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Old 12-09-2008, 12:51 AM
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Default Re: What pokemon would you be?

I thought it up on-the-spot, didn't mean to use your name. I'll rename it to... Team... uh... uhm................ Team.... Oh, I can't think of anything else!

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Originally Posted by Butterfree View Post
The forum got herpes when I wasn't looking? >:/

I guess it was hooking up with Serebii again. Goddamn it.

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Old 12-09-2008, 01:14 AM
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Default Re: What pokemon would you be?

A Dragonite, or Flygon. It'd just be cool.
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Old 12-09-2008, 01:51 AM
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Default Re: What pokemon would you be?

I'd be a Salamence/Charizard, with the other one as a partner. Our team would be Team True Light, and our rival team would be Team Raid. They'd be a Sceptile, a Probopass, and a Chimecho. Uh... Yeah~
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Old 12-13-2008, 01:58 AM
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Default Re: What pokemon would you be?

well I'd be a legendary like Mew.... but that can't happen... so I'd be a Chimchar, with a Piplup and Treecko... We'd be Team Silver (In my mystery dungeon 1 it's sapphire, and 2 its Leaf ( I dunno...)
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Old 01-10-2009, 11:40 AM
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Default Re: What pokemon would you be?

I'd be a Scyther[leader] called Razor, an Absol[partner] named Lucky and an Electabuzz called Flash. Our team name? Team Meteor.

We wouldn't have a base, we'd just wander and sleep in whatever shelter we can find, however, Razor and Lucky are particulary fond of a forest where they each came from, even if they came from two seperate areas of the forest.

Our enemies would consist of a Scizor, Mightyena and Electivire called Team Darkstar.

And we wouldn't have any friends...
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Old 01-10-2009, 03:36 PM
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Default Re: What pokemon would you be?

I would be a Pidgeot with a Charizard partner.

I guess my base would be some nest up in a tree.

I would fly around with my Charizard as he burns random things.
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Old 01-10-2009, 05:01 PM
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Default Re: What pokemon would you be?

I woud be a riolu with a cranidos and a cherrim.

Our enemy is a clan or Glalies and Froslass.
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Old 01-10-2009, 06:16 PM
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Default Re: What pokemon would you be?

I would be a Treecko, Breloom or a Machop :p
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Old 01-10-2009, 06:37 PM
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Default Re: What pokemon would you be?

I'd be either a Leafeon or an Ampharos. And I doubt I'd be a leader of a team, though I'd be an important member.

If I could be a Legendary...well, look at my username...and avatar, for that matter.
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Old 01-11-2009, 07:43 AM
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Default Re: What pokemon would you be?


I'd probably be something like a Makuhita/Hariyama or maybe Munchlax/Snorlax... something that's fat and doesn't move very fast, but can still kick your ass if you deserve it.

No actual partner. All my team members would be the "met later and recruited" type.
* A Bellsprout/Weepinbell/Victreebel--of course, Victreebel is my favorite Pokémon of all time, there'd have to be one in the team. I suppose this one would count as the partner for purposes of "main + partner only" dungeons.
* A Lickitung who ate an Everstone as a kid, and because of that is unable to evolve into a Lickilicky. Which is a good thing.
* A Shellos/Gastrodon. Probably a complete goofball... I can imagine Gastrodons acting very silly, probably because of their funny-sounding cry in the games.
* A Shuckle, who is essentially the team's bartender/mobile mini-fridge. Except the drinks come from berries that were stored inside his/her shell, so everyone else is kinda grossed out by the whole "made with real bug juices!" thing and won't drink any of them (except the Lickitung, but he'll eat anything.)

As for the team's base... probably one of those neat-looking abandoned buildings with the vines and moss and stuff like that growing up all over the walls on the outside. Probably some bigass rocks blocking the entrance when nobody's home; between me and the Lickitung, it probably wouldn't be too hard to find and relocate some big enough rocks to block off the door pretty well. There's supposed to be humans somewhere in the Mystery Dungeon world, and some of the Pokémon have buildings too, so it should be possible to find an old one somewhere and move in.

The enemy team would probably be made up of Pokémon I can't stand who act like exaggerated versions of the reasons why I can't stand them:
* A Lickilicky who... looks like any other Lickilicky, but is otherwise normal (the enemy team's leader, if only because the rest were just a bit too incompetent for the job...)
* An overly-popular Pikachu that thinks he's the greatest thing that ever lived and is followed around by legions of drooling fangirls.
* An insane Mudkip that blurts out random sayings that don't make any sense for the situation.
* A Lucario with serious anger management issues, especially when someone says anything even slightly negative about something he likes.

And occasionally, they'd be joined by a mute, mentally-challenged Garchomp who only knows how to fight and has very little (if any) understanding about anything else... though he's not "officially" a member of their team (because I don't really dislike Garchomp that much, after all), and basically gets tricked into coming along with them just for the opportunity to get in a fight. What the poor guy needs is an isolated sandy cave somewhere by himself... but unfortunately, he's very bad at finding hiding spots, so the bastards always find him and drag him along with them every time he runs off on his own.


Surprisingly, I've never even thought of writing a Mystery Dungeon-based fanfic, though I guess I'd have plenty of stuff to use if I ever did.
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Old 01-11-2009, 08:03 AM
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Default Re: What pokemon would you be?

This is my finished team:
Pikachu/Raichu: Leader
Snorunt: The tracekr (Finds out where they are in the dungeon)
Solrock: Team Builder (Powers up the rest of the team)
Wartortle: Attacker
Munchlax: Item Master
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Old 07-23-2009, 07:35 AM
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Default Re: What pokemon would you be?

I'd be a Gallade with a Lucario for a partner. Our friends would be Aerodactyl, Nidoking, Feraligatr and Umbreon. We would be... Team Black Dawn. We would live in some kind of large complex with sleeping quarters, armories stocked with TMs, etc.
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Old 07-23-2009, 01:49 PM
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Default Re: What pokemon would you be?

i'd be a sceptile, jumping through forests is fun! Pikachu would be partner and we'd be call team speed since agility is awesome
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Old 06-15-2010, 04:55 AM
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Default Re: What pokemon would you be?

I would be Luxio, with my comrade Curly the Eevee.
With Ekki the Riolu and Alyx the Vulpix, we would be called team Übercharge, and we'd be more of heroes/villians for hire than a Rescue Team.
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