action.
- Quillian's Blaze activated on the third action, after the second Facade.

Quillian: 50 - 15 (Facade) - 15 (Facade) = 20
64 - 14 (Rollout) - 4 (Extrasensory) - 4 (Extrasensory) = 42

Wizard: 30 - 8 (Extrasensory) - 8 (Extrasensory) = 14
62 - 14 (Protect) - 9 (Facade) - 9 (Facade) = 30

Rollout: 24 * 1.5 = 36 damage (blocked). 24 / 2 + 2 = 14 energy.
Protect: 2 + 36 / 3 = 14 energy.

Extrasensory: 8 damage. 4 energy.
Facade: 14 + 1 = 15 damage. 8 + 1 = 9 energy.

Extrasensory: 8 damage. 4 energy.
Facade: 14 + 1 = 15 damage. 8 + 1 = 9 energy.

Kratos Aurion commands next!
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