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Default Re: NaNoWriMon Testing

(or do you mean FURRET out okay I'll stop now)

Alrighty attempt #1: Female Eevee, nicknamed Vivian, set to random evolution. Preview seemed to just refresh the page? There was a little icon at the top of the page already with my Eevee, from the previous page where I put in my NaNo username and my desired Pokemon, and her nickname. Confirm created a little Eevee egg friend.

HTML code so I can get it later for NaNo forums
<a href=""><img src="" alt="qyuarkrien's NaNoWriMon" /></a>

Attempt #2: Male Eevee, nicknamed Lunar, set to Umbreon evolution. I clicked back to the NaNoWriMon page through the main site menu, not hitting refresh or back or anything (maybe I should have tried that? possibly that could cause problems?). Preview seems to do what it's supposed to. Confirm created another little Eevee egg friend :D

Oops then I refreshed the page so now there are two little Lunar Eevee egg friends...

<a href=""><img src="" alt="qyuarkrien's NaNoWriMon" /></a> <a href=""><img src="" alt="qyuarkrien's NaNoWriMon" /></a>

Attempt #3: I clicked back and changed "eevee" in the species to "ralts," nickname to Psyfairy and gender back to Female. Still has Umbreon selected as an evo. Hitting Preview seems to behave correctly, switching out the image and the evo choices. Picked Gardevoir as stage 2, "Do Not Evolve" as Mega stage.

! Clicking confirm reverted him to male. I remember seeing a lot of questions in the thread about their Pokemon showing up a different gender.

<a href=""><img src="" alt="qyuarkrien's NaNoWriMon" /></a>
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