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Originally Posted by Zeta Reticuli View Post
I am SO glad I posted this. :D

Also, I believe I am missing one of the clues. Well, I seem to remember actually going and finding all five, but I might be crazy because I can only now remember the location of four of them. (Of course, I found them all using the semi-cheating method from the FAQ) I can't seem to find number 4... any little hints towards it that might jog my memory?

EDIT: Um, so since I have no life I went on oldestofold.htm and ctrl+f'd for "clue" because I knew that clue 4 HAD to be on there somewhere, since the secret link game has been around since then. But I didn't find it.

Incidentally, what number is the clue that you think is really cleverly hidden? One is a bit clever.
It's number four. It's insanely well hidden. You seriously are almost definitely not going to find it. Or rather, it's very different from the others because it's not actually hidden in text.

And yes, I actually started making that new game! :o
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