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Old 09-06-2014, 06:32 PM
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Default X/Y Competitive Rosters

So, now that the competitive game has been well-established (and I slowly eke my way into it), I'm curious as to what people are prone to using. What pokémon do you keep in the stables? Cool/funny nicknames? Interesting move sets? Unique EV spreads? Looking for a bit of inspiration as well as trying simply to sate my curiosity.

I only have five around thus far, and some of them still need tweaking.

Impish/Marvel Scale @ Eviolite
252 HP / 44 DEF / 212 S.DEF
Dragon Tail / Dragon Dance / Iron Tail / Rest

My main tank and oft-time pseudo-Hazer. No one ever seems to know how to open against Seraph, so Dragon Dance is almost always an easy start that helps Iron Tail (chain bred from Aggron and Druddigon) keep Fairy- and Ice-types honest. With Eviolite and a Marvel Scale-activating Rest that raise Defense to 285 (Lv50 stats), this thing walls physical attackers all day and throws them out without much regard with Dragon Tail. Has proven very difficult to take down with anything short of Ice Beam and Moonblast.
Purple Haze
Timid/Infiltrator @ King's Rock
6 HP / 252 S.ATT / 252 SPD
Toxic / Air Slash / Hypnosis / Dark Pulse

This one was more an experiment with Infiltrator and King's Rock than anything else. Air Slash and Dark Pulse work nicely in conjunction with the held item, especially through Substitutes and/or Light Screens. Toxic/Hypnosis and max SPD make this a great lead, even against an unlikely Safeguard. One big criticism, however, is the low defense stats that make it frequently susceptible to one-shots, but Hypnosis has been surprisingly accurate in test battles thus far to bail it out.
Adamant/Guts @ Toxic Orb
6 HP / 252 ATT / 252 SPD
Wild Charge / Crunch / Ice Fang / Thunder Wave

My only dedicated physical attacker so far. There isn't much strategy to this Luxray except to be careful about when to bring it in. I opt for Toxic Orb over Flame Orb due to the lower residual damage for the first two turns after it activates, allowing slightly more wiggle room for Wild Charge's recoil. Thunder Wave is great for catching the opponent on a hard switch and then doling out oodles of damage with speed advantage.
Sassy/Iron Barbs @ Rocky Helmet
252 HP / 128 DEF / 128 S.DEF
Leech Seed / Thunder Wave / Spikes / Power Whip

Potent mixed wall with lots of staying power. Recently battled an uber-n00b, and this thing lasted through Rayquaza, Yveltal and Mega-Scizor before Giratina could finally take it out. Considering heavily on trading up from Spikes to Stealth Rock, but otherwise this thing is solid with very few complaints beyond Power Whip's accuracy (which doesn't frequently come into play). Leech Seed and T-Wave keep Ferrothorn in one-on-one matches for a good, long while. By far my favorite.
Jolly/Regenerator @ Leftovers
6 HP / 252 ATT / 252 SPD
Fake Out / U-turn / Drain Punch / Protect

An updated model of my very first IV-bred/EV-trained pokémon ever. This one has sentimental value more than anything, but I find it extremely worthwhile in situations that call for stalling out a Toxic'd opponent. Fake Out and Protect after a switch-in pans out to at least 18.75% damage from Toxic alone. U-turn prompts Regenerator and reactivates the chance for Fake Out. Drain Punch keeps its HP up at a good clip against most anything. This one is good at annoying opponents and whittling down tougher walls and stalls. Considering swapping out Leftovers for Focus Sash to give it a better chance against speedy Psychic-types.

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Old 09-11-2014, 01:59 PM
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Default Re: X/Y Competitive Rosters

This is my little UU team, but the last slot is failing me a lot so I keep replacing it. Dunno who to put in.

252 HP\52 Def\100 Sp def
Earthquake/Stealth rock\Toxic\Heavy slam
The starter, I guess. Used to sr and die, but now he can fight back a little.

Adamant\Moxie\Expert belt
100 Hp\200 sp def\152 def
Head smash\Payback\Poison jab\Drain punch
This guy normally finishes off a weak foe, gets the moxie boost, and then sweeps. It sucks not having shed skin, but with the double weakness to fairy, I can't really use my old bulk up set

Modest\Sheer force @Life orb
252 sp attack\252 Speed
Sludge bomb\Shadow ball\Ice beam\Earth power
My sweeper. Goes well with the next Pokemon.

Modest\Storm drain @Lum berry
50 Hp\252 Def\200 sp def
Recover\Surf\Sludge bomb\Ice beam
My 'Tank'. Normally I use the above Pokemon, switch into this guy, and then send many boosted attacks their way.

Adamant\Unburden@Sitrus berry
252 hp\252 speed
Belly drum\Yawn\Play rough\Wish
...I need to redo this one. What was I thinking? Anyway, standard sweeping slurpuff set.

Calm\Hydration@Assault vest
50 Hp\250 Def\200 sp def
Infestation\Dragon Pulse\Sludge bomb\Flame thrower
A somewhat tanky set that allows me to trap Pokemon with infestation and whittle them down. This is in the slot that keeps changing, as I have many Pokemon to fill it with, but nothing that seems to work well.
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Default Re: X/Y Competitive Rosters

I have a dumb Trick Room team. It needs work because BLEH switching and also BLEH unfinished elements and BLEH 6th slot pokemon and just BLEH in general. It's worked semi-decently so far but meh.

Modest/Flame Body@ Quick Claw
HP 252/SP Atk. 252
4 IV, Spd IV 0
Shadow Ball
Confuse Ray
Trick Room

First mainstay of the Trickroom team but I've found that his body is just a bit too fragile. Might rebreed for Calm nature instead of Modest or reset IVs to compensate.

Adamant/Huge Power@ Choice Band
HP 252/Attack 252
5 IV, Spd IV 0
Play Rough
Aquajet/Rain Dance

Powerhouse of the team. Trading between Aqua Jet and Rain Dance but Aqua jet takes priority to make up for speed when Trick room wears off.

Calm/Synchronize @Assault Vest
HP 252, SpAtk. 90, Sp. Def 162
Energy Ball
Trick Room

Taunt to shut down 1st turn swaggers/confuse ray. Another Trick roomer, this one more durable than Chandelure. Energy Ball provides Ground/Water coverage which is sorely needed on this team.

HP 90, Attack 125, Sp. Def 200, Def. 89
Body Slam

Nothing like a good Snorlax. I have won entire matches just by putting this guy out in front of whatever and killing everything. Perhaps I'm showing my Gen 2 colors here, but I love Curselax and always will.

Adamant/Stance Change@ Razor Claw
Attack 160, Def 252, Sp Def. 92
Swords Dance
King's Shield
Shadow Sneak
Sacred Sword

I really like this little guy and I want to like him more but I just feel like he could be better. Best part about him is Shadow Sneak. Worst part is... everything else. Namely him getting killed as soon as he's in Blade Form.

Calm/Hydration@Assault Vest
Def 104, Sp Atk. 200, Sp Def. 200
Dragon Pulse
Rain Dance

Pros- Stands up to things pretty well and doesn't die easy. Plus Hydration is a huge godsend.
Cons- Thunder needs Rain Dance set up to do anything and FARIES
That is all

So there's my team. It stiiiill needs work, being probably the first competitive iiish team I've done, but we have a work in progress. It'll work out eventually.

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Default Re: X/Y Competitive Rosters

Surfingpichu, I love the nickname scheme you came up with. Had thought of doing that with a team once before, but never got around to training it. Though I did manage to finish training a Slowbro and named it "Acedia" (Latin for "sloth").

Noctowl, I like the concept behind HellsBells and Sycadorp. I play a very defensive-minded game, so those two definitely appeal to me.

A couple more that I've come up with in the wee hours.

Mondays: Adamant/Weak Armor @ Chesto Berry
252 HP / 252 ATT / 6 SPD
Gunk Shot / Stockpile / Payback / Rest

Gimmicky offensive set I designed in the days of B/W. Stockpile/Weak Armor combo boosts SPD at no cost to DEF and boosts S.DEF until Garbodor outspeeds its opponents and can deal heavy damage with Gunk Shot and Payback. Rest/Chesto give it a nice one-time full heal to recover all the damage done. A rather iffy set, but I like the theory behind it. The only detriment is Garbodor's less-than-stellar move pool (the original set had Body Slam instead of Payback, but I find Payback more effective against Ghost- and Psychic-types).
Acedia: Bold/Regenerator @ Lum Berry
252 HP / 252 DEF / 6 S.DEF
Scald / Slack Off / Toxic / Amnesia

A very nice physical wall that can easily turn into a mixed wall in one turn with maxed HP and DEF plus Amnesia that cranks S.DEF from 101 to 202 (Lv50 stats, still). Scald offers STAB plus the chance to burn and dramatically increase Slowbro's staying power alongside Slack Off. Toxic is a standard status effect to go hand-in-hand with the difficulty of taking it down. I'm not entirely sold on Lum Berry as the held item since the only status that is the least bit worrisome is PSN.

A few more sets I have yet to train, but they look good on paper.
Timid/Compound Eyes @ Big Root
6 HP / 252 S.ATT / 252 SPD
Sleep Powder / Infestation / Dream Eater / Quiver Dance

Another gimmicky set that involves picking apart the opponent one by one. Infestation is an obvious trapper with the added benefit of STAB damage. Compound Eyes helps Sleep Powder and Dream Eater keeps HP up. I'm torn on Substitute over Quiver Dance as well as Focus Sash over Big Root, but the overall scheme of this set seems to gel nicely.

And a couple Zoroark sets.
Timid/Illusion @ Choice Specs
6 HP / 252 S.ATT / 252 SPD
Dark Pulse / Focus Blast / Extrasensory / Flamethrower

Standard special set for Zoroark. Nothing really fancy about this. I've just got the unfortunate problem of choosing between Timid/Choice Specs and Modest/Choice Scarf.

Jolly/Illusion @ Choice Band
6 HP / 252 ATT / 252 SPD
Sucker Punch / U-turn / Retaliate / Pursuit

This last one is quite the novelty as a physical revenge killer. It's meant to clean up the messes left behind by its fallen allies. Requires a fair bit of prediction, but the theory of it seems pretty solid. Sucker Punch for low-health opponents or Ghost/Psychic types who want to get that last shot in before falling, Retaliate for a strong, solid move right after an ally faints, and Pursuit if a predictable switch-out for the opponent is set up. U-turn is to get out with switch initiative if the overall match-up is poor while still maintaining Illusion. As above with the special set, Jolly/Band or Adamant/Scarf is a quality problem to have.

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