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Old 03-29-2013, 10:37 AM
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Default Pokemon Conquest

Is awesome and addictive as fuck.

I still need to conquer the Poison, Flying, Dark, Dragon, Ice, and Steel kingdoms to beat the game.

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Old 03-29-2013, 02:48 PM
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Default Re: Pokemon Conquest

I found it quite fun at first, (SPOILER) but the post-main-quest game kind of ruined it for me.
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Old 04-01-2013, 11:07 AM
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Default Re: Pokemon Conquest

I played the Japanese version like crazy last year, and now I started playing the English version and yep, it's still as addictive as it was before.

I seriously love collecting and evolving all the cool unique warlords, there's so much eye candy (hgnngngn FANCY ARMORS) and it's just so much fun. Gonna try and catch 'em all this time, as they say.

If anyone happened to miss the Wi-fi distributions for the special episodes and warlords, I found out yesterday that you can also get them via passwords! They should all work, I hope (I only tried the pass for Motonari and Motochika, and they appeared the next in-game month like they were supposed to).
Might as well spread the joy for those who forgot to get them while they were still distributed:

Keiji Special Mission: EDw8w2HaRn
Motonari & Motochika: J2TRZXPUm3
Okuni Special Mission: gauRnak2nR
Ranmaru Special Mission: 2aL38Ek2Rx
Reshiram Event: 2rz3XFEKxR

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Old 08-28-2013, 06:51 AM
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Default Re: Pokemon Conquest

I really enjoyed this game, not because the story itself was interesting, but what headcanons it spawned.

It's how the Pokemon League came to be. Waaaaaaay waaaay back before we had tidy little gyms and badge-collecting and whatnot, the regions of the Poke-verse were constantly warring with one another. What types each little kingdom specialized in largely depended on Pokemon that were native to their area, with a few exceptions everywhere. Every other month, some warlord was being evicted from his home and had to run around helter-skelter until they managed to get good enough at battling to win back every worldly possession they'd previously lost. Organization of the lower classes was spotty at best, trade was irregular, and overall, anarchy ruled in a world where being the most powerful was the only way to survive.

Some warlords accrued a lot of man- and Pokemon-power, enough so that war became less of a desperate struggle to maintain ownership over property and more of an exercise in skill. People like Shingen and Kenshin made a habit of attacking each other not out of animosity, but out of a desire to test their strength against the strongest foe they knew.

As power began to naturally accumulate at various central points, the lesser warlords desperately began to offer tokens of surrender when an enemy proved themselves to be more powerful. These tokens often carried the warlords' symbol. By surrendering, the lesser warlords often were able to negotiate favorable treaties that allowed them to stay in their homes and maintain some sort of governorship over their subjects. This feudal system eventually reached a fragile sort of status quo. The 16 most powerful warlords reached a point where they were at constant stalemate with one another.

Then Nobunaga came and began his attempt at total conquest. In an unusual turn of events, he demanded tokens of surrender and fealty in exchange for allowing the conquered to keep what they had. Their previous autonomy was severely curtailed as Nobunaga put people he trusted in control of each conquered kingdom. His methods of enforcing peace were questionable, but he managed to keep the formerly fractious kingdoms in line.

A new Warlord in the south began gaining power and grew irritated with constantly having to defend themselves from attack by those who wished to test their power against someone. They also were sick of how war constantly impoverished everyone and kept society from advancing. After Nobunaga's sister mysteriously showed up and told the stories about how he was trying to conquer the whole region, the Warlord decided that they would do the same thing, but they would do it better. Off sets our hero to unite Ransei, doing the same thing that Nobunaga did, but rather than using fear to keep the conquered kingdoms in check, they used their charisma to win over the Warlords. Conquered kingdoms were allowed much more autonomy so long as they kept trade flowing, didn't attack each other, and assisted their liege in uniting the rest of Ransei.

During this time, our hero constantly emphasized the importance of community over oneself, and ideas about ownership began to change. People began to have the opinion that generosity was an investment in the future of the community and that all property belonged to the community, not the individual. Today, it's seen in the generosity of strangers towards traveling trainers through gift-giving and allowing the trainers to wander around in homes.

By the time our hero managed to defeat Nobunaga, unite Ransei, and inadvertently summon Arceus, society was progressing as it had not for a long time. Our hero used their wish to receive knowledge on how to make the peace last longer and received it.

Once Ransei was united by our hero, there were a few uprisings. Our hero made personal visits to the leaders of the uprisings and made them offers. If the rebel leaders visited 16 Warlords, battled them one on one, and won, they could take over Ransei. They had to prove they'd won with tokens of surrender from each warlord. Due to the hero's charisma, the rebel leaders agreed. Very few managed to collect 16 tokens of surrender, and when they went to present them to our hero, they were challenged to one more battle. Only one ever won this final battle, and our hero revealed their knowledge of how to maintain peace to this challenger.

This developed into the Pokemon League we know today.

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