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Old 01-06-2016, 05:54 PM
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Default Guestrodon vs. Zapi

Guestrodon vs. Zapi

Originally Posted by Guestrodon View Post
2vs2 Single
Style: Set
DQ: One week
Damage Cap: 35%
Banned Moves: OHKOs, Destiny Bond, Pain Split, Direct Recovery, Attract, Sleep inflicting moves, Chills limited to 3 per Pokémon
Terrain: A Rainy City Street by Keldeo

A typical narrow street in a typical urban area, flooded by incessant rain. All the normal effects of rain apply, but Fire moves also have a 25% chance to fizzle out and fail, and due to the inherent conductivity of the area, all Electric moves have their base damage increased by 2% and their base energy decreased by 1%. In addition, at the end of every round, one of the following things will happen:

10% chance: Thunderbolt, damage calculated as if it were used by a fully evolved Electric type with no experience, hits one Pokemon. It will not strike the same Pokemon twice, so if all Pokemon on the field have been hit when this is rolled, nothing happens.

10% chance: A sudden gust of wind deals 3% Flying damage to all Pokemon, dealing 5% to Pokemon currently in the air and knocking them down unless they are inherently flying/hovering.

10% chance: A street sign or other implement topples from the force of the rain, dealing 4% Steel damage to all Pokemon.

10% chance: The rain lessens to a drizzle for the next round. There is no Electric boost, Fire moves cannot fizzle out, all HP recovery from rain is lessened by 1/2, Swift Swim Pokemon are only 1.5x as fast, Water moves are boosted by 1.25x, Fire moves and Solar Beam are decreased by .75x, and Weather Ball is only boosted by 1.5x.

30% chance: A flash flood sweeps through the area. Between rounds, Pokemon under 1 meter tall must expend 2% energy to avoid the water, while those over 1 meter tall take 2% Water damage from the buffeting waves. Water Pokemon and Pokemon currently in the air are exempt from this damage. If this effect is rolled, there is an additional 50% chance that the next round must be spent evacuating to a safer place for a battle (turn order is preserved in this case, but a new effect is rolled, and status and other effects worsen as they normally would).

30% chance: The rain strengthens to heavy rain (identical to the effects of Primordial Sea) for the next round. In addition, every Pokemon on the field takes 1% Water damage per action, and the Electric boost is increased to 3% base damage and 2% decrease in base energy.
Guestrodon's active squad

mime-jr Mimentum the male Mime Jr. <Filter> @ Chesto Berry
meowth CateGory the male Meowth <Technician> @ Amulet Coin (Signature Attribute: Better the Pay, Better the Day)
ekans CoBrag the female Ekans <Shed Skin> @ Poison Barb
Wooper SalaManliness the male Wooper <Water Absorb> @ Enigma Berry

Zapi active squad

Axew Johanna the female Axew <Rivalry>
ralts Wally the male Ralts <Synchronize>
gastly Persephone the female Gastly <Levitate> @ Payapa Berry
pichu Lightning the female Pichu <Static>
snivy Excalibur the male Snivy <Overgrow> @ King's Rock
buizel Demyx the male Buizel <Swift Swim>
snorunt Hiver the male Snorunt <Ice Body>
larvitar Reyn the male Larvitar <Guts> @ Lucky Egg
fletchling Tobias the male Fletchling <Big Pecks> @ Silk Scarf
Igglybuff Leliana the female Igglybuff <Cute Charm> @ Soothe Bell

Thus spoke the Mega Rayquaza coin:
-Zapi sends out
-Guestrodon sends out and issues commands
-Zapi issues commands
-I ref

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Old 01-07-2016, 05:18 AM
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Default Re: Guestrodon vs. Zapi

I'll start with Demyx, my Buizel!
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Old 01-12-2016, 10:19 PM
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Default Re: Guestrodon vs. Zapi

DQ warning for Guestrodon. This one's been in the dust for plenty a while, so let's give it 96 hours.

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