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Old 01-03-2018, 07:51 PM
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Default (Open) Ultra Mystery Dungeon

A prim flyer is affixed to the Post Office’s bulletin board.

Are YOU brave enough to adventure with the Nine-Tailed Guild? Come and meet Guildmaster Auramah to see if YOU have what it takes to join Merrim’s PREMIER GUILD! Entrance at the edge of the Bellwether Woods, just outside of Hubb Town!


The world of Rea has been at peace ever since its creation. It’s had squabbles here and there, but for the most part the inhabitants of its four continents (left to right: Cozte, Merim, Taineh, and Ayuma) have lived harmoniously. However, disconcerting omens manifest across Rea- previously docile Pokémon have turned savage, and space has gone into flux in pockets of the world, seemingly rearranging the area and making them impossible to traverse safely.

Worst of all, reports of never-before-seen Pokémon sporadically appear. What could all of this possibly mean?

Save the world of Rea from the invasion of the Ultra Beasts! Join Auramah’s guild and explore the wide world of Rea, filled with vibrant towns and fearsome dungeons!

World Map (warning: big)

—Annotated world map will be uploaded once I get my scanner to work—

Cozte: The second-most important landmass. The Bubbling Caldera, a chain of volcanoes, dominates the lower-right peninsula. A great desert sprawls across the middle of the island. Because of this, the north is the most heavily populated area.

Merrim: The principal landmass. The majority of Pokémon live here. Hubb Town and the Guild are located on the leftmost point of the top-right peninsula. It is densely forested with great mountains crisscrossing the interior. Farther north, it is always snowing. Settlements of various sizes dot the continent.

Taineh: A mountainous island with sparse vegetation. Only the hardiest Pokémon visit for pleasure. A few monasteries are nestled among the craggy peaks. It is said this was where Pokémon first arrived after leaving Ayuma.

Ayuma: A sparsely inhabited island that has been reclaimed by nature. A few scattered settlements remain. However, there are many ruins from a splendorous ancient civilization. In the middle of Origin Lake is Origin Island, where Arceus is said to have brought together the first Legendary Conclave of Nature.

-Any Pokémon bar Alolan Ninetales, Decidueye, Primarina, Inceneroar, UBs and Legendaries (Mythicals and Phione count) are fair game.
-Pokémon have access to their full movepool.
-In a strange inversion, there will be no humans-turned-Pokémon. It’s a departure from the norm, but hey, Pokémon are more than capable of doing their heavy lifting themselves.

Sign-up form:





If you have any questions, VM me or post here!




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Default Re: (Open) Ultra Mystery Dungeon

Me: hey squirtles what kind of pokemon should I make my disaster child (disaster grandchild? oh god this is weird)
Squirtles: clefairy

Name: Tora

Species: Cleffa

Appearance: She has little blue ribbons tied onto her horns!

Personality: P A I N F U L L Y skittish. People are not her strong suit...that being said, she very much wants to be like her moms, and she's trying to overcome her fear of people in order to be a hero! And maybe she'll stop crying all the time. Hopefully.

History: Tora was found as an egg by two brave lady heroes of Merrim! Ever since she was young, she always aspired to follow in their footsteps, save mons, and kick evildoer butts...but was always a bit too shy to actually go out and sign up. But now is the day! Now she will take her moms' place! ...If she can stop crying.

Other: Her moms are a Clefable and a Luxray, for the record. Guess which one is which. Guess.
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Default Re: (Open) Ultra Mystery Dungeon

Name: Arden

Species: swablu

Appearance: there is a red band wrapped around his left ankle to signify his affiliation with an ancient order.

Personality: stoic and condescending. he scorns other pokémon for their strange and self-centred lifestyles, believing that adherence to the Old Ways is the only path to true virtue. he is very confident in his abilities and usually quite calm if not somewhat snarky, though his temper flares from time to time.

History: he was raised by a pair of altaria on Taineh Island, and was instructed in the strict moral code of the Old Ways from birth. his contact with others was limited, which radicalized his world view and hardened his heart from a young age. though his parents were too old to fight the ultra beast incursions by the time they began, Arden was all too ready to enter the fight in order to protect the sacred earth from the sinister hands of what he understood to be demons.
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Old 01-08-2018, 11:16 PM
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Default Re: (Open) Ultra Mystery Dungeon

Name: Anysos Viusonius Augillius

Species: Xatu

Appearance: Wears a necklace of dark wooden beads, each painted with an eye pattern in yellow.

Personality: Anysos feels that he must do whatever he can in the fight against the invasion because if he does not the Beasts will destroy all civilization. He can defeatist at times, though he tries to remind himself that the future in his visions is malleable, not set.

History: Originally from the Great Desert of Cozte, Anysos has lived in a temple to Ho-oh for most of his life. He has travelled to the Guild because he saw hints of the invasion in his meditations.


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