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Default Re: Referee Headquarters

Trying Advanced.

Originally Posted by Mai
3 vs. 3
One out at a time
DQ: 7 days
Damage caps: Absolutely none. Not even the defaults. The shackles are off, baby.
Arena: The Nothing. It's a strange, low-gravity place not in this world... or dimension, for that matter. The "walls" (which can be seen in the distance but can never be reached) are striped with substances of metallic purple, black, and dark blue that move as if they're liquid distorting across each other like a pane of glass. Otherwise, the "floor" is composed of a solid, black space gridded with green lines. There's no ceiling, yet somehow, the arena is lit up to the point where opponents can clearly be seen. Occasionally (as in, in one action out of every six, although neither battler will know which one), a strange object such as an alien device, a shoe, or even a Magikarp will suddenly appear from one of the edges of the Nothing and fly past the battlers. If a Pokemon is struck with one of these, it automatically loses 1% health.
Special conditions:
- There's an unlimited number of chills, but because of the strange properties of the Nothing, after five chills are used, any chill after that will begin to drain a Pokemon of energy (equal to half the amount of energy the Pokemon would have gained), rather than restore it.
- Weather-altering moves (Sunny Day, Rain Dance, and Hail) are all banned.
- OHKOs (including Destiny Bond and Perish Song, along with every other conventional OHKO move) are banned.
- Earthquake is banned. See below.
- All Ground-type moves other than Earthquake are legal, but be warned that after four feet of dirt is worn away, a hole appears in the ground, leading to an upside-down version of the current arena. If a Pokemon falls into this upside-down version, they'll continue to fall "up" forever, resulting in an instant KO. (Earthquake would shatter the earth, resulting in an instant end to the match because there's no ground left to go on.)
- Because there's no rocks in this place, offensive Rock-type moves that would require them are banned.
Round 1: Pre-Round
<Mai: Ooo>
Doro (F)
Health: 100%
Energy: 100%
Status: Eyeing Kecleon warily
Commands: Double Team/Slime Coat~Slime Coat/Double Team~Double Team/Hyper Beam

<abcdefg: Ooo>
Kecleon (M)
Color Change
Health: 100%
Energy: 100%
Status: Freaked out by the crazy environment
Commands: Mega Kick~Aerial Ace~Solarbeam

And Mai, abcdefg and myself join in the Nothing-a strange place with even stranger laws of gravity and such-for what is sure to be an interesting battle. Mai casually tosses out a Pokeball, revealing a Quagsire, who slaps his tail on the pitch-black ground, looking eager. Similarly, abcdefg throws a ball out, and a Kecleon expertly leaps out, appearing slightly disconcerted at the terrible Impressionistic colors of the battlefield. Commands are yelled and strategies are planned for the upcoming trials.

Round 1: Begin!
Without so much as a nod, Kecleon leaps toward Doro, gathering energy in its leg. Upon reaching a close enough distance, it lets fly, landing squarely in Doro's chest with enough force to send Doro backwards, physically sick. After flying Back, Doro quickly sets about excreting slimy substances all over its pores, leaving it with a noticeable film around its body.
<Doro: -13H, -5E, I don't like you><Kecleon: -0H, -7E, ha ha>
Kecleon, roused by its wonderful Mega Kick, dashes towards Doro with surprising speed, ducking low. Doro grimaces while Kecleon slashes at Doro's tail. But then, Kecleon gives a scream of pain as some of the film rubs off onto Kecleon's hand-and starts corroding it. Doro smiles as it runs around in tiny circles, vibrating ever faster, until two clones split off of the real Doro, as she slows triumphantly.
<Doro: -7H, -2E, triumphant but in pain><Kecleon: -5H, -4E, it buuuuuurns>
Gathering energy from a seemingly nonexistent sun, Kecleon wastes no time charging up a beam of light and shooting it straight at the far-right Doro, trying to ignore the pain from the quickly corroding mess that was its hand. But his luck has turned, as the Doro the solarbeam hit quickly dissipates into thin air! Both Doros (clearly having fun) charge up a similar beam, only white, and fire it straight at Kecleon. One of the beams (which one remaining unknown to Kecleon) disentigrates on contact, but one connects, doing some massive damage. Kecleon looks annoyed at the sudden change in attack direction, still trying to put up with the slime being absorbed into his skin.
<Doro: -0H, -9E, tired but incredibly gleeful><Kecleon: -16H, -7E, in pain, burnt, and ticked off>

And that brings Round 1 to a close...

<Mai: Ooo>
Doro (F)
Health: 80%
Energy: 84%
Status: 1 clone. Tired and hurt, but feeling almost happy at causing Kecleon so much pain.
Commands: Slime Coat~Double Team~Hyper Beam

<abcdefg: Ooo>
Kecleon (M)
Color Change
Health: 79%
Energy: 82%
Status: In pain, slowly corroding, hand is a mess.
Commands: Mega Kick~Aerial Ace~Solarbeam

Ref Notes:
-I used the official Damage and Energy Guide, give or take a percentage.
-Random number said no flying Magikarp.
-Next turn Kecleon will be poisoned and have more to fume about.
-Mai attacks first next round.
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