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Default Pokemon Dawn of Darkness

Pokemon Dawn of Darkness, or PDoD in short, is a free to play Pokemon MMORPG.
The aim of Sickbailey, the Developer of the game, is to create a game that will give its players the nostalgic feeling of the old Pokemon games,
combined with the aspect of playing together with many others.

Although PDoD is currently still in Alpha stage, it is a fast-growing and very good-looking game already.
The goal for the Development Team is to complete 5 regions, all connected by an intense storyline.
So far, one region is almost complete, containing 8 gyms, an Elite 4, multiple quests with varying difficulty and funny NPC's all over the place.
Not only is the Development Team busy perfecting what is already there, it is constantly developing more content for the players to enjoy as well.

All maps and sprites are custom made (in the style of FireRed and LeafGreen), so it gives players a whole new world to explore.
The game sets a new challenge with a difficulty not seen in the handhelds.
You will be pushed to your limits to become the champion of the region and able to sidetrack through different storylines if battling isn't for you.
We have also provided the tools for those who are interested in helping add their own maps or storylines.

A few more aspects are the stable game server which never goes down, smooth graphics and of course: the community.
What makes the game so special is that instead of playing alone, you are always surrounded by a friendly community which is also open to a younger audience.
Together with constant events and tournaments, this is one of the main reasons many people stick around even after completing the main story.

If you are interested, you can read more on our website:
Currently there are multiple boosts, including a nice experience boost in the game.
If you sign up before monday you can still take advantage of them! Hope to see you there! :)
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