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Default [Tier II] Sky City Gym

Sky City Gym

Welcome to Sky City. Right now, it is hovering about 5,280 feet above the ground. This city, situated on a giant floating landmass, has giant jets underneath it, which provide enough lift to keep the city above the ground. These are powered mostly by solar energy, harvested by the solar panels that plaster the city. Therefore, the city is only reachable by Blimp, or by Fly. When the sky is clear, one can see the ground from the edge of the city (which does have protection from falling). When it is cloudy, though, the entire city is sheathed in fog. Many Pokémon are owned by the city to keep out hazards (like many Bird Pokémon with Defog, and a few Mr. Mime to create barriers from the fierce thunderstorms which form at the city’s elevation). In the center of the city is the Gym. After navigating a maze of lifts and trapdoors, one may finally reach the lift to the coliseum, constructed another two hundred feet above the ground. It is on this large platform that the two competitors may battle. If the challenger beats the Gym Leader (whose real name is little known—he goes by the alias “Superbird” (or Birdman to fit the 7-character limit)), he will confer upon the challenger the Wing Badge.

~This gym may not be challenged by anyone who has not defeated all Tier I leaders.
~Single battle, Level 100
~Six pokémon each
~Ubers are banned (Smogon tiers list), as well as anything else on the official TCoD Ban List.
~Clauses (reference)
--Sleep Clause
--Evasion Clause
--Species Clause
--OHKO Clause

~The challenger’s team, as well as the Gym Leader’s team are subject to change.
~If either battler disconnects: If the disconnectee can provide a valid excuse, a rematch will take place. If a valid excuse is not provided, the non-disconnectee is the automatic winner.
~If a challenger loses to the Gym Leader, he/she must wait five days before re-challenging.

Additional Information
~Time zone: GMT-5 (US Eastern Time). After posting here requesting a challenge, the challenger and the I (the Gym Leader) will set up times and et cetera through Private Messages.
~Mostly available on weekends; School stuff.
~DS Battles only. PBR is not available.

Certified Trainers:
-Birdman (Superbird)
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Originally Posted by Pokémon Showdown VGC
[23:53:13] +0riginalTrainer: This is a direct result of the patriarchy.
[23:53:51] +J.D.Deuce: feminism is awesome
[23:53:52] +Viscereal: uh please address me by my pronouns
[23:53:59] +Viscereal: loom/looms/loomself
[23:54:35] +0riginalTrainer: You white male cis scum, check you privilege. No matter how many documents you throw in front of me, the wage gap is real.
[23:54:58] +J.D.Deuce: you've been warned lol
[23:55:14] +B1SHARP: So you believe that fathers deserve the same leave after they have an at home newborn as mothers?
[23:55:40] +0riginalTrainer: So you believe that women should be drafted too?
[23:55:45] +B1SHARP: Yes
[23:55:45] +Viscereal: yes, when they have a baby shove itself through their dick they can get work off
[23:55:47] +Takron Galtos: I'd settle just for at-home leave actually be guarunteed without penalties for mothers.
[23:55:51] +Superbird: you know what we need right now
[23:55:53] +Takron Galtos: That's not even standard yet.
[23:56:00] +0riginalTrainer: What I hate about feminism is that it turns a lot of male issues into female issues, then calls it feminism.
[23:56:02] +Viscereal: challenge cup round robin?
[23:56:03] +Superbird: a tourney to distract everyone from controvertial discussion
[23:56:03] @amr97: another tournament
[23:56:06] @amr97: hurry hurry
[23:56:08] +Superbird: NAILED IT
[23:56:11] +KillerOrcas: woah there what happened here
Battle Spot Doubles (VGC 2015) Single Elimination Tournament created.

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