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Old 02-13-2010, 02:06 PM
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Default The "99-99 Challenge"

Wow, no-one's posted here in a while...
Anyway, if you own Pokémon Colosseum then you may know that if you purify all the Pokémon and complete the Mt. Battle 100 challenge on colosseum mode using only Pokémon saved on your Colosseum save file then you get a Ho-oh. However, that is not the "99-99 challenge".

The challenge is this:

(Sorry about the quality... and anything else that's wrong with the picture)

Basically, the challenge is to get up to the final battle with 99 or more continues. You start with 5 continues and, each time you win a battle with none of your Pokémon fainted, you get another continue. This allows for a total of 104 continues (the last battle doesn't count). I'd say that this is a genuinely hard challenge, especially since the opponents have Wobbuffets.

So the challenge is to only allow any of your Pokémon to faint 5 times. And losing? Not an option. (OK, well it is, but it's not practical).
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