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Default Re: Referee Headquarters

Blaziking 175

Your battle description is okay, but you do get lazy at time. The substitute thing, for example, was a bit underwhelming. On the whole, though it's not bad.

Unless I missed something, Volt should be at -1 accuracy at the end of the round, not +1. You also forgot to mention how long rain would continue at the end of the round.

Generally, substitute only takes half as much energy to create as it does health. Therefore, Volt would use more like 5% energy on his sub. Five percent energy is also a bit much for rolling kick; it's not a very powerful attack. If it's costing only one less energy than thunder, it ought to be pretty spectacular. And five percent energy for a mud-slap? Seriously? That's a pitifully weak attack, and its added effect isn't amazing enough to add that much energy to it. I'd say something like 1-2% energy for mud-slap, 2-3% for confuse ray, and 4% for toxic. Again, just look at how you're grading other attacks here. Confuse ray is a moderately powerful status attack, but it's nowhere near as taxing to use as thunder, so it's probably not four or five energy if thunder's going to be six. Toxic is something of an exception, being an extremely potent (and rather overused) poison attack, so it generally takes more energy to produce than other status attacks of similar PP value.

Not bad, really. You need to watch your bookkeeping on stuff like the accuracy and rain duration. Energy's where the real problem's at now. Make sure that attacks fall into energy values when compared to one another. Not Approved

Crowned Clown

The battle description's fine. An error here and there, and at times you may tend a little too much towards the flowery or strange (the seadra... sidestepped?), but overall no real problem.

You do need to watch the last paragraph where Tatts doesn't use whirlpool, though. She wouldn't be able to due to the lack of available water in the arena, but the way you wrote it made it sound like she just couldn't manage to. She only took about 10% damage; you might be able to argue that the sunny day would foil her efforts, but in truth the attack she'd weathered wasn't really that incredible, and certainly not enough to prevent the whirlpool from going off by itself. Also, I believe that icy wind should have been the second-action attack, as Tatts only got a +1 attack bonus.

Health and energy, though, more of an issue. Ravaya took what, 5% damage for hurting herself in confusion? That's very hefty, even considering the +2 attack boost. I'd honestly say no more than 3% is appropriate there. You may have been a bit overzealous on the energy consumption, too. I'm not seeing more than 15% for lava plume and eruption together, and then the failed foresight's not going to be more than one or two percent in and of itself. Depending on whether or not you took any energy off Tatts for the final action, her energy usage is probably a bit steep, too.

Battle description's good, but the energy and damage calculations leave a bit to be desired. It's a tough call, but in the end I feel I'm going to have to say Not Approved.


Battle description's fine. Second action is a tough call for Ravaya, given that her conditionals don't really cover the situation exactly, but focus punch is a good choice in the end.

The sun shines for six more actions.

I'm confused; reading through your calculations, I only see Ravaya losing 5% health, but she's 10% down in the final round summary. Her energy loss is a little high; I'd think something more like 7% for lava plume and 11% for eruption. I also probably wouldn't take as much energy off for dragon dance as you did, though given that Tatts is trying to use it out of water, it would by nature be a little more difficult than usual.

In the end, just minor little things. Please do remember not to call things "turns," though. And I'm curious as to what happened to Ravaya's health, but the calculation itself is right, so it's not a major problem. Approved

New mocks should go up sometime tomorrow.


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