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The last time I put a fic on here, I was like fifteen and deep in my teenage "this will make me cringe in three years" phase. Now that I am twenty two and NOT deep in my everything-I-do-now-will-make-me-cringe-in-adulthood phase, I might as well post some crap.

If this plot looks in any way familiar to some of y'all, it's cause it came from a roleplay idea I did several times on here. (Some characters in here were actually specifically made for the iteration here!)

author's notes for the prologue
A couple things of note:
1) I wrote most of this after 10 pm, so there's probably a few errors and whatnot. I'll try to proofread tomorrow
2) My narrators tend to lean towards snarky familiarity with the characters while still being third-person beings. This holds true for this fic. Be forewarned.
3) This prologue is flashback, so most of it is indeed supposed to be in italics, aside from stressed words and inner monologues. The exception being the last section (rather, the last two sentences)
4) dear god please tell me if I fucked up Bell's skintone description, holy hell did I try


The white-haired girl examined her newly-obtained badge, light from the nearby street lamps reflecting off its shimmery red surface onto the gym behind her. “Seven down, one to go,” she whispered (mostly to herself, though the Hypno next to her seemed to approve) as she pinned her new Volcano Badge to her jacket.

“The next one’s in Viridian, right?” she whispered to herself once more, checking her town map. “Yup, that’s it! Off we go, Team Keri!”

She held out two Pokéballs, recalling her Hypno into one and sending a Swellow out from the other. “Alright, Bravery, Fly us to Viridian City!” In a flash of navy, both bird and trainer disappeared into the night sky.


Keri could have sworn her Swellow was having more trouble flying than usual. Strange, because she hadn’t used him in that battle at
all. Still, he landed at the time she had predicted, so she hopped off her Swellow.

And found herself in
Pallet Town.

“You okay, Bravery?” she asked, scratching her bird Pokémon’s neck and retying the green scarf that had become his signature accessory. “You seem a little out of it, and we didn’t make it to-”

A quiet voice interrupted her. “Um, excuse me-“

Keri swore up and down months later that she didn’t jump five feet in the air, of course not, she was way cooler than that. (No one believed her.)

After her feet returned to solid ground (after not jumping five feet in the air, that’s just silly), she turned to face the sound of the mysterious voice. Facing her was an
incredibly thin girl, probably around her age, if Keri had to guess; with her dark ensemble and almost-as-dark skin, she almost faded into the night sky.

“Sorry,” the strange girl stammered, eyes downcast as she twiddled her thumbs nervously, “I-I needed to get off of Cinnabar quickly, a-and I did not have another way out.” Her hands dropped to her sides, only to toy with the fabric of her dress. “I did n-not mean to derail your journey.”

Between the girl’s stature and her state of overwhelming nervousness, Keri could easily tell that her stowaway was escaping from something bad.

Keri shook her head vigorously, white curls bouncing wildly. “Oh gosh, no need to apologize! Your face tells me everything.”
(You can’t see her face, Keri, geez, watch your wording.) “Come on, I can take you somewhere safe, if you need me to.” Viridian can wait, she thought, this is more important.


It turns out that carrying two humans on its back is far more comfortable for your giant bird than carrying one on its back and having another dangle from its foot.

It also turns out that having a traveling companion dumping horrid tales of genetic experimentation on you is less comfortable for a human than foot-dangling stowaways are for giant birds.

“Arceus almighty, that’s beyond horrifying,” Keri muttered.
I wish there was more I could say, but…wow, that’s a lot, she thought. “Especially if you’re dumping it all on a stranger.”

“Sorry,” the girl muttered, eyes downcast once more as she followed Keri down the brighter streets of Cerulean City. (Now that Keri could get a good look at her under the city streetlights, she noted that the contrast between the girl’s dark blue hair, her umber skin and her bright yellow eyes was beautiful. Even if her purple-and-black disaster of an outfit didn’t suit her at all.)

“Nah, don’t sweat it, Bell,” Keri replied, stopping in her tracks and turning towards her companion once more. “Here we are! The Leader here told me that this house was generally open if I ever needed to crash here, so you can stay here with me for the night. We’ll get you a new outfit in the morning!” She pushed open the door and stepped inside, the girl following closely behind.

An unknown voice greeted them. “Hi! Welcome to Lila’s Pumpkaboo-“

“EEEEEEEEEEEK!” Before the poor shopkeeper could even finish her greeting, Keri’s nervous companion shrieked. With her normally-high-pitched voice amplified to such heightened levels, she probably could have shattered windows.

“Oh my gosh I am so sorry Miranda said I could crash here months ago and I didn’t know it was occupied oh my god,” Keri babbled as she recovered from the assault on her eardrums. The shopkeeper merely giggled in response.

“Nothing to worry about! I just set up shop about a month ago,” Lila explained, brushing her long black hair away from her eyes. “If you guys need a place to stay for the night, feel free to spend the night here!”

Bell looked up, yellow eyes wide; it was the first time she made eye contact with anyone that night. (Keri wasn’t jealous, that was silly.) “R-really?!”

Lila grinned back. “Of course you can! Mew knows I have the extra space in here.” She rummaged through her cabinet doors, pulling out a few sleeping bags and bestowing them on her newfound guests. “I only have one bed, but if you’re okay sleeping on the floor then you can use these!”

Keri took her sleeping bag with a beaming smile. “Sweet. Thanks so much!”

“Y-yes, thank you,” Bell murmured, moving to set up her sleeping bag in a corner of the (rather spacious) room.

“Hang on a second,” said Lila, putting a hand on the blue-haired girl’s shoulder. Bell jumped. “Oh, gosh, sorry! I was just gonna ask you something.” She tossed a lace-decaled Pokéballs into the air, revealing a humanoid green Pokémon – a Gardevoir. “Lacey, would you mind fetching me an egg?”

The Gardevoir floated to the playpen filled with ghostly pumpkins of all shapes and sizes, humming a lullaby to keep the Pumpkaboo settled and grabbing an egg from inside. She floated back, cradling the large egg in her thin arms, before handing it to Lila.

“Thank you, Lacey!” the shopkeeper exclaimed as the Gardevoir in question meandered back to the playpen, continuing to hum at the restless Pokémon inside. “Miss, uh…”


“Right, Bell! Are you just starting your journey?” Lila cradled the egg to her chest, humming the same melody as her Gardevoir.

“Well, uh,” Bell babbled, toying with her dress once more, “I have a few Pokémon but I, uh, never got too far.”

Lila hummed in response before holding out the egg. “Well then, do you want a Pumpkaboo? Free of charge!”

“W-what?!” Bell’s eyes widened once more. “I cannot do that, I cannot just take a Pokémon from you for free! And I don’t have nearly enough money to pay!”

“No, no, I insist! It’s the least I could do for mixing up your overnight plans, after all!”

After what seemed to be quite a bit of thought, Bell finally relented, taking the egg from the eccentric shopkeeper and holding it close to her. “Th-thank you…”

“No problem! You know the rules for egg hatching, right? Keep them safe and warm and around other Pokémon?” Bell nodded. “Awesome! Take good care of that little one, alright?”

“O-of course!” Bell opened her backpack – the sole item she had taken with her after her Great Escape – and nestled the egg inside, ascertaining that her Pokéballs wouldn’t cause any damage to the fragile eggshell.

Lila grinned. “If you need anything else, just let me know! I’ll be up for a bit making sure the little troublemakers over there are settled in,” she added, shooting a pointed glance at the Pumpkaboo trying their damnedest to escape the confines of their playpen. “Sleep well!”

As the two travelers set up and settled into their sleeping bags, Keri discussed the night’s events with her nervous companion. “Alright, in the morning I’ll call a friend of mine and we can get you a new wardrobe. It certainly can’t hurt getting you out of those duds.”


When the first rays of morning peeked out from the edge of the horizon, Keri Miles stepped outside and pulled out her Pokegear, dialing furiously.

“Hey, Rissa? I’ve come upon a bit of an emergency.”
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