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Old 06-24-2012, 09:10 PM
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Default Fusemon

That's right another pokemon fusion adoptable site. Sorry if it has a thread, didn't see one. I found this site on another forum and thought maybe someone might enjoy it here.
Well is a nice site. It's less than a month old, I do believe.
That shows that it isn't the best so far, they have a good handful of things as WIP or beta mode. But, for a site only that old it has a kinda decent member base and already over 110 pokemon species.
The plot is sorta like dragoncave. Steal egg/pokeball, hatch, raise, enjoy.
BUT these don't die, and you can only grab a pokeball every 6 hours.
6 hours? That's a lot of waiting time! Well, they've got a system to counter that. For every pokemon that you click and gift you get one minute off the counter. feeding takes only two clicks (click the pokemon, click the gift you want to give, done.) There is also a feature that allows you to click a sponsor link once a day and take 3 hours off your time. You can chop 6 hours to 0 in less than 1!
Art time-
I'm not allowed to use the art so here's a link to most of the sprites. FuseDex . They encourage users to submit their own art to be used.
To add more than just adopts, battles are tied in. You can edit your pokemons' movesets for certain amounts of money per move and level requirements. Money is easily and quickly obtained through viewing other balls/pokemon. Pokemon can learn any move regardless of anatomy (my laprachu knows triple kick for example). With each victory you gain exp and cash. Battles are limited by energy which regenerates with time.
The forums use the same account so no need to register another.
The forums are your typical categories: games, art, site discussion, etc.
They seem to be more active than the forums here.
The site also has ROMs of a few pokemon games that you can easily play on site.
You can't release pokemon, but you can trade them. Just set up a trade and hopefully people will make offers. From there, it is all up to you.
future features-
Breeding,Quests, and stores are planned to be added soon.
I apologize for my lack of advertisement skill. Please don't look down on the site due to my failure thread. Check the site out yourself and see if it is for you or not.Thank you for your time!
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