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Default South Park: Brave New Digital World (A Digimon Crossover)

( I deleted the original thread because I wasn't satisfied with how it turned out)


The year is 2020, the date, November 4. The ex-school teacher, and incumbent American President, Herbert Garrison has lost his re-election campaign to Michael Barton of New York City.

Barton was a progressive candidate, advocating for the rights of Digimon, and the people who befriend them. Michael has a Digimon called Betamon, a strange little green amphibian Digimon with a big orange crest, who pushed his human partner to run for President because Garrison went on various Digi-Phobic tirades over the last year and a half. Now, as one last, giant middle finger to both worlds, he has threatened to "Nuke the Digital World and fuck every Digimon in the Real World to death".

The United Nations Ambassador to the Digital World, and former Digidestined leader, Tai Kamiya has sent his son Taylor on a top-secret mission to Garrison's hometown, of South Park, Colorado, to recruit Garrison's former students to form a new team of Digidestined and save both Worlds from Garrison, who has made many enemies over the years, but has only seven allies in the Digital World: The Seven Great Demon Lords.

Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman, Kenny McCormick, Bebe Stevens, Butters Stotch, and Wendy Testaburger, will join Taylor Kamiya on an ever-evolving to save the Digital World!

Chapter one will come soon!
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Default Re: South Park: Brave New Digital World (A Digimon Crossover)

(sorry about the hold up, here is chapter 1a)

Taylor Kamiya, son of former Digidestined leader and current UN Ambassador to the Digital World Tai Kamiya, had just arrived at South Park Elementary.

His partner Digimon, an Agumon with red armbands, was not with him at the moment.

Taylor was in 4th grade, and was headed to class, when he saw something by the playground.

It was a Digimon resembling a large ape with white fur, and a cannon for one of its arms. This was Gorillamon. Then, a small portal to the Digital World opened up, and Taylor's Agumon descended and spat a Pepper Breath at Gorillamon.

Stan, Kyle, Cartman, Kenny, Bebe, Butters, and Wendy were at recess together. Suddenly, out of the same portal, came several more Rookie-level Digimon that would be their respective partners.

A blue, bipedal wolf-like Digimon with a red headband and a pair of boxing gloves, would be Stan's partner. This was Gaomon.
A green turtle-like Digimon wearing a blue hat, and whose shell resembled a computer mouse, would team up with Kyle. This Digimon was Kamemon.
A black owl-looking Digimon that also seemed to be quite ninja-like, would be Cartman's partner. This was Falcomon.
A bamboo sword-wielding Digimon wearing a kendo outfit, with bright yellow eyes and sleeves that were far too long for him, would partner up with Kenny. This was Kotemon.
A small, pink, floating plant-like Digimon would be Bebe's Digimon, Lalamon.
A red dinosaur-like Digimon with little, Patamon-esque ears and a hazard symbol of sorts on its underbelly, would be partners with Butters. This was Guilmon.
Wendy's Digimon was a tall, yellow, bipedal fox Digimon with purple gauntlets with the yin-yang symbol on them. This was Renamon.

Taylor and his Agumon were fending off Gorillamon, while the soon-to-be group of Digidestined watched in awe.

"Let's grab the popcorn." Cartman said. "This should totally be kewl to watch."

The eight rookie Digimon began attacking the large simian beast one by one.

"PEPPER BREATH" Agumon spat out a fireball.
"DOUBLE BACKHAND" Gaomon spun around like a tornado punching Gorillamon furiously.
"POINTER ARROW" Kamemon shot a small arrow-like missile from the back of its shell.
"SCRATCH SMASH" Falcomon slashed at Gorillamon with its wings.
"HOT-HEAD STRIKE" Kotemon's sword began glowing red and struck Gorillamon in the face.
"SEED BLAST" Lalamon spat out a small barrage of several seeds.
"ROCK BREAKER!" Guilmon's arms became surrounded by a fiery aura and swung at Gorillamon.
"DIAMOND STORM" Renamon jumped and summoned many sharp leaf-shaped projectiles to attack head on.

Gorillamon was defeated and disappeared into data dust.

"Holy shit." Stan said.
"Hey, kid!" Kyle shouted to Taylor. "That was awesome!"

Taylor and the eight Rookie Digimon approached Kyle and the others.

Taylor introduced himself.
"I'm Taylor Kamiya, and this is Agumon." He pointed to the yellow lizard with the arm bands.

"How's it going, guys?" Agumon asked. "I'd like you to meet your Digimon partners! Come on over, my friends!" He started waving to the other Digimon.

"I'm Gaomon. It's nice to meet you, Sir." Gaomon said, bowing modestly before Stan.
"Umm. Can you please just call me Stan?" Stan said. Gaomon nodded.

"Hey, Kyle, I'm Kamemon." Kamemon smiled.

"Eric, I'm your Digimon, Falcomon. Are you ready to save the Digital World?" Falcomon said to Cartman, before dabbing.
Cartman yawned.
Kotemon walked up to Kenny "I'm Kotemon!"
"Nice to meet you, I guess." Kenny said, his parka muffling his voice, as usual.
"Bebe, nice top! I'm Lalamon, FYI!"
"Thank!" Bebe said.
"Hi Butters-mon." Guilmon said "Me Guilmon!"
"Uh.. When did I become a Digimon?" Butters asked.
"The name's, Renamon, I am honored to be your partner, Wendy.." Renamon said
"Okay!" Wendy said.

Digivices suddenly appeared in all the kids' hands, except for Taylor, who already had one.

Taylor began to explain
"These are your Digivices. You will need these in order for your Digimon to grow stronger by Digivolving into higher forms. Both of our worlds are threatened by your former teacher, Mr.... Garrison?"

"Eh, what else is new?" Cartman sarcastically interrupted.
"Sad but true." Wendy said.

"Any-who. We need to go through that portal to the Digital World. I've never been, but my dad, my aunt, and their friends saved it many times. Now it's our turn to save the Digital World from President Garrison, and any evil Digimon who support him. Quick! Hold out your Digivices, and let's go!"

Taylor lifted his left hand, holding his Digivice, and the others did the same.

The portal to the Digital World sucked them in, vanishing shortly after.

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