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Default HTML Signatures

The forums have a special system for allowing users to use HTML in their signatures. Ordinarily this would be a security risk for the forums, but that is solved by making them require moderator approval.

You may use a basic BBCode signature as you like without needing it approved. This should always be your method if you do not know HTML. However, if you do know HTML and would like to use some of its advanced features, you can click the link below the normal signature editing form (which can be found in your User CP as "Edit Signature", the first setting on the User CP menu) that says "HTML signature? (Advanced users only)" and you will get another signature editing form. If you are using the Standard editor mode or WYSIWYG editor, you will notice that the editor toolbar will no longer be there.

After you create your HTML signature, your BBCode signature will still exist and be displayed as your signature. (In fact, you can even edit it by clicking the "Standard signature" link below the HTML signature form, but keep in mind that if you do that, you will be switched back to BBCode signature mode and will have to resave your HTML signature, which is also stored separately, if you want to use it.) You will be placed on the signature approval waiting list, and the next time a moderator goes through the list, he or she will preview your signature's code, determine whether it is harmful or will affect something on the page other than the signature itself, and if it is found to be safe, it will be approved. At that point your HTML signature will immediately be displayed below all your posts. Note that this will delete your BBCode signature, so if you think you might want to use it again, you will need to save it yourself. Whenever you edit your HTML signature, it will need to be re-approved. However, this should never take longer than a few hours at most.

If your HTML signature contains harmful code that looks like it is almost certainly deliberate, you will receive a warning or ban if it appears to be a very serious attempt. If it contains potentially harmful code but most likely accidental, you will receive a Personal Message stating why the offending code has been removed from your signature.

Note that in HTML signatures, line breaks are not automatically parsed and therefore you will need to insert a <br /> tag in order to create a line break.

Moderators reserve the right to fix incorrect HTML in HTML signatures.
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