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Old 09-16-2015, 02:37 AM
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Default Re: Lilypad vs. Zero Moment

okay 2 heat waves and an overheat there twitchy

Heat Wave x2 ~ Overheat

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Old 09-17-2015, 01:08 AM
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Default Re: Lilypad vs. Zero Moment

Round Eleven

Twitchwing ♀ @ Sharp Beak
Ability: Gale Wings
Health: 22%
Energy: 55%
Status: Chirping in great distress. -3 Speed, -1 Accuracy.

Zero Moment
Sinh ♀ @ Draco Plate
Ability: Gooey
Health: 45%
Energy: 54%
Status: Still gooping about happily. +2 Attack, +6 Defense, -2 Speed.


Forcing herself up off the ground, Twitchwing begins rapidly twitching her wings, and for a moment nobody notices the difference. Least of all does Sinh, who continues to goop about completely oblivious to the gust of hot wind that Twitchwing sends off in the wrong direction. Sinh happily splooshes about on the kitty litter, and her happiness emanates from her in several pulses of crackling electricity that spread in all directions. Twitchwing screams as the electricity courses through her body, just barely remaining in flight.

Again the Fletchling flaps her wings, and this time her aim is true, as she whips up a wave of hot air in Sinh's direction. The Goomy hardly seems bothered, however, as some of the heat is absorbed harmlessly into her goopy exterior, causing it to expand slightly. She squelches over the ground, making her way up to her opponent and pushes herself forcefully up into the air to bear down upon Twitchwing from above. Suffocating the Fletchling in her goopiness, she forces her down to the floor with a painful impact.

Screeching, Twitchwing begins to heat up as her body glows a bright red. Sinh hardly notices the heat emanating from her target under all her goop, and doesn't realize what her opponent is doing until too late. White-hot flame explodes from the Fletchling's body, engulfing Sinh in its scorching heat, and her goop squishes in distress. Opening her mouth as if to scream, she instead unleashes a wave of bright green Dragon-type energy, and on impact the exhausted Fletchling falls to her side, unable to stand any more.


Twitchwing ♀ @ Sharp Beak
Ability: Gale Wings
Health: 0%
Energy: 39%
Status: Knocked out!
Used: Heat Wave (missed) ~ Heat Wave ~ Overheat

Zero Moment
Sinh ♀ @ Draco Plate
Ability: Gooey
Health: 31%
Energy: 41%
Status: Goo? Goo goop goo! :3
Used: Shock Wave ~ Body Slam ~ Dragon Pulse

Arena Status
  • A steadily increasing amount of sand from the edges of the box has been dislodged. A good amount of sand in the area that the battlers are on has been dislodged into uneveness, but the tunnel that Rex dug through has already sank into solid shape again.

Damage and Energy
  • Twitchwing's Health: 22% - 9% (Shock Wave) - 10% (Body Slam) - 10% (Dragon Pulse) = 0%
  • Twitchwing's Energy: 55% - 4% (Heat Wave) - 4% (Heat Wave) - 8% (Overheat) = 39%
  • Sinh's Health: 45% - 6% (Heat Wave) - 8% (Overheat) = 31%
  • Sinh's Energy: 54% - 4% (Shock Wave) - 6% (Body Slam) - 3% (Dragon Pulse) = 41%

  • (bluh)
  • The first Heat Wave missed due to Twitchwing's accuracy drop.
  • And Zero Moment wins! He gets $16, Leafpaw gets 1 exp, and Sinh gets 3 exp. Lilycolo gets $8 and 2 exp for Rex, 1 exp for Twitchwing. MF, pathos, and I split $10.
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