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Default Re: What Pokemon would you, realistically, have?

Starting location: Oxfordshire

Lucky the male buneary (L20). Got as a family pet. Very affectionate, likes running around in circles around my feet.

Zoe the nidoran female (L30). An old, grumpy pet who is very timid. Hides when you approach her.

Gastrodon (f) (L30). When I was a kid, I liked to collect slugs. This shellos became my starter pokemon after I found her under a rock, and soon evolved.
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Default Re: What Pokemon would you, realistically, have?

With the amount of parks near where I live, I would no doubt have caught a Caterpie and Pidgey when I was young. And because of the river just down the road, likely a Magikarp, too.

Now, the Caterpie would be a Butterfree, probably around Level 40, whilst the Pidgey would be a Pidgeot of about Level 38.

As for the Magikarp, that would probably still be a Magikarp at Level 14 because I don't have the patience to wait for it to learn an attack and then get it up 6 more levels. xD

A Nidoran ♂ would also be nice to have had, I would love a Nidoking and so I would have trained that to Level 35 or so, too.
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Default Re: What Pokemon would you, realistically, have?

An Espeon, which I recieved the Eevee egg for my tenth birthday as a starter. After it hatched, we immediately bonded, and eventually it got so happy it evolved.

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Default Re: What Pokemon would you, realistically, have?

Heh, this should be fun.

Lily, Lopunny, lvl 54, female: I was born in Colorado, and my mother was a firm believer in early exposure to Pokemon. We had two Growlithe growing up, as well as a Glameow that ran away. My first Pokemon, though, was a Bunnery. She started out skittish, like most, but I played with her every day until she mellowed. Not too long after, she evolved. (I was terribly proud that she was happy enough to evolve at level 12.)

Ron, Arbok, lvl 43, male: As a small child, I would constantly pick up snake Pokemon, which always terrified my parents (they thought I would get bit by a poisonous one. Never did, fortunately.) As soon as I could, I caught several. I can't actually remember if Ron was an Ekans I caught in Colorado or Vermont (from his name, it seems like the former, but his weakened poison makes me think the latter).

Greeny, Sceptile, lvl 46, male: I moved to the Marshall Islands when I was eight. Kwajalein (the island I lived on) was crawling with Treecko. (I think either someone accidently let loose a breeding pair, or this was where they came from before being imported.) I loved to catch them and let them go (sans Pokeball), and when I turned ten, I registered one as my starter, and he's since evolved. He's had a lot of names over the years, but the only one I can constantly remember is Greeny.

Humahumanukanukaapua'a, Vibrava, lvl 39, female: There were a lot of Trapinch all over the beaches of Kwajalien. This particular one bit my mother on the toe and wouldn't let go until I caught her! Had a bit of trouble getting her back to the states, but it ended up okay. It's taken forever to evolve her, but it's worth it not to get bitten so often.

Lucky, Espeon, lvl 42, male: After a few years, my folks moved back to the states, to Vermont. I didn't have a huge social life, so I started volunteering at Pokemon shelters. Lucky was a rather hyper Eevee that had been in and out of the shelter for half a year (and I thank the stars that the shelter I worked at had a no-kill policy). My folks wanted a family pet, so we took him home. Turns out he just needed a place to run around, and was actually rather calm when he got several runs a day. I bonded with him, taking him everywhere, and, senior year, he evolved into an Espeon.

Indy, Weavile, lvl 40, female: My brother likes to get pets, but doesn't like to take care of them. After we moved to Vermont, he convinced our parents to get him a Zigzagoon. She ended up as my mothers. After that, he wanted a Sneasel, which was again bought for him, and ended up as mine. (He gave her the name, it's apparently short for Indiana. I like to think it's short for Indigo, which makes slightly more sense.) I took her to college with me, where a friend gave me a Razor Claw to level her with. She's slightly spastic and insane, but a great conversation starter, as well as being bloody adorable.

Currently, I'm also training a Meowth that's not actually mine, but lives in the house I'm at. I've had the opportunity to catch any number of other Pokemon, but these are the ones that travel with me. My mother has a few Torchic and a Zigzagoon (she doesn't like evolving them), my brother has an Electrike (from my folks), a Tailow (formerly mine), and a Geodude (he caught out west), and my dad pretends he doesn't like Pokemon (although I'm certain he has a Magnezone and a Porygon-Z from work, and possibly a Scizor).
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Default Re: What Pokemon would you, realistically, have?

I'll have a go.

starting Location: Small Village near Stafford, England

Waldo, Arcanine, Lv 40: More of a family pet than my own but, eh. We adopted him from a breeder when I was around 4. He was about 2 weeks old when we took him home, been a cherished pet ever since. He pretty lazy though he does like walks occasionally. My dad sometimes uses him for mock battles against me and my sister. Evolved at around 5 years old.

Star, Ledian, Lv 32: We have a lot of bug types 'round here, so I decided to catch one when I was around 7. I found her in the bush opposite my house and got Mum to catch her. She's pretty excitable and likes battling. Around Lv 3 when I found her.

Tank, Forretress, Lv 33: As I said, lots of bug types. I caught this guy shortly after Star.
I found him in a nearby woodland and had a small battle with him before catching him in a fast ball. HE doesn't say much and likes to do some battling. He only evolved last week. Aorund Lv 10 when caught.

Caco, Loudred, Lv 29: Whismur are pretty common in the village and my parents gave her to me as a birthday present. She shouts really loud when scared but we managed to minimise that for now. Lv 5 when recieved.

Vange, Eevee, Lv 12: Received him as a starter from my school when I was 10. He's pretty nice and is like a second pet rather than a battling Pokemon. He battles a bit for tourneys but prefers not to. He's a bit jealous of Waldo but is also a bit scared of him. Lv 5 when recieved.

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Default Re: What Pokemon would you, realistically, have?

Hmm interesting.

Area-Twin Cities MN

Charmeleon- a gift from a family friend as a Charmander when I was a kid. The parents weren't too happy about the random fires though. But once it evolved it mellowed out and works great for starting bonfires.

Pidgey- Bought in a pet store. Cute little thing that I use to send letters to people.

Ekans- Found while on a camping trip up North. It tried to attack me at first, but Charmander protected me and I ended up catching it.

Ratata- found in my garage. Scared teh living crap out of me while I was cleaning, so much that I threw a pokeball at it.
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Default Re: What Pokemon would you, realistically, have?

Man, Walker, your story is awesome!

Oh, let's see, I'm sure I have some interesting animal stories I can turn into Pokemon ones...

Location: It's a desert area, freezing in the winter and scorching in the summer.

Eevee/m (no nickname, I was too young to decide on one) - level 20 when traded
When I was really young, we kept an old Snorlax out in the yard, although we couldn't really afford to feed her. She was particularly excited about the groceries one night and made her way into the garage... right as the door was coming down. Needless to say, we didn't feel ready for another Pokemon, but after a while, an Eevee started hanging out around the house. He came around every day for weeks, and I finally convinced my parents to let me capture him. He favored my uncle, though, so in the end I gave him up. I still haven't quite given up on the idea of catching a new Eevee for my team though, someday.

Wigglytuff/Bunny/m - level 30
We moved to the desert after that, home of many scary Pokemon. As a kid, I wasn't fond of the kind of Pokemon that could be found in our new location, so I contented myself playing with my dad's bird Pokemon and his lazy Houndour. But during a meteor shower one night, as my mom was running trying to catch sight of the falling meteorites, she tripped over a small blobby Pokemon that had been drawn out by the state of the sky. I heard her shouting about a Jigglypuff and ran out to help. It was injured and in a panic, but we managed to calm it down and get it inside. Grateful to our efforts, it volunteered to become my second Pokemon. My mom, not a trainer but a fan of the puff family, begin calling him Bunny and the name unfortunately stuck. When we moved again, we bought a Moon Stone in a town on the way there.

Sentret/Qwill/m - level 7
For a long time we lived in a place that didn't allow untrained Pokemon. There wasn't any point in picking up new Pokemon that wouldn't be allowed out of their Pokeballs, so it wasn't until we moved back to the town where we found Bunny that we were able to look for another Pokemon. We took a trip to a center for abandoned Pokemon. I had my eye on a pair of identical Pikachu (I never did figure out which one I would have chosen), but as we were leaving to discuss our options, we heard a loud cry from a side room. An adorable Sentret had been separated from the rest of of the Pokemon, and when we inquired the lady at the desk informed us that he had been abandoned because he had been attacked by the family's Floatzel (no, really. Only he was a cat attacked by a dog in real life). We took him home on the spot. He gets into a lot of fights with the Growlithe my dad chose, but he's kind of a sissy, so he mostly loses. I think he wants to become a Furret someday, though.

Horsea/Snail/m - level 18
We did an experiment in Biology class with plants, and they sent us the pieces of the plant we needed in the mail. I was shocked to find a tiny Horsea packaged with the plant (we'll pretend it was a big plant), and immediately placed the seahorse (actually several snails in real life) in a pot of water until I could fill up a bathtub for him. I didn't do very well on the experiment, distracted by trying to keep my Sentret away from Snail, but I did get a new team member.

Pidgey/Clover/m- level 6
My newest Pokemon is a Pidgey named Clover. My mother woke up one morning to find my dad's Growlithe (who is actually a cat) chasing a wild baby Pidgey around the living room. She managed to get it away from him and back outside, but it was clearly in no condition to return to the wild. Worried, I tried to convince it to come inside one of my remaining Pokeballs so I could take it to the Pokemon Center, but the stubborn bird dodged every one of them, hopping around in the clover. I didn't want to hurt it, but it needed help, so I challenged it to a battle against Qwill. I managed to catch the Pidgey in my last Pokeball, and once he was healthy again, he decided to join me out of some sort of sense of responsibility for his loss (in real life there were two babies and their moms took them away). Still, I'm happy to have another friend.

I'm still not very good yet, and until I finish school I won't be able to do much training. But I hope to take these Pokemon on my quest someday, and enter them in the league.
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Default Re: What Pokemon would you, realistically, have?

Location: Around New York ((City or State? dundundunnnn))

Persian - LV 42 Lazy, but funny cat. We got him from a breeder. Nicknamed 'Dustpelt'
Arcanine - LV 38 A friend to Dustpelt, He's always trying to act like the boss around the house. Persian takes him down a couple of knotches. Bought from Pet Store.
Chatot - LV 35 The sixth one we've had. Pet store bought.
Crobat - LV 32 Was leading a gang of Zubats when he was a Golbat. Mom caught him with some cookies as bait. How odd.
Lots of misc. fish pokemon.
Gyrados - LV 23 recently evolved from the above gang. She mothered most of the fish we own.
And finally - Meowth, level 28 Persian is sure taking a liking to her. Maybe some possible little Meowths later.
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Default Re: What Pokemon would you, realistically, have?

This is interesting...

that new Pigeon pokemon (Sorry don't know the name off the top of my head) around level 9 or 10, cuz I'm lazy. Many trips to the near city.
Murkrow, level 30 or 40, I see crows/Ravens a lot, and for a long time.
a Politoed, perhaps, I've actually seen a few toads around my place. level 28. not too often.
Yanma/yanmega level 34 because I see dragonflies.
Swalot, level 37, we have a lot of trash.
many other bird pokemon, of varying levels, because our backyard is like a sanctuary for them, its weird.
That's all I can think of...

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Default Re: What Pokemon would you, realistically, have?

Starting area: Well-wooded suburbs about an hour from Detroit.

Glalie (M), lv48 -- Found as a Snorunt that was hit by a car some years ago. We took it in. Nicknamed Fortune.

Swablu (F), lv30 -- Found in the park, alone instead of with a flock.

Lopunny (F), lv28 -- Bought from the pet store. Nicknamed Molly. (We actually have a lop named Molly)

Ninjask (M), lv24 -- Found hurt in the yard as a Nincada.

Shedinja, lv24 -- Found when Nincada evolved.

That would be it, except for maybe more bug Pokemon. We have a lot of bugs around here.
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Default Re: What Pokemon would you, realistically, have?

Starting Location: Just outside of city limits in Great Falls, MT

Stantler: Due to a whole herd of them passing by our house constantly.

Buneary: A lone buneary that formerly had been hiding behind our garage

Glameow and Purugly: Brother and Sister. Adopted when they were kits.

Skitty: A small male skitty. Rescued from dogs at a local state fair.

Persian: A rather large male persian. Leader of all the other feline pokemon in the house.

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Default Re: What Pokemon would you, realistically, have?

location: OKLAHOMA >:|a


arbok (m) lv45: little guy bit me once when he was an ekans. hunted him down and caught him.

deoxys (n) lv100: THE ALIENS

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Default Re: What Pokemon would you, realistically, have?

I would also have quite the powerful Pachirisu.

Dang Squirrels!

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Default Re: What Pokemon would you, realistically, have?

I wouldn't have any because I can't even take care of normal pets.
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Default Re: What Pokemon would you, realistically, have?

Starting location: Reading, United Kingdom.

Where I live is between the town centre and the edge of town. Once you hit the end of the buildings, you end up in area of field upon field in the country, interspersed with dense coniferious woodlands. Human settlements are far and few between once you end up heading towards the countryside and are very seldom larger than a few houses and a country shop or two. A lot of the fields contain animals such as cows, sheep and soforth. Going on work experience would mean that I frequently visit these areas and would likely have some Pokémon from there, as well as Pokémon from my own local, urban area.
  • Stinky Winky, Skitty, (f), level 7. A family pet, hence the strange name. A cat based off of a real life pet, adopted from a rescue centre as a replacement for the last cat we had, a Persian, who died after a month of battling several medical conditions and veterinary visits.
  • Miltank, (f), level 22. Work experience doesn't come without its benefits. Working with milking cattle in Somerset, Southwest England, for a week gave me an oppotunity to catch a Miltank.
  • Flaaffy, (m), level 24. When lambing season comes around, the farmers tend to rid themselves of male animals, which provide no use as they hold no capacity for giving birth and, need only one male to impregnate an entire flock. Rescued from slaughter as a lamb.
  • Tauros, (m) level 28. Similarly to lambing season, calving season also happens once every year. Baby bulls are sent to slaughter for meat due to their uselessness in milk production, being unable to give birth and, for the small numbers needed to cause another breeding season. Rescued from slaughter as a calf.
  • Haunter, (f), level 52. My family and I live in a house which is around 130 years old. In its history, a young girl died of disease in my parents' bedroom. The Haunter captured had evidently been manifesting itself as the ghost of the young, diseased girl for nearly 70 years.
  • Honchkrow, (m), level 38. My friends and I tend to go out at night rather than in the day. Living in an urban area with some trees, it is merely natural that Murkrow would inhabit the area. Dusk Stones, though rare, aren't terribly difficult to find for sale in large towns.
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Default Re: What Pokemon would you, realistically, have?

A female Pidgeot, not shiny, and very fast.

Yep, my interests changed again.
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Default Re: What Pokemon would you, realistically, have?

Starting location: a house on a lake, surrounded by forest, in Middlebury (a.k.a. amishville) IN.

Spearow lvl. 5 [flyleaf] (R.I.P) We were getting ready to go out on a friday morning, when my mom stumbles upon an injured Spearow. It had bite marks on it, so it looked like it had been attacked by a meowth/sneasel. We put it in a cage, and took care of it ffor about a week. Sadly, it died ;-;. We buried it in our backyard. R.I.P, ;ittle guy. (this is true, it actually happened with a sparrow.)

Umbreon, lvl. 42. [Noche/Ebony/Shadow] One night, when the Hoothoot are.... hooting, I heard a sound out of the ordinary. :vee.. it literally scared the crap out of me. I saw, standing out side my door, in a little porch area, a tiny little Eevee. it looked scared, so we started feeding it. it became very happy. one night, it evolved into an Umbreon. Recently, We had a large issue, A giant Houndoom ran up, and started tortuing the Umbreon. Shadow was hidden, but the Houndoom. kept guarding the spot where it was, not letting it go. The little umbreon did something very brave: it spat at the Houndoom's feet. The Houndoom went crazy, and tried to kill it. we got in the way took the Umbreon in the house and shooed away the Houndoom. the Umbreon is currently living on our porch. (all true, except for evolution, Umbreon is a black kitten, and the Houndoom was a doberman.)
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Default Re: What Pokemon would you, realistically, have?

Staring Location- Victoria, Australia.

Goldeen x 3 - Cally, Dawn and Fluro, around level 8. I used to have more but they died. I bought them from the local aquarium one day. They can't leave their tank so I haven't gotten the chance to train them. They don't even have Pokeballs yet.
Murkow - Cryptic, around level 18. It was hanging around the bus stop so I decided to catch it. Doesn't like me too much and it attacks me so I keep it in its Pokeball.
Tentacool, around level 25. I saw it all dried up on a beach. Knowing about my fear of jellyfish, my dad caught it and gave it to me as a joke. It hasn't been out of its Pokeball since.
Ledian - Starry, around level 15. There was a mini swarm of Ledybas at one of my previous schools. I caught one and evolved it.
Ariados - Toxic, around level 27. Caught it as a Spinarak when it somehow made its way into my bathroom. He's my strongest Pokemon at the moment, because most of the people I battle are scared of spiders so we usually win by default.
Spearow - Magpie, around level 3. My most recent capture. It kept crashing into the windows at school so I caught it so it wouldn't injure itself any more. Now it crashes into the windows at home -_-

I have such a boring team lol. I live in the suburbs so you're lucky to find anything other than birds and bugs around.

These stories are all semi-true. I do own 3 Goldfish, and my Dad likes to tease me by throwing dried up jellyfish at me XD Spiders also like to hang around my bathroom, crows seem to like flying really low around me so it looks like they are attacking me and there was once a mini-ladybug swarm at my old school. While there is a bird that likes to attack its reflection on the windows at my current school, it's a magpie and I don't think there's any magpie pokemon so I just picked a random flying-type.

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Default Re: What Pokemon would you, realistically, have?

Starting location:between houstin and austin,Texas.

KabutopsFound him as a fossil in texas, And revived him into a kabuto. After years of nourishment, He turned into a kabutops.He is not aggressive however, Instead he helps us cook,So his name is Kabutopchef.
HoundoomWhen I was only One year old,my parents always needed to go to work.
I was on my own alot, and they needed someone to take care of me while I was gone. One day, they decided to get me a houndour. It warmed up to me and always ate my toys, it was my best friend. Now that I am older, she is now a houndoom.My family names our pokemon after the stars, so her name was callisto,or cali.She is now blind.
Meowth x2mischevious pokemon,both rescues. Named hector and Jupiter.
Oddly coloured butterfreeThe day I was born, A beutifully coloured metapod had turned into a butterfree.Luckily,my mom had pokeballs at hand, she caught it and ever since then luck has been in my favour.
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Default Re: What Pokemon would you, realistically, have?

Hmm. This take a lot of thinking, actually. Man why am I even bothering to do this right now, when I'm so tired?
Right, because I can't stop myself.

Starting Location: Central Ohio

Finneon- One way or another, I'm sure that I'd wind up with some sort of tropical fish in my party. When I was much younger, my sister and I had a freshwater aquarium, and we kept a small number of fish in it for some time, until we decided that it was all too much work, especially since the fish kept dying (we think that the one was eating the others). While it's unlikely that any of these fish would have survived until today even under optimal conditions, I'm sure that I wouldn't have gone to the Bahamas and not brought back any souvenirs. Even if I had to smuggle it through security, I'm sure I'd get me a pokemon.

Stantler- Back when my gramma and grampa were alive, I always liked to visit their house down in Marietta. It was way back in the woods, practically engulfed by the non-contingent monstrosity that is Wayne National Forest. Though I liked to spend a lot of time inside whenever I went, since gramma had satellite and we didn't, it was also fun to go outside every once in a while. I think I've seen a deer in the yard at that house a time or two, and who knows? Under other circumstances, I might have caught a Stantler.

Corphish- The best thing about my gramma's house was probably the run out front that I used to like to play in. It wasn't much more than a persistant trickle, even when I'd dam it up with rocks, and it wasn't much good to fish in, but I think I've seen a crawdad or two in the water. They were just tiny things, but damn, any sorta Corphish is gonna beat the pants offova Pachirisu when it comes to "interesting".

Pelipper- When I was a kid, it seems now like we'd go on vacation to Myrtle Beach every year. I never saw too much in the way of wildlife when I went there; no coral, no fish (because I'm not an angler), no sea slugs in the tide pool. I'm not sure I've even seen a tide pool there. They always had seagulls, though. And why wouldn't they? They don't call 'em seagulls for living in Kroger's parking lots in Ohio. I probably would have caught one at some point, and it well might have evolved by now.

Persian- I've lived in a house with cats most my life. They may be a pain sometimes, and may not be able to live with 'em, but it's sure that you can't live without 'em. I've had four cats over the span of my life. Shadow died when I was 12ish, and she was 18 years old, I believe. She was a recluse, as far as cats go, and a prime lap cat. I guess I might characterize her as a Persian. Kippy was amazing. He was so skiddish and frisky and cowardly and adorable, and so very fuzzy, too. He fits the persona of a Skitty almost to a T, I'd say. He passed away a little over a year and a half ago. I think the official COD was organ failure. But we still had another cat, Zoey, who liked to hog our attention. She's quite the talker, and known for her plant-eating tendancies. I'd say she's most like a Persian, too, if only because she'll get dirty to get to her plants, unlike a Glameow. She's probably the one I'd take with me, since she's most my cat. We have a fourth cat, Hiram, who seems almost Kippy's polar opposite. He's big and fluffy, but totally laid back and nonchalant. I'm not sure which cat pokemon I'd associate him with, but I probably wouldn't be taking him with me on my travels, anyway.
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