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Default Re: Kirby franchise

Although I'm not a massive Kirby fan, I did enjoy Super Star Ultra, and I also played a little of Return to Dreamland.

My younger brother, on the other hand, LOVES the Kirby series - he even mostly uses Kirby in SSBB. (For what it's worth, I do enjoy using all three Kirby characters in SSBB.)

VRISKA: Are you coming or what!
ARANEA: Yes, please come! I was a8out to 8egin one final story 8efore we reach the treasure!
JOHN: oh holy shit another story? i'm there!!!
JOHN: sorry aradia, i'd love to keep chatting, but you heard the lady. it's story time again.
SOLLUX: w0w aradia, y0u actually sent the guy running t0 hear a serket st0ry.
SOLLUX: that was a REALLY impressive creep 0ut j0b, nice.

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