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Default Re: Skyman vs pathos

Taunt him, then try to jump up and Drain Punch(energy) him. If you can't reach him, however, then just Dig(down) and Chill.

Taunt~Drain Punch(energy)/Dig(down)~Drain Punch(energy)/Chill
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Default Re: Skyman vs pathos

====== Skyman vs. pathos, round 6 ======

__Skyman__: 1/1

[Rambo] timburr (m) <Guts> {move: Close Combat}
Health 55%, Energy 70%; dehydrating (-3%/act).
Condition: Heartened.
Commands: Taunt ~ Drain Punch (energy) / Dig (down) ~ Drain Punch (energy) / Chill

__pootos__: 1/1

[Tye] clefairy (m) <Magic Guard> @ Moon Stone
Health 79%, Energy 12%; dehydrating (-3%/act, unhappens), atk +1, def +2, spa +1, spd +1, spe -1.
Condition: Thirsty and tired.
Performed: Teleport / Echoed Voice ~ Chill / Echoed Voice x2

==== Round 6 ====

Though still a ways from the pokémon with the squishy, mooshable face, the timburr screams aspersions at the pokémon with the mooshable, squishy face, with an intent to make that squishy, mooshable face turn into an angry face and cause the pokémon with the mooshable, squishy face to simply //attack// it, rather than resting.

The pokémon with the squishy, mooshable face, upon hearing the timburr, refuses to hear any of it, and again scrunches its mooshable, squishy face into an expression of constipation and vanishes with a loud pop.

The timburr, arriving at the site of the popping noise, perhaps expects sort of trickery -- but to its dismay, there is simply no squishy, mooshable face in sight. It looks around, and sees nothing; it is prepared to simply dig a hole and hide when it looks upwards and realizes that there is a mooshable, squishy-looking blob with a face directly above it, falling with a look of dissonant serenity on its squishy, mooshable face.

The timburr realizes that if the pokémon with the mooshable, squishy face is going to fall directly downward from directly above it, then the squishy, mooshable blob will fall on it. So it raises its fist, and charges it again with the same orange glow.

Something mooshable and squishy falls on it. The orange glow, on touching the body, begins to devour what little energy remains.

It is perhaps not yet quite satisfied when both trainers recall their pokémon, but there isn't much it can do about that.

The trainers and the replacement decide that it would probably be best to meet elsewhere to work out out the prizes, rather than to stick around in this desert. No longer protected from the environment under the terms of battle, the trainers apparently share a possibly heat-induced hallucination of their substitute referee climbing into the mouth of a whale-looking ball and bouncing off.

__Skyman__: 1/1

[Rambo] timburr (m) <Guts> {move: Close Combat}
Health 54%, Energy 70%; dehydrating (-3%/act).
Condition: no longer present.
Commands: Taunt (miss) ~ Drain Punch (energy)

__pootos__: 1/1

[Tye] clefairy (m) <Magic Guard> @ Moon Stone
Health 79%, Energy 0%; dehydrating (-3%/act, unhappens), fainted (mild), atk +1, def +2, spa +1, spd +1, spe -1.
Condition: no longer present.
Performed: Teleport (dodge)

== Notes ==
* okay so teleport-dodge for taunt might have been a bit ludicrous but I wanted to set this up for amusement.
* apparently pathos wants clefairy to just fall.
* 18:40 <pootos> note that magic guard should shield from disturbances of rushing air
* apparently, teleport has the same range as fly does for a single action. if we take the fastest living bird in the real world, which reaches 200 mph, and only then only on a dive, which works out to about 90 m/s. thus, we can note 1 fly/act < 90 m/s. for that value, the maximum amount of time an action can take for one fly or teleport to exceed the distance travelled due to gravity is some 19 s. [[|round time is flexible]] but if the clefairy's going to chill in mid-air, it'll take longer than 19 s.
* falling damage unhappens due to Magic Guard.
* this reffing brought to you more by rule of ridiculous than anything else.
* actually I have no idea how much energy teleport costs.
* drain punch could have been a critical hit. but would have been overkill anyway.

2 exp to timburr, 1 exp to clefairy, \$8 to Skyman, \$3 to poo, \$3 to atitworthnonsense, \$3 to me.

complete asb battles, loss: pathos, ref: kusarigamaitachi, win: skyman

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