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Old 10-01-2010, 10:14 PM
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Default Re: What Pokemon would you, realistically, have?

This is a really neat idea.

Leviathan the Gyarados and Neptune the Seaking-Lv45. My first two Pokemon, my family moved into a new house, and discovered the owner had left behind a Magikarp and a Goldeen in a pond. I was about 4. of course, I wasn't old enough to train them yet, but I blew all my money on Rare Candies at the dairy to evolve Magikarp anyway. My parents weren't happy, but let me keep him anyway.

Monarch the Butterfree-Lv43. My grandparents have some plants in their garden that Caterpies seem to love, so I did what anyone would do and caught one.

Magnitude the Golem-Lv41. Caught in the same house. I liked to collect rocks when I was little, and imagine my surprise when I 'collected' a Geodude! I raised him diligently against my friends Pokemon until he evolved, and then traded him back between us so he would evolve again.

Kai Iwi the Huntail-Lv39. I go on holiday at the same lake every year, and once I was in my Dad's boat, and a Huntail jumped out of the water onto the boat. It looked weak, so Dad caught it, and when it was better, gave it to me. I named him after the lake we found him at, Kai Iwi.

Fush'n'Chups the Pelliper-Lv38. Sometimes when I go to the beach, I end up having Fish and chips for dinner. Of course, Wingulls want some too, and one was brave enough to actually steal some while our backs were turned, so I caught it and raised it.

Bread the Kenhorou-Lv33. I was at the park with my friend and I was trying to catch some bird Pokemon, but I didn't have any of my Pokemon with me. Luckily, a family was kind enough to give me some bread, so I used it to lure a Mamepato close enough for me to grab.

Parana the Farfetch'd-Lv 33. I was at a different park this time, and it was close to a river, so there were lots of Farfetch'd around. Once more I'd forgotten my Pokemon, but this time I didn't have any bread. I ended using the rather crude strategy of chasing one so its head got caught in a fence (hey, I was 6) before I caught it. I named him after the park I caught him at.

Fire Fist the Blaziken-Lv37. I was at my cousins' house. They live on a farm, so I get to play with the farm Pokemon. I grew especially close to a newly hatched Torchic, so I was allowed to take him home with me. I was overjoyed, seeing as Blaziken is my favourite Pokemon, and trained him diligently until he evolved.

Nala the Choroneko-Lv30. Adopted her from the SPCA when she was a kitten. More of a family pet than a battler, but she has a competitive side to her so I allow her to battle on some occasions.

Sonicboom the Yanmega-Lv33. My friend lives near a park, and this park is near a small forest with a river flowing through it. There were a lot of Yanma around here, so we each caught one. I really like Yanmega, so I raised it until it learned Ancientpower so it would evolve.

Havoc the Rotom-Lv25. My family's microwave had been acting up for a while, but we thought it was just usual technology failure until it blasted a huge jet of flame out at us. Of course, since I'd been raising Pokemon for a while now, the task fell to me to battle it. The microwave revealed itself to be a Rotom, and was able to defeat Gyarados and Seaking easily. Golem trapped it under a pile of rocks, so I decided to catch it. Unfortunately, due to the Rock Slide and the Rotom's Overheats, the microwave no longer works.

Matrix the Porygon-Lv5. My newest addition, I recently started taking IT and all the students in the class were given a Porygon to help with computer functions. I hope I don't have to give it back, as I really like the little guy.

That's it, although there is a stray Glameow hanging around my house, but she's timid and runs away from everyone and everything as soon as she sees them, so I haven't been able to get close enough to catch her yet. While I'm still here, I'd like to give a R.I.P. to Sqwaky the Chatot, who was the class pet in Year Two at my school.

Clickies, please. Also, yay for gen 5!
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Default Re: What Pokemon would you, realistically, have?

Starting location: Greater Toronto Area

Ditto lv 30 - Either as a present or I managed to save up the money. It's the only pokémon I don't get bored with too quickly, since it managed to conform to whatever my obsession of the week was.

Porygon lv 18 - Also bought, because I wanted one at the time, but I found it wasn't as spectacular as I thought, especially since I lack computer skills. Spends a lot of time in its ball, but sometimes I send it on missions in my computer.

Spinarak lv 15 - Tons of spiders in my room. I generally had my ditto kill them, but then I decided to get one in order to kill off all the rest. Spends most of its time in its ball.

Pachirisu lv 8 - Plenty of squirrels around the area. I caught a young one fairly easily because it was there, but I got bored quickly. It lies in its ball at the bottom of a drawer somewhere.

Wingull lv 10 - Similarly to pachirisu, I caught it because it was there and I felt like it, one of my childhood trips to the beach. With dreams of flying on its back some day or having it deliver packages, I started training it obsessively for a few days... then I got bored with it. It, too, lies abandoned in its ball, probably not even by the pachirisu.
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Old 10-04-2010, 03:08 AM
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Default Re: What Pokemon would you, realistically, have?

Location: Eastern Pennsylvania, in a valley area east of the Appalation mountains; I live in a small town surrounded by woodland, with several streams and a pond in the vicinity.


Nincada -> Ninjask (Lv: 20+)/Shedinja (Lv: 35) x1- When I was little, there way always this one tree that every year Nincada would crawl up, evolve, and fly away, leaving their shell behind. Well, one day, one of my grandma's friends came over with his two young boys, who thought it would be fun to grab the shells and crush them via stomping on them. Lucky for a certain nincada, who had not yet hatched and was about to be crushed when I noticed, I was around that day. I quickly caught him, and when he had evolved in safety I left him go. I was sad to see him go, but I had kept his shell, which to my surprise turned into a Shedinja. Had it ever since.

Buneary -> Lopunny (Lv: 40) x1- Got my third buneary when I was around 4; (my previous 2 meeting sad fates. One died of sickness, and the other was eaten by a pack of houndour. :( ) So far he had outlived the previous by around 10 years, evolving sometime after we moved to our house, and is quite old. Still strong, but has been retired from use due to failing sight. (My sister also has two buneary of her own now)

Politoad (One shiny) (Lv: 30) x2- Gotten not too long ago from a guy who was working with my dad. He said that they kept hopping into his pool, so he caught them and gave them to me, seeing as I love the water types.

Barboach-> Whiscash (Lv: 33) x1- Caught down at the pond on our property a few summers ago. He now lives in my fishpond in the back yard.

Goldeen + Seaking (Lv: 5-27) x??/x(8-10)- Along with the whiscash, I also posses countless goldeen and numerous seaking. Many were bought from a fish store, but some were hatched and raised by me. (My mom also has a pond in the front yard with several goldeen/seaking as well) While many live in my pond, some instead live in a giant fishtank in my basement.

Magikarp (Lv: 5-34) x6- Accompanying the stated above are 6 magicarp of varying sizes, some of which I've had for two years, while others I just got this summer from the fish store. (My mom also has four magicarp, one of which is a shiny that she's had for at least five years. It's our longest lived.)

Surskit (Lv 1-13) x??- Living in swarms on my pond's surface are large families of surskit. While they are technically wild, I've cone to sorta think of them as my own. (I did capture the original 8 though.)

Finneon (Lv: 15) x1- Gift from my mom. Swims around in a bowl on my computer desk most of the time.

Barboach (Lv: 10) x4- In my room there is also a fishtank. Within are four barboach that I caught from the same pond that my whiscash was caught in. They are still quite young, however.

Remoraid (Lv: 7-10) x3- Along with the barboach, I also have 3 remoraid living in the tank that I got from a local fish store.

Treecko (Lv: 7) x2- Just got them today from this pet store my grandma took me to. she bought them for me as a present. So far haven't gotten around to training them yet.

The Deceased-
Buneary x2 (Mentioned above)
Politoad x3
Poliwhirl x5
Ekans x1
Meowth x2- One was taken away, and is presumed dead, the other was shot.
Crogunk x4
Treeko x5
Whiscash x2
Barboach x5
Goldeen/Seaking x?? (lost count)
Magicarp x?? (lost count)
Remoraid x?? (lost count)
Finneon x9
Squirtle x2

Previously owned-
Ninjask x1 (Mentioned above)
Politoad x6
Poliwhirl x2
Scyther x2
Caterpie/Metapod/Butterfree x?? (lost count)
Rattata x1
Buneary x1
Ekans x3
Mudkip/Marshtomp x?? (lost count)
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Default Re: What Pokemon would you, realistically, have?

Location: Florida.

Lv?? Rotom x5 - We have one of each form. I own Rotom-Fa (Lv34); I take it anywhere I intend to stay for a long time. Mom owns Rotoms H, Fr, and W (Lv65); she's been teaching me to use them, and she might let me have them some day. My Stepdad owns Rotom-M (Lv40); I used to use it a lot, but now it's pretty much only his. There may also be a basic-form Rotom in my TV, but I can't prove that.

Lv38 Male Purugly x2 (Nicknames: Scat Cat, Ripley) - My grandparents owned them for a little while, but they passed ownership on to the immediate family when they were still Glameows. I've had them as far back as I can remember. One has already passed away, the girl, poor thing. The other two seem sprightly enough, but they're pretty old. They've been fat and happy all their lives though.

Lv30 Female Mightyena (Nickname: Sarah) - Technically belongs to my grandparents, but I spend a lot of time with her since they live with us now. Sweet little thing, she is. She's getting up there, though; lots of health conditions cropping up, and her fur's graying. You'd swear she's still a pup sometimes, the energy she has, but she gets worn out a lot more easily. She used to be well-trained but that's kinda gone out the window. Still listens to me, though.
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Default Re: What Pokemon would you, realistically, have?

I apologise for bringing this thread back up, but I was actually thinking about the same idea before I found it. Really.

Starting Location: Yorkshire, England.

Poliwrath/Politoad/Seismitoad - Once upon a time, we had an old sink full of tadpoles. They lasted about a day before the water dried up. Capturing one in a small round object, however, would probably do wonders for it's survivability. Alternatively, years later my dad dug a pond in the garden, which now gets tadpoles in it every year.

Raticate - When I was younger, I had some hamsters. However, there aren't any hamster pokémon (yet), so that won't work. However, the place where I got them specialised in breeding rats, and I've considered getting some a few times, so it's not too much of a stretch for me to have one over the non-existent hamster. That shop also sold them as adults, so Raticate is as likely as Rattata

Kingler - We spent a lot of one summer holiday crabbing at the harbour of the place we were staying at. We caught a lot of crabs. We released them, but in the pokémon world things may have turned out a little differently.

Unfezant/Fearow/Swellow - My parents put food out for the birds, and there's quite a few pigeons, sparrows and martins (which also breed under the edge of the roof) around, which would match the first forms of these three.

Ducklett/Swanna - My grandparents live in a retirement village thing, which has quite a few ducks, which are probably wild, around. I've spent enough time down there, especially when they have young, that I may well have picked one up by now.

Pacharisu - There's a squirrel that came for the bird food. It now gets fed itself, and has been into the house on occasion when nuts have been left on the floor inside the patio door for it.

Minccino - We have Chinchillas. That is all.

Goldeen/Seaking - I briefly had a goldfish, as part of those that lived in my dad's fish tank, but it died. A pokémon may have been more hardy, or at least worth more effort to save or replace, but alternatively once the survivors were moved to the pond outside and were joined by some Koi, they actually bred, hence a few new youngsters.

Other possibilities:

A bug type (mainly Butterfly/Moth/Bee/Spider/Ladybird-based ones) - I've seen plenty of insects flying around. Capturing one doesn't seem improbable, although I don't see many larval stages (but if they were a foot long I guess they'd be more obvious. I haven't seen many caterpillars though, so it'd probably be the evolved forms I got. We've had (small) spiders around the house, as well as moths at night and bees/wasps in summer. Butterflies are also common in summer, and there was that one time I was on holiday and a whole swarm of them came in off the sea...

Buneary/Lopunny - for two years I helped out with the rabbits at an animal sanctuary. I didn't take any because we already had guinea pigs and I knew I was probably leaving home to go to uni long before a rabbit would have died. However, if said rabbits were pokémon, things may have turned out differently. May also substitute for the guinea pigs we had, a couple of which came from the sanctuary, although years before I worked there.

A cat-based pokémon - again, from the rescue centre. My brother has more significant issues with dogs than my dad does with cats, and the cat issues are more easily solved by pokéball technology.

A grass-type (particularly Cacturne/Maractus/Carnivine) - I've been dragged to a lot of garden centres in my childhood, and I've had a fair few flowers that were planted in the garden (and I think some Ivy I planted is still there), but the ones I really identify as 'mine' are two cacti (still around) and a venus flytrap (not still around).

A rock-type (particularly the Geodue/Roggenrola lines) - I have, on occasion, been walking in the hills. I have also, on occasion, been down caverns. At one point, I was collecting various rocks. Translate to pokémon and I may have a rock-type of some sort.

Wingull/Pelliper - there's quite a few seagulls around where I grew up, especially in winter, despite being nowhere near the coast. I also went on holiday to a lot of seaside resorts, where they're abundant - to the point where they're actually pests and a lot of resorts would probably have no problem with a trainer catching one.

Fish-based pokémon - my grandfather fishes in the local canal, and my dad moved onto tropical fish when the goldfish went into the pond. Some other fish is definitely possible.

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Default Re: What Pokemon would you, realistically, have?

I would have at least a dozen fish-like Pokemon, half of them deceased, and numerous Shellos.
I have a medium-large fish tank that I've had for at least 3-4 years, but other than that, we've never had any pets (My mother is allergic to cats and dogs).
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Default Re: What Pokemon would you, realistically, have?

Location: Log cabin deep within a PA forest.

[Ace, Flame, Julia] Growlithe (2-male. 1-female, lvls: 5, 16, 21) x3: I have caught them as they are abandoned or rejected from thief pack or family.

[Ember] Arcanine(Female lvl 13)x1: Given to me as a gift on my Grandfather's will as he was a cop and his Arcanine had a litter but only one survived, mine.

[Red] Garados(male, shiny, lvl 42) x1: Given to me as a pet when I was only 5, I secretly trained him and by the time I was able to start my adventure he was a garados.

[Crystal] Chandelure(female, lvl 50) x1: I found it as a lvl 23 litwick in a construction site being abused to shine light on the workers and never being cares for, I broke her out and she has since been with me.

[Чудо (pronounced chudo{like judo} and is russian for miracle)]Joltik(male lvl 13) x1: funny story behind this pokemon, I hated spiders. So one day I was in my basement and say him in the shadows and naturally went to get a broom to shoo him away, but when I got up close I saw he was hurt and nursed him back to health, but I still don't like most spiders.

[Fire fist] Darumaka(Male, shiny, lvl 21) I met him while
In NY, he was found beat and abandoned in an ally, along with his brother. He is a tough fighter, unfortunatly his brother was not and passed on before help could arrive. Fire fist has a fiery spirit which lead to his name.

[majestytisch-German for majestic] Cinccino(female, lvl 33) Given as a gift from a wealthy family for finding their lost lilipup, we didn't get along well at first. But then when mightyena attacked her and I showed how much o cared, we grew close. She is always shy, and loves to sit only head or shoulders.
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Default Re: What Pokemon would you, realistically, have?

The only pets I've ever had were a pair of turtles that I was quite fond of.

Also, squirtle was the first Pokemon I ever used, so naturally I'd get me one of those.

Oh, and keep it from evolving because wartortle(s?) are not cute :[

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Default Re: What Pokemon would you, realistically, have?

What Pokemon would I realistically have? Treecko and Sneasel as my companions.

Litwick and Mienfoo as pets.

And Dewott as a guard.
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Default Re: What Pokemon would you, realistically, have?

I live in the Northeastern region of the US.
As a note, the only one of these Pokémon I still currently have in my house is Kato =x

[Kato] Houndoom (M)
He's kind of middle-aged, already getting lazier =/ We got him when he was still a (somewhat) young Houndour - my brother's friend's female Houndoom had some puppies that they couldn't keep, so my brother adopted one. He evolved into Houndoom soon after obtaining.

A multitude of random temporary Growlithe and Houndour. My brother caught them, trained them for a bit, then sold them to his friends 0-o I guess you could call him a Pokémon breeder? =p

Skitty (F)
She was a baby really. We found her on the neighbor's roof, crying out loud and afraid to climb back down. So my brother climbed up there, brought her down, and we took care of her for a while. But then my Houndoom attacked her nearly to the point of fainting, so we gave her, along with a Pokéball for when she got old enough, to my brother's friend Officer Jenny.

Treecko (M) Actually an iguana, but I couldn't think of a lizard Pokémon that felt fitting =x
My brother caught him at the Safari Zone =p

Squirtle (M)
We were watching him for a friend someone we know =x The saddest part of running a Pokémon Daycare is giving back the Pokémon you've so lovingly raised and grown attached to =,(

I just noticed, I haven't caught any Pokémon yet 0-o I've been old enough to be a trainer already! =,(


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