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Default Re: The Secret Link

Uh. Since when was the secret link ever supposed to be a mental challenge? That's what the Clue Game and crossword are for. The Secret Link pretty much is supposed to be found by accident, actually - something you eventually stumble upon and have that "Oh, that's clever!" reaction at the location. The clues and explanation of the game are just to add to the mystery, keep people on their toes so that they'll realize what it is when it pops up and actually feel like they've solved a mystery - if they're lucky, it will be one they've been puzzling over for a long time. (Just having a secret page you never knew about pop up all of a sudden is rather lame, after all.) Then when people have found the link, they can go look for the clues, which are pretty fun to find as well (I especially like the location of one particular clue, which I wouldn't think anybody has ever found the "right" way since I moved it sometime a long time ago (and come on, it's not like I expect people not to even click on the fake secret link when they find it; you're taking the "fool" thing too seriously). I'm well aware that nobody is ever going to actually figure out where the link is. That's not the point.

And now the game has completely lost its point to anyone who reads this, of course, since it tells them they're never going to figure it out, but whatever.

There is also another reason I'm keeping the secret link game as it is through hell and back: it's one of the oldest original features of this site. It was on the site the day I opened it, and I'll be damned if it isn't staying until the end no matter what who thinks of it. When I was twelve years old it was the most brilliant and awesome thing I had thought of ever. I'd sooner get rid of "Keeping Pikachu Happy" than the secret link game. Sorry.

Now you made me want to make another twisted game for the site. Hmm.

(also, butterfree, how the hell did you keep it from showing the answers in the source code, and also in the marquee of doom. HOW?)
Magic. :o

(Also, what's with the "Larissa" thing? If you're thinking of the "Blame Larissa" thing, that's because she inspired me to reword my clues into crappy poetry; she had no part in the actual creation of the clues.)
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