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Default §A Guide to Semifictional Creatures§

Table of Contents

Four-Legged Creatures and Demons

Humanoids and Phantoms

Injured Creatures and Injured Humanoids

Aliens and Undiscovered Species


Mutated Creatures and Unknown Creatures

How to Match Individuals

(In Order of Appearance)

Four-Legged Creatures and Demons

Felinus Silverius
Type: Four-Legged Humanoid, Hallucination, or Humanoid Demon
Seen on a Gopro camera while human bikes. Greyish Cat Humanoid springs off wall.
Statistics: Grey, Four-Legged, Tail, Three-Foot Body Length Ending in a Cat Head.
Danger Level 5.

Lupinus Lunarus
Type: Four-Legged Humanoid
Seen while man drives truck in Allegheny National Forest Route 6. Walks across road two times.
Statistics: Brown, Four-Legged or Bipedal, Muscular, Bright Eyes, Sharp Teeth.
Danger Level 7.

Van Meter Monster (Chicago Phantom)
Van Meter Creataerium (Chicago Spiritum)
Type: Four-Legged Avian Humanoid, or Avian Demon
Found similar to other creature while human listens to Lore podcast episode #69.
Statistics: Four-Legged or Bipedal, Bat Wings, 8 Feet Tall, Lived in a Cave.
Danger Level 5.

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