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Default Re: Pokémon Registration Office

[Jomeo] Beedrill (M)
Signature Attribute: God Save the Queen
Jomeo is a Beedrill (in case that weren't obvious), and as a Pokemon accustomed to the hustle and bustle on an enormous hive, he was once part of a hive mind, even as a small fuzzy Weedle. As with all hive-minded Pokemon, once domesticated, his mind rearranged some things to better make sense of his new accomodations: The Omskivar was now his Queen, and his Task was to Battle; fortunately, he had been a Drone to begin with, and not a wimpy Harvester, so there was no real replacement needed there; every Pokemon was an Enemy unless otherwise specified by the Queen, and The Omskivar could be trusted to know what was an Enemy and what wasn't. It took a week or so, but with the quick evolution coupled with his fast insect thought patterns, Jomeo adjusted to this mindset and lived a somewhat normal life for a Beedrill, despite capture and domestication.

Until She came.

There was chaos in the streets; three legendaries, gods in their own rights, were rampaging throughout the town, and The Omskivar had been called upon as part of a citywide task force. Whirlpool, a consort of The Omskivar's, had entrusted him with a weapon; a Vespiquen, one of biological warfare by means of Drone Combee. The Omskivar had taken her outside one day to examine and observe her, and as she appeared from her Pokeball, Jomeo's mind reverted to its base thought patterns in an instant (or maybe less!):

Queen. Protect Queen. Task. Task is Protect Queen. Task is Kill Enemy. Kill Enemy Protect Queen.

He burst out of his Pokeball, and The Omskivar had to wrestle him to the ground (taking a few Twineedles and Poison Stings that really fucking hurt okay) for fear of his life. With a small amount of mental coaching by his Ralts (and some entirely necessary restraint by most of his other Pokemon), The Omskivar was able to recorrect Jomeo's brainwaves, and explain to him what was happening, but it was too late. While Jomeo was more civilized and was able to keep up with his Battling Task, the core Order was irrevocably dedicated to his Queen: Buzzcomb the Vespiquen. You see, Beedrill will serve their own kind as their Queen without a second thought, but there is something in the instincts of them all to flock to the nearest Vespiquen if they can find one. Some have speculated that it lies with the Vespiquen, and her natural command over male Anthophilae, though female Beedrill have been known to gravitate towards Vespiquen as well. This may be due to the abundance of food or mates that comes with a hive of Combee and Beedrill; in any case, Jomeo never stood a chance. He pledged himself to Buzzcomb formally the first opportunity he got, and he has never willingly left her side.

When he learned that she was to fight three legendary Pokemon, he was shocked. He begged her not to go, to let him go in her place; a Drone was expendable, but the Queen must live! She would hear none of it. Valiant though he was, it was the Queen's ultimate Task to Defend the Hive, even if it meant Death. As she flew courageously into battle, Jomeo could do nothing but watch from a distance as, to his horror, she disappeared into the mouth of a dragon that reeked of Death. The moment he lost sight of her, Jomeo was convinced he had lost her.

Beedrill are not prone to remorse or even mourning, but Jomeo entered a days-long period of grief after this. Perhaps he thought he had Failed his Task, or he had wanted to Mate with Buzzcomb. One thing mattered to him, and that was the Death of his Queen. The Omskivar was unable to find him for weeks, and after receiving Buzzcomb from the Asber Pokemon Center Emergency Ward, he looked everywhere for his Beedrill. Finally, Buzzcomb herself flew into the forest to search; after a week, she returned with his limp form, in a sleep so deep he seemed dead.

Back to the Emergency Ward it was for The Omskivar, where they laid Jomeo out on a stretcher and pumped him with nutrients; he had apparently been starving himself, and how dare The Omskivar allow this? Giratina or no Giratina there was no excuse for this and he should be ashamed of himself. Hours went by, and while his heart rate returned to the normal submachine-gun, Jomeo showed no signs of waking up. He had lost the will to Live, after his Queen had Died. Finally, Buzzcomb realized this, and, after releasing a small cloud of Sweet Scent, managed to rouse Jomeo back into consciousness. He nearly leapt out of his stretcher, and needed to be subdued again, but eventually managed to stay still long enough for Buzzcomb to hover reassuringly over him and formally acknowledge his loyalty to his Queen. As a mark of her gratitude, she tapped him on each shoulder with her right claw, and knighted him Sir Jomeo, the Ever-Loyal. Jomeo buzzed weakly with excitement and vowed that he would never again allow his Queen to be so harmed, and he will (and does!) do anything and everything to keep this promise.

Effects: God Save the Queen will only come into effect if Jomeo and Buzzcomb are both in their Trainer's Active Squad in the battle.

The first time in any battle that Buzzcomb falls under 25% health, Jomeo will pop out of his Pokeball for the next round and attack the opponent with his stingers to defend his Queen. Each action, an attack is chosen at random from the following attacks: ~Twineedle, X-Scissor, Poison Jab, Poison Sting, Fury Attack, Aerial Ace, Pin Missile, Cut, Knock Off~ and used at the opponent. Acting out of instinct, rather than experience, Jomeo can be treated as a basic-stage Pokemon with 0 EXP for the purposes of damage calculation. If there are multiple opponents, the target for each attack will be chosen at random. If Jomeo is called upon in a battle in this manner, and his Trainer has yet to choose one or more of their Pokemon for a match, Jomeo secures his position as one of those Pokemon and must appear again in the battle. Jomeo can be attacked while on the field defending Buzzcomb, but he will not feel the effects (status or otherwise) of the attacks until he is sent out himself in the battle, if at all. To clarify: Jomeo will appear at the beginning of the round after Buzzcomb falls to 25% health or below, and will remain for the full three actions of the round until his Trainer manages to recall him. Also, during this time he is to be referred to as Sir Jomeo the Ever-Loyal, or simply Sir Jomeo.

(Third time submitting, hope it isn't glossed over again)

[Bolla] Cascoon (M)
Signature Attribute: Granite Homeostasis
Long before humans had ever invented the Pokeball, many of the more common Pokemon seen today were quite different. Doduo's predecessors were land-dwelling, scaly beasts with wicked claws and two cunning heads full of razor-sharp teeth; as we already know, Magikarp was once remarkably more formidable as well. The case was the same for the lowly Wurmple. In the prehistoric jungles of Hoennic and Sinnoan Pangea, the ancestor of Wurmple (Helminthus spinosus pseudoscolipus) was the most feared predator, a full Bug/Poison with wicked tail-stingers and spines all over its large, flexible, agile body. It raced through the underbrush, picking off multiple small mammals in a single day to satisfy its huge appetite. Frequently, ancient Helminthus could be seen barrelling through the canopies, chasing down large birds with relative ease. It was without rival in almost every way, and undoubtedly the top of the food chain. This was the reason that, while the metamorphosis process was shaping Helminthus into one of the two ultimate jungle predators--Chloroptera venenosus toxica, an enormous insect that hovered over various altitudes showering its prey with a paralyzing dust, rendering it immobile for weeks and keeping it in one place for later consumption, or Chromopteryx proborhinos papilios, a deceptively festive-colored aerial expert that used its lengthy coiled proboscis to stab and drain its prey, even in impossibly small spaces or underwater--anyway, this was why so many of the chrysalises of Helminthus were attacked while they slept; even long-standing blood feuds would be put aside to prevent the arrival of a Chromopteryx or Chloroptera in the area. It was for this reason that ancient Cascoon began to hide themselves inside of trees or underground (though this was mostly ineffective until they became more condensed and consequently smaller in size), a trait that lives on today. Bolla, however, is a Cascoon from a little bit before that time.

As a Cascoon (technically Porphyropelta pupa fossilis), Bolla wrapped himself in silk around the time that his fellow native jungle-dwellers had realized that this particular phase in his metamorphosis was easily the most vulnerable. Many of his brethren were laid to waste mere days after his transformation, and Bolla was fully aware that he was next. As luck would have it, he was able to slip out of the jungle as fast as his limb protrusions could carry him. He soon found a rocky cave, slipped inside just in time to avoid a Doduoraptor, and pressed himself to the back as the monster's twin heads took turns trying to reach him. Finally, night fell, and Bolla was safe. So he did what all Cascoons do when they are safe; he slept.

He slept and slept and slept and slept and slept for a very long time. Without stimuli, his body entered a state of homeostasis, and without room to fluctuate with the changing for inside of him, his inner Helminthus died and became the functionary equivalent of a ribcage for an entirely new being, created by the homeostatic properties of the silk that made up the chrysalis. See, present-day Cascoon generally use plantmatter to cover themselves--bark, leaves, grass, maybe the occasional decent-sized branch. The silk doesn't just stick to the items in question; rather, it bonds with them, and seems to draw them into the center of the Pokemon, when in actuality it is trying to make room for more silk to cover the plantmatter. At most, the long-term effect would give the Cascoon a soft green palor, and make the resulting Dustox's wings a little more vibrant, and sometimes more durable in the case of excess bark; however, a Cascoon is virtually never completely covered by anything; it still needs to see and to move around in case of emergency. Rewind a few millenia, and Bolla was unaware of these basic needs. His fight-or-flight had kicked in, and he was in no shape to fight, so fly he did. As he slept, the gravel and rocks all around him stuck to his silk, even as virtually every system in his body stopped working. Eventually, the stone in the cave became grafted into his wrappings, forming a protective casing with impercebtible creases to allow for movement of his limb-spikes (during hibernation, the limbs will twitch every so often to ensure that the silk doesn't stiffen and immobilize them). While this proved to be the best move from a survivalist standpoint, Bolla was thereby prevented from further evolution, and would have to remain this way for the duration of his life. Naturally, being encased in stone spikes (not to mention much bigger than the average Cascoon) gave Bolla a number of useful abilities, the most prominent of which is heightened Defense and a secondary Rock typing, coupled with a wider moveset and slower reaction time, due to the extra bulk and the weighty stone shell; when The Omskivar found him while prospecting for Pale Spheres (he really wanted that Happiny doll okay), Bolla was startled and woozy after countless centuries of complete equilibrium, but as he regained control over his body, he quickly became a titan in his own right.

Effects: Bolla is considered a Bug/Rock Pokemon. His body is encased almost entirely in stone, and he is about twice as big as a normal Cascoon (at the tip of his spikes he is 1.4 meters, about the height of a grounded Carnivine, and he weighs in at 260.0kg). He is able to move the same way a Cascoon normally would, except that his limbs are essentially thin cones of rock. His eyes and mouthparts are not covered by this stone shell. For purposes of damage scales and Pokemon restrictions, Bolla is considered a fully-evolved Pokemon, and under no circumstances may he evolve any further. Due to the density of his shell, he gains an inherent +2 to Defense, and will reset to +2 under the effects of Clear Smog, Haze and the like. However, due to his bulky figure and heavy armor, he also has an inherent -2 in Speed; this follows the same rules as the Defense boost, with the added curse that he will automatically lose all Speed ties. His skin does not shed; therefore, his ability is not Shed Skin, but Battle Armor. He also has attained the following moveset (read: he can use any of these moves, but none that are not on this list):

Defense Curl
Body Slam
Pin Missile
Poison Sting
Iron Defense
Sleep Talk
Double Team
Rock Polish
Shell Smash
Giga Drain
Natural Gift
Hidden Power
Secret Power
Sunny Day
Rain Dance
Struggle Bug
Smack Down
Rock Smash
Mud Sport
String Shot

The ability to use Bug Bite is lost due to the limited mobility of his mouthparts. Finally, he cannot stick to things as easily as he could without the rocky coating. His limbs continue to secrete silk, but his body is simply too heavy to be supported on any less than four strands (or sticking to things with at least four limb-spikes, such as a ceiling or tree trunk). Therefore, any climbing or hanging that he does using silk will take four times the energy that it normally would, using four silk lines instead of one, unless specified otherwise in the command chain.

(considering he is supposed to be considered a fully-evolved Pokemon I would hope this was okay)

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Default Re: Pokémon Registration Office

This is ny first time getting one of these. Please tell me if I did something wrong.

[Hell Raiser] Charmander (M)
Ability: Blaze
Signature Attribute: Shadow Mode

Hell Raiser was just a young Charmander living with his mother when he learned the truth about his ancestors. His father was descended from a line of forgotten Dark-Type pokemon who are now extinct. While the family was made up of Charmanders, Charmeleons, and Charizards, some effects of the ancestors' genes have been appearent, resulting in a family of violent psychopaths.

Hell Raiser was having a play battle with one of his friends when he dicovered the unique effect that his ancestors' genes had on him. After taking a direct hit from his friend, shadowy wings grew from his back, and he got dark, blood-stained claws on the end of his fingertips. He quickly won the battle, but felt his power drop substansially after each attack, and he passed out after the battle was won. He later learned to control this power, naming it his "Shadow Mode"

Effects: After Hell Raiser's health drops below 75%, he has the option to activate these powers inherited through his ancestors. His speed increases by two points, while his special defense decreases by two points. All of his attacks cause 20% more damage, but he loses 10% of his health with the end of each round. While in Shadow Mode, he loses his Ability. His type changes to Dark/Fire. He also gains the ability to fly, and can also use these extra moves:

Shadow Ball
Shadow Claw
Dragon Claw
Dark Pulse
Dragon Pulse

[Hell Raiser] Charmander (M)
Ability: Blaze
Signature Move: Hellfire

Hell Raiser was just a young Charmander living with his mother when he learned the truth about his ancestors. His father was descended from a line of forgotten Dark-Type pokemon who are now extinct. While the family was made up of Charmanders, Charmeleons, and Charizards, some effects of the ancestors' genes have been appearent, resulting in a family of violent psychopaths.

Soon after discovering his "Shadow Mode" ability, an unusual form he could take due to his odd genes, Hell Raiser learned how to control a new move, which he dubbed "Hellfire".

To preform this difficult attack, Hell Raiser fires an amorphous beam of energy at the opponent. This beam would manifest itself as either Darkness or Fire.

Type: Dark OR Fire (decided at random by the referee)/ Stat: Special/ Damage: 15%/ Accuracy: 85%/ Energy: 10%
Effects: Hell Raiser releases a blast of shifting energy from his mouth, the type of which can be either dark or fire. It collides with the opponent, knocking them backwards. It has a 10% chance of burning the opponent if the move is fire type, or putting them to sleep if move is dark type. He must be in his "Shadow Mode" to use this attack.
Usage Gap: 12 Actions

Cool clickless adoptables will someday rule the world!!!!!!
Names are: Fuji the Heatran, Ho Ho Ho-oh, Bob the Victini, TribalLord the Tribal Victini, Giggly Whimsicott, and Kiwitot!

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Default Re: Pokémon Registration Office

[Arwryfflam] Chatot [♀]
Signature Move: Scramble

Arwryfflam enjoys repeating snippets of human and pokémon conversation. This is not unreasonable, given that she is a chatot, but Arwryfflam is unusually talented at mimicking a subject's tone and voice; while most of her kind have the squalling, imprecise voices natural to birds, she is naturally melodious and has an astounding vocal range. As a result, she takes the normal tendency of chatot to repeat snippets of previous conversation and makes it even more potentially embarrassing by performing them with a pitch-perfect imitation of those who originally spoke the line.

In the normal Asber tradition, Arwryfflam's unique talents were immediately weaponized by her trainer. Capitalizing on her ability to both remember and recreate snippets of human speech, her trainer worked with her in order to turn it into a technique that scrambles her opponents' source of orders for a round, one that relies on Arwryfflam listening to her trainer's opponent and copying what they have said.

Type: Normal / Target: All enemies / Accuracy: 100% or 50% / Energy: 5% / Duration: One round

Effects: Arwryfflam surreptitiously flits past one of her opponents at the start of the round (this move must be ordered first in a command string and has priority over all moves) and repeats a single set of what orders she heard their trainer give previously: When Scramble is ordered by Arwryfflam's trainer, they choose one of their opponent's command strings from the three previous rounds. When Scramble is successful, the affected pokémon proceeds in the round as if the chosen string was the one that their trainer had given.

Arwryfflam can use this in a two-opponent or more battle to give an opponent orders originally given to a different one, but this reduces the move's accuracy to 50% due to the target's increased likelihood to call bull and check with its trainer before proceeding. This imitation is otherwise impossible to tell from the original if it is heard in its entirety, but it very quickly loses effectiveness if interference is present; as a result, this move fails if Uproar is in effect or if the referee otherwise decides that the current ambient noise is enough to drown out a human voice. It also fails against opponents that are Soundproofed or are choosing their own moves without outside influence.

Usage Gap: Once per battle.


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