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Default Re: The Challenge Board

Originally Posted by Mai View Post
... Right, then. Challenge for Omskivar!

2 vs. 1 Single
Style: Set
DQ: Week
Damage Cap: 30%
Banned Moves: OHKOs, perish song, attract
Arena: The Frantic Factory

Here's a video and a soundtrack.

It's pretty much this broken-down factory, and there are little to no natural resources (although the fake light substitutes well enough for attacks like solarbeam, weather moves, etc. to suffer no penalties); in fact, there's really not much terrain to speak of. The pokemon are sent out on blue and white metal platforms high up in the air that are arranged in the shape of a square (sixteen in total, with four on each row of panels). Each platform is just barely large enough to hold both pokemon at any given moment, but they definitely don't have time to sit around and enjoy the scenery for a good battle--Mad Jack has been unleashed and is out for the blood of all the battlers.

In order to avoid him, all pokemon are constantly on the move and use 1% energy per action. All pokemon are considered limber enough for this battle to hop from square to square, but none are immune to expending effort. Pokemon over one hundred pounds expend 2% energy, pokemon over two hundred pounds 3%, and pokemon over three hundred 4%. Pokemon using contact attacks gain extra momentum from the constant movement and do 1% more damage per attack. Pokemon being particularly motionless (determined by ref's discretion, but definitely caused by direct healing and chills) obviously don't expend the extra energy to move, but they do have a 30% chance of getting hit by one of Mad Jack's attacks if they don't move. Jack's attacks count as occurring outside of an action, and cannot be blocked by protect/detect/etc.

Jack's attacks depend on how many times he has been hit. He can be hit by multi-target attacks, and by landing on the button that randomly moves to a different square every other round. (It's slightly important to keep track of the square each pokemon is on!) After getting hit six times, Jack will disappear.

Jack attacks several different ways, depending on how many times he has been hit (Jack can be hit by pokemon targeting him or by landing on a button that moves to a randomly generated square every other round; because of this, it's important that the ref keeps track of which square every battler is on); he will throw fireballs - counting as the move flamethrower - until he has been hit twice. Once he has, he will shoot lasers--represented by focus blast in this case.

After four hits have been landed on him, Jack will turn invisible and can only use his stomp attack. Once he turns invisible, only the arena attack (landing on the button) can damage him. Once Jack has been hit six times, he will disappear for the rest of the match.

In addition, pokemon that do not move squares have a 10% chance of getting hit by stomp.

Jack's attacks ignore immunities and they always count as having STAB, but Jack is also a Krokorok-in-the-Boxorok. Make of that what you will.

Other: I'll be using Elise the skitty (with normalize!), and Omskivar will be using Tyrell the aron and Jaffacake the duskull; active squads are unnecessary. Elise will have 200% health and energy in total, but only 100% maximum at any given moment--if she goes down to 0%, her stats will all reset and she will go back to 100% (but only once, of course). Think of it as sending in yet another Elise; the pokemon that "knocked her out" will gain an experience point, and Elise will gain one like she was sent out all over again.
Accepted! Have at you!

Originally Posted by The Omskivar
Anyway hi I'm The Omskivar

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