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Posticon Thumbup The Creature from my Dreams

I'm currently taking sign-ups for my custom RP, so feel free to ask about it!

Note: I am new to being a Game Master (GM for short), so please point out if I'm a little extreme. Thank you.

I'll be seeing if I can add a little bit of comedy, to make it, well, funny.

Game every Monday, Tuesday and Friday.

It's a magic/horror role play that has machines, but they're just factories. Still, maybe one will come to life! Creation Stones let you make things that aren't in the world (Pokemon, Green Lantern, etc.) be in the world.


You're in a fantasy world that has made machines using pure magic. Wizards of all types created six years ago, a stone that could make anything you wanted, but it was divided into eight shards that, when all connected, form a Creation Stone. Wizards have been reproducing Creation Shards in factories ever since then, but one Warrior used sixteen Creation Shards to form chaos, causing factories to come to life, steam turning the clouds gray and the world turned into a desert, with Miscreation Forests scattered around the planet. The world has succumbed to chaos, and only you can try to stop it! You start out underground, sleeping. Then a roar woke you up, and it was the creature from your dream! Except it looked less purple than when you woke up. Then you find that you're in a time lock, a spell Wizards perfected what was over a hundred years ago! You foretold everything that happened when you were asleep, and it was true!


Keep people equally included.

Be fair and don't taunt or bully.

Don't be racist or sexist.

Keep up to date.

Don't skip sessions unless you tell other people.

Don't make sudden changes.

Must be clear and descriptive.

No raging like, RAGING.

Tell me if you're going to leave.

Please stay in touch with the game.

Write/Type backstory for your character.

Get some paper to write stats down and stuff (or just post it in a place you'll remember).

You can't have more than one Creation Shard for your three items.

You can only have leather armor for your first armor.


Elf: Swift, Accurate.

Dwarf: Strong.

Simlin: Magic, Witty.

Factoron: Sturdy, Accurate.

Human: Depends.

Immortal: Sturdy, Deadly.

Wizard (Necromancer, Pyromancer, Lich, Factormancer): Masterful, Depends.

Warrior: Depends.

Cleric (Healer, Buffer): Holy, Depends.

Thief: Swift, Depends.

Type Translations:


Accurate=Good Archer

Strong=Good Close Up Fighter

Magic=Good at Spells


Sturdy=Good Defender


Deadly=Super Strong


Holy=Good against Undead

Game Master's Rules:

Must be clear and descriptive.

Include everyone.

Be fair and don't taunt or bully.

Don't be racist or sexist.

Keep up to date.

Don't skip sessions unless you tell other people.

Don't make sudden changes.

Let people sign up despite their reputation.

Occasionally add comedy.

Keep people equally included.




Magic Mastery



Factor %


HP (Sub Stat)

MP (Sub Stat)

Reader, thanks for reading through all this! You deserve your first items and armor! Oh yeah, I didn't put in items or armor! But I did, down below this!


Coin (Copper, Silver, Aluminum, Gold, Factor, Enchanted) (Start with 10 Copper Coins, 2 Silver Coins, 1 Aluminum Coin)

Rope (Normal, Energy, Enchanted, Barbed)

Map (Dungeon, Realm, Planet, Underwater, Underground, Above Ground)

Torch/Lantern (Enchanted, Normal)

Potion (Heal, Sleep, Strength, Speed, Damaging, Blank)

Sword (Rapier, Broadsword, Dagger, Katana)

Bow/Crossbow (Normal, Enchanted)

Repulsor (Normal, Armored)

Melee (Spiked Gloves, Pipe, Plant, Stick, etc.)

First Aid Kit (Inner, Outer)

Detector (Item, Person, Friend, Trap, Monster)

Portable Hole (Color Choice)

Maze Marker Pack (12, 36, 64)

Creation Fragment* (#1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8)

Food (Normal, Poisoned)


Spellbook/Tome (Necromancer, Pyromancer, Lich, Factormancer)

Scroll (Magic, Info, Summon)

Wand/Staff (Magic, Melee)

Hammer/Greathammer/Mace (Normal, Spiked, Blunt Front+Spike Back, Enchanted)

Water Can (Full, Enchanted)

Scale (Dragon, Lizard, Mimic)

Enchanted/Magic Items (Gatestone, Censer, Enchanting Stone)

Scepter (Magic, Normal)

Key (Door, Chest, Realm, Skeleton, Enchanted)

Trap Setter (Floor, Wall, Ceiling, Roof, Chest, Container, Pit, etc.)

Chalice (Normal, Enchanted)

Portal Stickers (Color Choice, Size Choice)


Helmet/Hat/Mask (Factor, Leather, Plant, Metal/Gemstone)

Chest Plate (Factor, Leather, Plant, Metal/Gemstone)

Leggings/Pants (Factor, Leather, Plant, Metal/Gemstone)

Boots/Shoes (Factor, Leather, Plant, Metal/Gemstone)

Backpack (Factor, Leather, Plant, Metal/Gemstone)

Ninja Wraps (Leather, Plant)

Shield (Back, Hand, Arm) (Factor, Leather, Plant, Metal/Gemstone)

Costume (Leather, Factor)

Ring/Necklace/Bracelet (Factor, Plant, Metal/Gemstone)


Factor: Robotic _____________

Leather: Mostly Clothes

Plant: Thorned, Camouflage

Metal: Solid

Gemstone: Shiny, Smooth

*All 8 Creation fragments turn into a Creation Stone.


Krokeenium (kra-KEE-num)

Factoract (fak-TORE-act)

Teuraniuah (tur-ANE-ee-uh)

Kamplidict (camp-LID-ict)

Seranikyao (ser-an-IK-eye-oh)

Snadronfaft (snad-RON-faft)


Vexipe (vecks-EYEP)

Mecrampantion (mee-cramp-PUN-shun)

Ikellope (eye-KELL-ohpe)

Typlok (tip-LOCK)

Hajiklazaxymanitykumdaft (hagd-iklazz-axe-EEMAN-ityk-umdaft)

Gruewquame (grew-QWAME)

Places and Place Objects:

The Halls of Nowhere (Doors of Defiance)

Forest of Miscreation (Plants of Peril)

The Portal Lands (Portal Sticker Shops)

The Cable (Factor-Created Monsters (Wire Snakes, Remote Simlins, etc))

The Omega Factor (Factor-896)

Candyland (Candy Everything)

The Prismatic Wastes (Prismatic Dust, Prismatic Cacti, Prismatic Souls)

The Sebayras (Fire, Demons, Corrupted Souls, etc.)

The Overworld, Underwater, Underground (etc.)


Fireball (Color Choice)

Frost (Color Choice)

Fire Blast (Color Choice)

Freeze Beam (Color Choice)

Rainbow Ray

Lightning (Color Choice)

Prismatic Bolt

Lightning Whirlpool (Color Choice)

Prismatic Wave

Liquidate 1 (Liquid Choice)

Liquidate 2 (Liquid Choice)

Light (Color Choice)

Feather Fall

Magic Missile (Color Choice)

Transform (Player, Enemy)

Sense Magic (Type Choice)



Enchant (Attack, Defense, Accuracy, Unbreaking, Luck, Bind, Effect)



Portal (Color Choice)

Flying Crystal Shards (Color Choice)

Enchantments (Includes Magic Spell's Enchantments):







Effect (Burn User, Heal User, etc.)




Protect 2

Protect 3

Mimic Weapon






Add Part (Stuff like Hilts and Gems)

Fix (Rope, Sword, Glass, Window, Crystal, etc)

Empower (Factor ________, Organic) (Strong, Heal, Magic, Energy, Defense, etc.)

Now for (Common) Monsters!


Undead (Zombies, Skeletons, Ghouls, Ghasts, Ghosts)

Mutant (Fused, Modified)

Godlike (Almost Invincible, Powerful)

Normal (Humans, Animals, Plants)

Alien (Underground, Underwater, Realm, Space)

Living Trap (Cursed Sword, Spike Covered ______, etc.)

Other (Mimic, Dragon, Demon, Archangel, Miscreation Beast, Lurker, Syrepnon, Orc, Simlin, Cthlaarok)

Creation Stone Creature (Your Choice)

Dragon Types:





Neon Green=Acid








Major Monsters:

Pluto Lifekillers (Basically man-eating Venus Flytraps)

The Creature from Your Dreams (Black creature with six mantis legs and is 6 feet tall)

Dreamwasters (Carnivorous trees that have dark red bark that eat your dreams and then eats you)

The Rope (Hides in trees and ties you up) (Mostly in Dreamwaster trees)

Hanglewood (Feathered creatures that draws white arrows pointing towards it, hoping for lost people to think they pointed to shelter so it can eat them)

Skydarves (Not Sky Dwarfs) (Flying, green, furry creatures that eat mostly Factor creations, but will eat meat if it has to)

Wibbles (Cuddly things that are just round balls of fur with small, blue eyes)

The ErROr5 (These red and black colored cats with blue eyes can manipulate time, allowing anything smart enough to be blessed with extreme power over creatures)

Mock Mines (A giant hive mind, they are spread out across the world, waiting for people to go inside them) (Grows famous fungus called Acrob Fungus inside of itself)

The Emotionally Dark Light Beings (Beings of absolute light, if you looked straight at it from a foot away, they would blind you)

Factor-896 (The ruler of the Factor Clan, it can create entirely new Factor beings using spare parts of anything it finds)

Monkeys Riding Ostriches (The monkeys command the ostriches to charge into things)

A Kitten (Yes, it's just a kitten)

Old Lady Knitting-Needle (Copyright Tabletop at GeekAndSundry)

A Pie-Faced Evil Cake (Always been a crumby monster, if you know what I mean)

Ultimate Zombie Ninjas (This needs no explaining)

Yqwerzazpes (ick-WER-zaz-pez) (Demon of the Realms, you don't want to mess with it)

Muddy Man (No, he's a man made OF mud)

A Crying Mask (If you know what I mean)

Vapormen (Men made out of particles of water that blend in with whatever's behind them)

Familiar(s) (Plant, Kitten, Other Type of Pet, etc.)


Ghost(s) (Spirit, Phantom, Poltergeist, Possessor, Stay-Behind)

Other (Creature, Tamed Creature, etc.)


Good Lawful


Medium Lawful


Chaotic Lawful


Plants #1 (Flowers):

Flower (Any color)

Miscreation Flower (Grayish Brown)

Plants #2 (Fungi):

Acrob Fungus (Good for Curing Colds and Fevers) (Glows) (Green)

Morphungus (Morphing Fungus)

Rainbow fungus (Glows and Flashes Rainbow Colors)

Items You Can't Start With:

Creation Stone (Lets You Create Things)

Creation Stone Item (Your Choice)

Teleporter (Allows Time Travel, Space Travel, Basically a TARDIS)

Armor You Can't Start With:

Creation Stone Armor (Your Choice)

Congratulations! You read everything in here! Now, choose three Items, a Type and Armor. Then you can sign up!
Your (maybe) friend,

My Wiki:

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Default Re: The Creature from my Dreams

Remember to write/type/post your coins!
Your (maybe) friend,

My Wiki:

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Default Re: The Creature from my Dreams

ok think i can finally post i hadn't read the forum rules yet
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