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Default Crystal League Gym Records Thread

This is where official public records of gym challenges are kept. If you have challenged a gym leader, wait for him or her to post the records here. If everything checks out, the HC will go and add that leader's badge to your Dachét ID. Only Crystal League gym leaders or the HC are allowed to post battle records. If you are a challenger and would like to use your skip for a certain tier (see the challenge rules thread for more on skipping gyms), post your skip request in this thread.

If you wish to contest what a gym leader has posted about the outcome of your battle, PM Kratos Aurion as soon as possible. If you wait for too long then any complaints you might have will be void.

Gym leaders, please include the link to the victorious challenger's ID when you post conformation (you should just be able to get it from their challenge post in your gym). Thanks.

Tier One Records

Kin Port City Gym Seed Badge (Stryke): Kratos Aurion, Prettzel, Stryke

Monotone City Pure Element Badge (Eeveeon25): Eeveeon25, Prettzel

Vanduo City Acqua Badge (Fredie): Fredie, ライチュウ

Tier Two Records

Silversky City Gym Mist Badge (Shining Eevee): Shining Eevee

Versant Town Gym Aerugo Badge (Negrek): Negrek

Chrostyl City Gym Provisional Badge (Kratos Aurion): Kratos Aurion

Tier Three Records

Clarivog City Gym Spectrum Badge (Prettzel): Prettzel

Snowfall City Gym Arctic Badge (Icalasari): Icalasari

[...] Badge (...): N/A

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