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Old Yesterday, 11:47 PM
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Default Re: Third-Party Party Mafia - Game Thread

Keldeo can speak with me freely now. Is there anyone who could help give any information on Cynder? Town seems to be getting really lucky on night actions, or else the Mafia is up to something.
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Old Today, 02:10 AM
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Default Re: Third-Party Party Mafia - Game Thread

Honestly, the lack of nightkills does make me kinda nervous... Bringing back good memories of ORAS mafia, tho.

tbh up until Nira flipped I was wondering whether we might actually all be town and were supposed to win by figuring that out and coordinating wincons as best as possible. I guess not, but I've got nothing. Might as well see what Cynder has to say.
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Default Re: Third-Party Party Mafia - Game Thread

Alright, hold on, discussion suspended; I've received a Day action but I can't process it properly until I'm home, which will be several hours.

(click colias -- you know you want to -- for asb profile)
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