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But I'm not actually playing IV right now, am I! So here is the opening stuff for Rhapsodia.

[BGM: Another World] I am not nearly as fond of the Rhapsodia opening as the IV one!
The Deserted Island; we'll be seeing a lot of it when I'm going through IV.
TITLE DROP at the Mido Shallows
Our protag, Kyril! (Kiriru, not Kairiru.)
Our tiny mage, Corselia!
Our competent Gremio, Andarc!
Our sniper Cleo, Seneca!
And Yohn is somewhere between silent protagonist and obligatory animal mascot. Hi, Goatmum!
Bit where everyone's fighting a fire dragon in the Obel ruins, and then...
Corselia, Yohn, and Kyril surprised by glowing orb.
Some people.
Other people.
More people.
Not sure offhand where this is. Terana Plain?
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Whee, multiple image heavy posts in a row. Sorry, anyone still stuck in the 90s and using dialup!

I'm playing an undub, btw! Also it runs slowly enough that I go through this again on an actual ps2 to get music cues.

Hm, these portraits are a lot bigger.... Great, this is going to take a while: this time around, I'll resize the portraits to be roughly the size you're used to from I and II, and since these are all from book scans, the colours're going to be off. I'm also trying to make them transparent; they should look about right as long as you're not on a black background.

Appropriate title screen.

[BGM: A Clause of Truth]
Chapter One: ~ Long Ago in Razril ~
[BGM: A Life Not of This World]
A book opens! Our narrator is old and masculine. Two points for whoever figures out who's narrating before the end of the game!
The tale I am about to tell concerns certain creatures that were used as runic weapons.
These beings were not of our world, but their bodies were replete with the Rune magic that built it.
It is for this reason that they came, at the hand of mankind, to be used as weapons.
The horrible power of these weapons struck terror throughout the land, but finally some rose up to strike down this evil.
My tale begins some seven years before the Island Nations and the Kooluk Empire went to war... with a minor incident in the back alley of a harbor town.

Two kids are running through the streets of Razril! It is nighttime. No music, just crickets.

: "*gulp* Uhh..." This one's nametag says "Noble Youth".
: [holding a sword, turns over to the other kid] "I like this place better in the daytime.
: "You scared?" Hee, I like his tone here. Much better acting in Japanese! This kid is "Local Boy".
: "No way! D-don't be silly!" [ WAVES SWORD!! ] "Well, let's get this Furball patrol started." [ TURNS AWAY, RAISES SWORD TO AIR. It SPARKLES. ] "I wanna try out this new sword Father gave me!"
: "... Couldn't we do this tomorrow?"
: [ looks at him ] "No! I wanna try it out right away!"
: "... okay."
: "C'mon, let's go! Don't worry; we can take care of those Furballs and be back in no time!"
: "All right."
The 'Noble Youth' lowers his sword.
: "But let's not stay out too late..."

Fade out!

[BGM: The Beginning of Battle] I'm not going to list this most of the time, actually; it's used every time for pre-battle things.
[ Back Streets of Razril ]
[ Victory Conditions: Defeat one Furball ]
[ Defeat Conditions: Lose all friendly units ]
[BGM: Studying the Battle]
[ View Basic Rules tutorial? ]
[ Yes ] and then there's a mechanics explanation that's boring, and two Furballs move.
[ Turn Order
In this game, the characters who enter battle are called "units." Each unit has a "speed," which is used to determine the order in which the different units act. You can check this order in the Turn Order List at the top of the screen. The leftmost unit is the one that is currently active. After a unit performs an action, you can select the final direction it will face as it ends its turn. The next unit's turn will then begin. ]

Current turn order is Noble Youth (water element), Local Boy (wind element), and two earth Furballs!
I have Snowe (for that is his name) run up towards furballs! Same for Lazlo.

The furball attacks Snowe!
: "Watch out!" And his goodwill triggers and he halves Snowe's damage.
: "I owe you."
: "Watch out!" And he stops Lazlo from taking damage.
: "Thank you."

The kids take out a furball! [ Obtained Medicine ]

Cutscene of Snowe killing a furball! (Even though Lazlo actually did it.) No music, just crickets.

: "Whew... Furballs are tougher than I thought."
: "A lot tougher."
: [turns to Lazlo] "But as long as I have this sword, we can cut our way through!"
: "What?!" ... Japanese he's just like 'eh?'
: "Aha-ha-ha! Just kidding. You look more tired than I do. Let's call it a night."
They start considering leaving, but!
: ! "*shudder*"
[BGM: Evil Power 1]
A fishman runs by!
: "Whoa! What the heck was that?!" [ RUNS OVER TO LAZLO ] "Wh-wh-what should we do?? Follow it? Or maybe we should --"
: "This way!"
HI GUYS \o/ You can't see Kyril there, but rest assured: he is there and probably, like, seven. Three years younger than the other kids, anyway, and three times more competent.
: "Aaaaghhhh!!" HAHA STUPID KID
Music stops.
: [scratches his head] "Oh, sorry about that. Didn't mean to frighten you."
: "Oh, you're human!" [ LOWERS SWORD and scratches head ] "You sure gave me a shock."
: "'Human'?"
: "Ummm... never mind. My mistake! Oh, I'm sorry. My name's Snowe Vingerhut." He's actually pretty polite in Japanese ...
: "Walter's the name. We're travelers. This is my son, Kyril. Our group means you no harm."
: "Nice to meet you."
: "Hello, I'm Andarc."
: "And I'm Seneca."
: "Hello!"
Yohn hides behind Walter.
: "Uhh... Is, well...?"
: "Oh, she's my partner. Don't worry about her."
: "I've got a question, Snowe..."
: "Yes?"
: "Just before, you said, 'you're human,' right?"
: "Huh? Yeah, but..."
: "Why was that surprising to you? Did you see something...?"
: "Oh, that. Umm, yeah, we saw it."
: "Will you tell me exactly what you saw?"
: [ gestures, pan out ] "Right. Ummm, a weird creature, about the size of a man, came rushing up this road..."
[ Pan over! And fade out. ]
[BGM: not sure.]
: "I see. And then it ran off that way, hmm?"
: "Yep. Straight down that way." [ points with sword ] "But it couldn't have gotten very far. There's a dead end up ahead."
: "I see. Thank you for the information. Well, we're going after it. You two had better head on home. This is dangerous work."
: [ tenses a bit ] "But we can help you! I know the streets here!"
: "!"
: [whispering] "You're up for it, right?"
: "Snowe. This isn't a game."
: [also whispering] "Maybe we should listen to him..."
: [whispering] "Come on... Don't chicken out."
: "We'll be fine!"
: "All right, but stay close. We don't have much time. Ready?"
: "Yeah! Let's go!"
Walter turns to Andarc and Yohn.
: "If this thing doesn't kill us, your father will!"
: "Relax. He gave me the sword to use, right? Stick with me and you'll be fine."
: ". . ."
: "If something comes after you, whack it with that stick of yours! Walter and I will take care of the rest, okay?"
: "I'll try..."
: "Okay then, let's get going!"

[ Back Streets of Razril ]
[ Victory conditions: Defeat all enemy units ]
[ Defeat conditions: Lose all friendly units ]
[BGM: Once Upon a Time, in the Town of Razril ...]
Tutorial on terrain attributes! Many things you can do change the terrain element. If it matches the character's element -- so, for example, if Snowe stands on water panels -- it boosts stats and grants turnly regen! If the character is weak to that element, it halves stats and means you take damage every turn! Fire beats wind beats earth beats lightning beats water beats fire. Exact same order as rune cannons! (Unite magic circle is fire + lightning + water + wind + earth + fire. Don't get these sets confused.)
Seneca is wind; Walter is earth; Kyril is fire; Andarc is lightning. There's a wind elemental on the field, which turns wherever it floats wind, which means I want to keep Walter far away from it.
Kyril is level 1, but his stats are very nice. Offhand I'm pretty sure he has an S rank in parry. Which explains why everything that tries to hit him deals no damage and gets unbalanced. Anything that successfully damage hims, Walter's goodwill triggers for.
All spells change the element of squares they target to their element, and the level 1 spell is consistently ___ Force, which changes terrain. This sometimes leads to weird things like Kindness Drops actually making it more likely Kyril won't live to the next round, or casting Thunder Runner on Andarc to make him sturdier. Damaging water things inflict silence on occasion; damaging lightning things inflict knockdown; damaging earth I think causes unbalance. Andarc (level 2) just knocked down a furball with Thunder Runner.
Wow, Walter hits three times in a round. He's level 3, btw.

: "Walter, how's my sword arm?"
: "Oh... Not bad, I guess."
: "Thanks!" He sounds so happy ...

: [ to Lazlo ] "Well, well! That's an interesting dual-weapon technique you have there. Nicely done!"
: "..." [ HMPH ]

Snowe already so jealous and desparate for someone to like him more than Lazlo :(

: "How's this?!" Anyone with goodwill close enough to an enemy to also hit it might combo.
: [level up] "I did it!"


Cut to everyone standing around a fishman. BGM is the same thing I failed to ID earlier.
: "Wh-what is it? I've never seen anything like it!"
: "... a Rune Cannon?"
FISHMAN: "... Yes... I..."
: ! "Whoa! It can talk!"
: "Will you keep quiet for a minute?"
: "S-sorry."
: "Who did this to you? And where?"
FISHMAN: "On... the ship... Pirate... ... ..."
: "A pirate? Which pirate?! Give me a name!" [ beat ] "I need a name!!" [ beat ] "... Damn."
: "... Uh... is it dead?"
: "Yes. Look at it... so thin you can see the ribs. Probably couldn't even get a scrap of food, in this state."
: "Oh..."
: "Well, then... The least we can do is give it a decent burial somewhere. Things like this are best done at night. You boys really should go on home now. It's very late."
: "Okay. Let's go..." [ starts walking off ]
: [ does too, but then stops ] "Good night."
: "Hm... Good night."
And then he leaves. Our heroes are standing around the fishman's corpse.
: "Did any of you catch the pirate's name?"
: "Nope."
: "Me neither. Sorry."
: "What about Yohn?"
Yohn walks over and something starts glowing above her.

: "I see... Thank you, Yohn. A little food and some water... that's all this poor creature wanted. Seems he never even knew the pirate's name."
: "Hmmm..."
: "*sigh* We've been wasting our damn time."
: "Still, it's not like anyone else has figured out the connection with the Rune Cannons..."
: "That may be true, but we can't afford to take it easy."
: "You're right. So what's next, Walter?"
: "Go buy some food and drinks. It won't be much, but let's pay what respects we can to this poor soul."
: "Yes, sir."
: "Well, we've got another long journey ahead of us tomorrow. I'll go find us somewhere to stay. Let's get at least a little rest tonight."
: "All right.'
Seneca walks off, and then so does Andarc.
: "*sigh* Back to square one..."
Yohn steps away, and turns back.
: "Now, now... don't worry. We'll get to the bottom of this sooner or later."
: "Yes."
Fade out.

- Recruits: Walter, tiny Kyril, Seneca, Andarc; honorary Yohn
- Resets Because Someone Died: Zero!

NEXT TIME: [ A Chance Encounter at Sea ]
friend codes:
pearl (u) 1289 4685 3598; platinum (j) 3566 4513 8338; platinum (i) 4383 3839 7305; soul silver (j) 4383 1211 4378; soul silver (j; ロケットだんよ永遠に) 1076 4655 0015; soul silver (u) 2880 1770 5916;
white (j) 4469 6423 7718; black (u) 3653 9840 7445; black (s) 5157 2486 1674; white (i) 1163 4521 4228; white 2 (j) 0175 7505 7489
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Oh! I think I may have played a bit of this game before. I remember the terrain thing, at least.
I'm sorry, I can't hear you over the sound of how awesome I'm being.
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[ shrug! ] It's PS2-only.

LAST TIME: ~ Long Ago in Razril ~

Chapter Two: ~ A Chance Encounter at Sea ~
[ Several years later... ]
[ At the Caravan, you can equip items, as well as learn or equip skills in the Party Menu. You can save/load games in the System Menu. Selecting Rest may trigger an event among the members of your party. It will also advance the game one day.]
[ Now it's time to learn about skills. Skills are special abilities units have. Learning skills gives units an advantage in battle. Skills can be learned via the Party Menu in the Caravan Screen. To learn skills, units need Skill Points, which are earned in battle. To use a learned skill, units must "equip the skill first. This can also be done at the Deploy Troops Screen. A unit's skills become more powerful as its Skill Level increases. The skills that can be learned and the Skill Points necessary for leveling up vary by unit. You can't raise skills to very high levels at first, but the maximum skill level will rise as your party grows. At first, each unit can only equip a few skills. As they level up, the number of skills they can equip rises.

It is Firesday the seventh of the fourth month!

I hit 'rest' for completions' sake. We're all sitting around a fire.
Like so!
[BGM: Sitting Around the Swaying Fire]
: "Well... Looks like we'll just have to pick up where we left off tomorrow."
: "Understood. I'll go and hear what the townsfolk have to say."
: "I hope we get some useful information."
: "Time will tell. We have to be persistent."
Fade out.

[ Towns: In the Town Menu, you'll find the Blacksmith, Outfitter, Rune Master, and other places of interest. It's best to prepare for battle as much as you can in town. Rumors may provide crucial hints for your adventure. Be sure to check the latest rumors regularly. The Town Menu also includes other locations, like Taverns and Inns, where you might find new characters to join your group and fight alongside you. ]

It's now Windsday the eighth, and I'm in Middleport! Middleport has an Outfitter, Blacksmith, Rune Master, and Gossip. ... By the way, minor characters in this game all don't have eyes. Like so! It's mildly distressing.

WOMAN: "You know what? Sigurd from the Lord's castle has been in a bad mood lately. He's wasting the most handsome face in Middleport, scowling all the time! I bet it's that cute young man who's been strutting around like he owns the place. Sigurd can't like that much. Mark my words... It won't be long before it all turns a little ugly!"
OLD MAN: "Let me give you a bit of advice. Whenever you set foot on a ship, beware of the pirate Steele! They say his Rune Cannon is a very special model. If he comes after you, you're history! Your best bet is probably to just stay on dry land."
MERCHANT (?): "Hello there! I bid you welcome to Middleport! I have all sorts of souvenirs. Please, take your time! Huh? Rune Cannons? Why didn't you just say so?? If that's what you're after, you'll have to visit the Lord of Middleport. You can't miss his castle. It's the largest place in town. That's the best place to go for Rune Cannons. Whatever kind of ship you have, he's sure to have the right Cannon for you."
: "So, Lord Reinbach is selling Rune Cannons, eh?"
: "Maybe we can learn something from him."
: "Let's head over there as soon as possible."
: "Yes, sir. I'll start packing immediately."
Fade out.

We walk into Reinbach's mansion! Sigurd is there. BGM is something I don't know.
: "We seek an audience with Lord Reinbach. Is he in?"
: "I'm afraid he's a rather busy man. I'm his liaison. Would you care to state your business to me instead?" SLIMEBALL~
: "I don't care who I talk to, as long as you listen to what I have to say."
: "... and what might that be?"
: "Actually, I was hoping to ask a question... about Rune Cannons."
Fade out.
: "What exactly are you sniffing around here for? You don't appear to even have a ship. What possible use could a Rune Cannon be to you?"
: "There are rumors that Rune Cannons have some sort of effect on the human body..." What, like they kill people or something?
: "... I know nothing at all about that. And I'm afraid that concludes our conversation. Good day."
: [walks over to him] "Wait! Who makes these Rune Cannons? Please, I must know!"
: "I said, 'Good day.'"
: [steps closer!!] "What about the pirate, Steele? Is he involved in this?!"
: "I'm going to have to ask you to leave."
: [walks up] "Sir, maybe we should back off for now."
: "You know more than you're letting on. I can see it in your eyes. Fine. If that's the way it's gonna be, we'll find the answers for ourselves."
: "As you please."
: "We'll be on our way, then."
Pause, and then Walter starts waking away, as does everyone but Seneca. Seneca follows briefly, then stops to look at Sigurd.
: "Jerk..."
And then she walks away too.
Fade out.

: "Are they gone, then?"
: "Yes, m'Lord."
Schtolteheim Reinbach II walks in.
: "Remember their faces. Carefully."
: "Yes, m'Lord. I have."
: "Good. Bah! They have all the looks of a self-righteous band of heroes. They'll have to be silenced. Wait until they're well out to sea and deal with them in the usual manner. The cargo is yours."
: "I understand, m'Lord."
Fade out.

We're in Middleport! [BGM: A Certain Port Town] Standard Middleport bgm
: "So, I guess the direct approach didn't work."
: "There's got to be another way we can get to Steele. If only we could--"
: "Hey! Why ya standin' around like a bunch of land-lovers?"

: ? "Can we help you?"
: "Ah, sorry. Couldn't help but overhear. So you guys wanna meet Steele, huh?"
: "Are you saying you know him?"
: "Well, 'course I do."
Hervey, do you have a hand on your butt. Of course you do.
: "I mean, there's not a seaman alive who doesn't know of Steele! He's famous! ... Or should I say, infamous."
: "Then, could you introduce us to him?"
: [walks over] "You bet! Hey, you're talkin' to Hervey the Furious, the most dashing pirate on the high seas!"
: ? [LEANS FORWARD, NOT OKAY GUYS!!] "Huh? What's wrong? Too THRILLED to speak?!"
: [headscratch] "Sorry, pal, but I've never heard that name before."
: [turns away and takes his hand off his butt] "Aw, geez..." [ headscratch] "Heh... Guess I still have a ways to go."
: "I hope I haven't offended you."
: [turns back] "Eh, forget about it. Now, about Steele... Wanna make a date with the devil?"
: "What's in it for you, Mr. Furious? Potch?"
: "Eh, you've got me. Somethin' wrong with that? Besides, I'm your only option."
: "Why's that?"
: "He's already deep-sixed boatloads of people. Even old sea dogs get all knock-kneed at his name. But, I figure somebody needs to do somethin' about him sooner or later. And who better than yours truly?! So I'm sayin', if you've got the money, I've got the time. Capisce?" [ walks over and looks us expectantly, hand on his butt ]
: ? [ crosses arms ] "What?"
: [ hand on waist ] "Heh, I bet you guys can really tear it up, just from the looks of ya."
: [ ARM WAVE >( while Hervey turns away] "Oh, so you want us to fight your battles for you?"
: "With me, buddy, with me! So, whaddaya say?"
: "Hm. It seems like our only choice, at the moment. Lead the way."
: [turns back, fistpump] "All right! Now you're talking!"
Fade out!

I save! And reload after a while; I stopped to let erufuun work out what it's doing and to shrink my caps a bit.

I depart Middleport! Once I'm on the world map...
: "Huh? Ugh, it's that snake, Sigurd... Just what we need right now, ugh..."
: "What's wrong?"
: "It's Lord Reinbach's fleet. They're even worse than us pirates!"

Hi, boat with Sigurd on it! idk this bgm, either.
: "And a petty errand turns into a chance to sink Hervey once and for all... Time to settle the score!"
Cut to our boat!
: "It's that jerk from before!"
: "Which means they must be after us."
: "Makes no difference to me either way! I've never been one to turn a good fight." [ DRAWS SWORD ] "Grab hold of something -- this ship's about to rock!" [ RUNS UP TO BOW ]
Fade out!

[ Middleport Coast ]
[ Victory conditions: Defeat Sigurd ]
[ Defeat conditions: Lose all friendly units ]
[BGM: Encounter on the Ocean]
Hervey is level four! Also fire element. Sigurd is water. There are three AI-controlled pirates on my side: Rowdy Pirate (lightning), Jolly Pirate (fire), and Drunken Pirate (earth).

[ View Good Will and Cooperative Attacks Tutorial? ] [ yes ]
[ Good Will: When certain units act near each other, the Good Will between them will rise. Once Good Will reaches a certain level, they will be able to Talk to each other. You will see this in their balloons. The more the units Talk, the higher their Good Will will rise. Units sharing a high Good Will protect and assist each other.
[ Conversation: The Talk command may become available when certain units are side by side. Talking raises Good Will and can also let units learn a Cooperative Attack. When close to each other, a balloon will appear over units that can Talk. Try moving Seneca next to Andarc and then selecting Talk. ]
: "You ready, Andarc?"
: "Yes."
: "Then let's get going."
[ Cohort Attack was learned. ]

Oh, hey, Reinbach has the Red Mercenary and Blue Mercenary working for him.
: "Oh yeah!" [ LEVEL UP ]
[ Cooperative Attacks: Some units can learn Cooperative Attacks by Talking to each other. You can initiate Cooperative Attacks your units have learned by having all the necessary members join the battle for a certain period of time. Once that period has passed, arrange those units in the correct formation and select Cooperative Attack. ]
: "We can take them together!"
: "All right! Let's bring them down!"
Aaaaaaaactually... [ selects Talk ]
: "Andarc..."
: "..."
: "Hey, you! Andarc!"
: "Wha--?! What do you want?"
: "Aren't you a little tense lately?"
: "N-None of your business!"
: "Hey, I'm just worried about you..."
: "Yeah, I know... Sorry."
: "Not that you're ever not tense, I guess..."
[ Good Will has increased. ]

Some opposing pirates changed Hervey and Kyril's squares water-element, fuck. Managed to keep them from dying.

[ Rank Attained: S ] Ship's Figurehead get! ... I'm not actually sure I have this yet in my main file. :|a I don't think it's useful, though, but I'd like to get one there anyway.

: "Hey, pretty boy! Looks like you've lost yer edge!"
: [pissed!] "Grrr... Talk is cheap when you've got that much backup. Come on, Hervey! You and I, one on one! I'll send your corpse to the bottom of the sea!"
: "Sorry -- this won't take long."
Hervey runs onto Sigurd's ship to fight him!
Cut to us, unamused.
: ... "That lousy son of a..."
: "I think he's forgotten just who's paying him..."
YOHN: "!"
: "What is it?!"
Fade out.

Sigurd's ship is under fire!
: "Whoa!!"
: "Who's firing on us?!"
: ! "Oh, no! Not him! Not here!"
: "Who?! Oh, right... Steele... Aargh!!"

Zoom into Steele's ship!
: "Unworthy little whelps! I'll teach ya all who this ocean belongs to! Arr-ha-har-harr!!" [ WIGGLES HIS BUTT. ]
Cut to us. We are in trouble.
: "Sir! We have to hide somewhere!"
: "Is that... Steele?"
: "And --?!"
: "That's it!"
: "We've got to take cover!"
Kyril runs onto the boat that's on fire and points!
: ! "Hey! Father, look!"
: "What the hell -- ?!"
[BGM: King of the Ocean]
: "No!! Damn you mangy pups, biting at my heels!"
He stumbles a bunch! Haha, take that. And then he's knocked over.

Cut to a rather different pirate ship!
: "That's enough mischief from you, Steele!" HI EDGAR
: "If you don't surrender, the next one will open a hole in your guts, old man!" HI BRANDEAU
: "So, what do you say?"
Fade out.

: [reeling, but pulls self up. What the hell are his shoes?] "Edgar, you cursed wretch! Listen up! I swear the next day we meet will be your last day alive! Better order your tombstone! A-har-ha-ha-harr! Mwahaha-har-har-har!!" Wow you're annoying.
Fade out!

Cut back to Kika et al!
: [crosses arms] "That old dog needs to be sent to a cold, watery grave."
: "Yeah... Time to end this once and for all."
: "*sigh*"

- Unkillables: Walter, tiny Kyril, Seneca, Andarc; honorary Yohn; met Kika
- Killables (Deaths): none; met Sigurd and Hervey

NEXT TIME: [ The Final Showdown with Steele ]
friend codes:
pearl (u) 1289 4685 3598; platinum (j) 3566 4513 8338; platinum (i) 4383 3839 7305; soul silver (j) 4383 1211 4378; soul silver (j; ロケットだんよ永遠に) 1076 4655 0015; soul silver (u) 2880 1770 5916;
white (j) 4469 6423 7718; black (u) 3653 9840 7445; black (s) 5157 2486 1674; white (i) 1163 4521 4228; white 2 (j) 0175 7505 7489

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Wow, all the images.

LAST TIME: ~ A Chance Encounter at Sea ~

Chapter Three: ~ The Final Showdown with Steele ~

It's Earthday the ninth!
Seneca comes with Sniper and Battle Lust equipped at E, tiny Kyril has Counterattack and Parry both at S and his skills can't be raised, Andarc comes with nothing, and Walter has Parry S, Battle Lust B, and can learn Counterattack. I teach Andarc Lightning Magic D, Concentration D, and Extra Move, Seneca Critical Hit D (and raise her other two to D), and for the hell of it, Walter Counterattack D.

SIGH erufuun needs to crash less.

I rest for the hell of it, but nothing happened, just Kyril sitting by the fire.
: "..."

To the Nest of Pirates!
: "Kika, I'm going... Don't worry."
: "Edgar... That's all you ever say."
: "But I always come back... to you."
: "..."
: "Edgar, this pirate has made quite a name for himself. Let's proceed with caution."
: "All right, Brandeau."
Fade out.

Pan over the tavern in the Nest of Pirates. Walter is talking to Brandeau and Edgar. For some reason, Kika's just standing near the entrance. I really hate how this game portrays Kika in this segment!
: "Hmph... You serious?"
: "No. It'd be certain death. No one will blame you for backing out now. Why don't you just doze off like those other two over there?"
Sigurd and Hervey unconscious.
: "If we're risking our lives, so be it. Please, let us join your fight against Steele. I beg you!"
: "Hmm. Well...?"
: "Gah. ..."
: "Suit yourself."
: "Thank you! We won't let you down."
: "*sigh* Fools, all of them." I'm going to hope Kika stays behind because she thinks what they're doing is stupid rather than, like, Brandeau and Edgar asking her to.
Fade out.

: "Well, I'm going to go with them."
: "I'm going along as well."
: "Me too."
: "Seneca, I need you to stay here." ... uh, dude, she's twice as useful as Andarc. You're going to leave a sniper behind?
: "What?"
: "I want you to wait here with Kyril. In case we don't return... I trust your judgement. The only thing I ask is that you watch over Kyril." ... WHY NOT LEAVE HIM WITH YOHN. ... Though I must say, being raised by Seneca is way more sensible than being raised by Andarc. Still. SNIPER. You want to LEAVE YOUR SNIPER behind in place of the NON-COMBATANT. The hell is wrong with you?
: "But, father!" You're, what, 14 at the most now? The Island Liberation War lasts 5 years, and most of Rhapsodia is three years after it, so if this was near the end of it, which it's not, you'd be 14.
: "Kyril, promise me. If we don't come back, you must pursue the Rune Cannons in my stead." [ fistshake ]
: "I -- I promise..."
: "They're gaining ground by the minute. Let's go."
: "Please be careful..." S N I P E R
: "Don't worry, we'll be back."
Yohn, Walter, Andarc, and the male pirates walk off.

: "... Huh? Kyril? Kyril, where are you?!"
And that's why Yohn should've stayed with him instead.

: "Everyone ready?"
: "Heh. I hope those scum brought their own coffins!"
Fade out.

Fade into the other ship!
: "That device..."
Hi, Kyril.
: [point] "Father, be careful!"
EVERYONE LOOKS AT HIM. Yohn in particular is NOT AMUSED.
: "Kyril!"
: ! "Y-Yes?"
: [ walks over to him and crosses his arms ] "I told you to wait for me! What are you doing here?"
: "I -- I'm sorry..."
: "Are you sure you're prepared for this?" ... HE IS AT MOST 14. HE IS PROBABLY MUCH YOUNGER.
: "Yes."
: "Ah, hell. Okay then. But keep to the back of the ship."
: "Yes, sir!"

[ The Night Sea ]
[ Victory conditions: Get a friendly unit next to the Rune Cannon ]
[ Defeat conditions: Withdraw with Walter ]

There's a tutorial on support actions here, but don't care!
[BGM: Decisive Battle with Steele]

Oh, hey, Peck is ranged.
: "Look out!"
: "You saved my hide."
I love seeing goodwill between minor characters ♥

: [levelup] "Excellent!"
Aaaand he made Edgar unfriendly because Edgar was caught in the radius, but I needed to get the guy near him down.

Sent Walter to the right spot!

Cut to our group.
: "Now, let's hold here for a moment. If we could get our hands on that device..."
Walter starts walking towards the rune cannon.
: "Um... Father?!"

Cut to Steele!
: "Hmmm... What's he up to? Does he think we can't see him from here? Well then, he'll be our bait for today." [steps up a bit closer, goes \o/] "Watch and weep, boys!"
He whistles!
A blue pirate bolts over to the rune cannon! Its eye keeps blinking.
: "Whoa!"
He spins it towards Walter!
: "What is that fool up to now...?"
: "Father!"

: "F-Father, NOOO!!"
: "Walter!"
Kyril tries to run over!
: "No! It's too dangerous!"
: "Uuughkl..." Uh oh.
: "*gasp*"
Kyril pushes past Andarc!
: "Wait!"
[BGM: Evil Power] not sure which one
... That is a fish.
: "Wha--"
Fishdad turns towards us.
: "It can't be..."
: "Father...?"
Brandeau tries to stop him, but Kyril runs over anyway! Andarc follows behind him.
: "*gurgles* Gworrrglgl..."
: "What? They're father and son? This is too good to be true! Ahh-ha-harrr!!"
: "Father... I-It's me, Kyril..."
The fish steps forward and roars.
: "Father?!"
: "LOOK OUT!!"
: "NOOO!"
: "Oh, no... Walter..."
: "..."
: "!"
[BGM: Things Lost]
: "Father! FATHER!!" Wow the voice acting is so much better in Japanese.
: "Walter..." Huh, he switched from -sama to -san for here.
: "Ahaha-har-harrr!!" [butt wiggle] "Look at that! Splendid! Such a touching scene! Ahhhh-haa-harr-harrr!!"
: "Y-You... fiend!"
: "Careful, Edgar!"
: "Grrr...!"
: "Peck, we need to hit Steele head on. We'll keep him occupied while you do something about that device. Got it?"
: "Yes, sir, Mr. Brandeau, sir."
: "I'm counting on you, Peck. Don't let me down."
Fade out!

[ The Night Sea ]
[ Victory conditions: Defeat Steele, or all other enemy units ]
[ Defeat conditions: Withdraw with Kyril or Peck / Lose all friendly units ]

Kyril's been npc'd. So has Peck. Kyril just keeps cowering; Peck is presumably working on the rune cannon.
Oh, huh, Edgar uses the same dual sword stance Kika does.
: "Father..."
Mmm, Brandeau being on my side.

: "Watch out!"
: "I owe you one."

... WELL. Steele just cast something that did about 40 damage to Edgar and three to himself. WHAT COULD THAT BE? His rune looks like this:

ROWDY PIRATE: "They got me..."

Ugh, Steele gets a turn before Brandeau and Edgar next do. And a fishman just spawned behind Kyril.
Wow, Brandeau, that 107 damage crit was nice, but it's a pity you couldn't reach Steele 8|

Steel just killed Andarc ...
: "Please... forgive me..."
[ Andarc has withdrawn. ]

And then it was clear this was pretty much unwinnable this time around, so restart!
Hitting the restart battle command just restarts from the beginning of that particular battle, not from the beginning of the sequence, but as it so happens I had a quicksave back from when Steele threw Eternal Ordeal.
At the moment I'm trying the 'don't have anything to do with Steele' approach to this map since I'm pretty sure he doesn't attack directly if you don't fuck with him.
There, only one non-Steele pirate remaining. Pretty much no way I can lose now. Aaaaaaaand Andarc fried the fish.
A-rank get! Oh, quick explanation of ranks: S-rank gets you a unique item per map, but you can only get one of it; A-rank is gold medal, which raises HP and DEF by 1 but sells for a lot; B-rank is silver medal, which raises HP by 5 and DEF by 1 and sells for a bit; C-rank is bronze medal, which raises HP by 10 and DEF by 1 and sells for crap. So you actually want to get a lot of Cs in your first playthrough, since you don't have good equipment yet.

Steele is fiddling with his rune cannon. The eye is now closed.
: "Grrrr... What now--?!" [ raises arms ] "At a time like this?! To hell with this worthless contraption!"
He turns to us.
: "Looking for a fight?"
: "Playtime... is over."
He raises his left hand, which begins glowing darkly and red!
: "Something's happening! Run!"
: "So long!"
Explosions ahoy!
White out.

Screams of pain.

Fade into Edgar is unconscious, the ship is a wreck, and Steele is mostly dead.
[BGM: Rune of Punishment ~ Meeting the Cursed Rune] CLICK THIS LINK. This is probably my favourite bgm actually.
: "Hey! Edgar! Are you with me?" ... On a relevant note, I just left the game on this sequence for like half an hour because of this bgm. ... Again.
: "Brandeau... If something should... happen to me..."
: "Edgar!! Damn it... We can't just die here!"
Steele's corpse glows again. Brandeau goes ! More precisely, Steele's left hand glows....
: "Wh-What? That light!"
The Rune of Punishment goes high into the air --!

-- and latches onto Brandeau, who stands up and screams.

: "Aaarghhh! No... NO... You bastard... What have you done to me?!"
: "Heh, heh, heh... my gift to you. The Rune of Punishment."
Steele tries to stand up, but fails.
: "Most cursed, it is... It devours... human life... One day... you, too... ... will be... consumed by it..."
And he fades away into darkness. Thanks, dude!

Brandeau is holding his hand like it'll stop trying to kill him anytime soon, then falls back onto Edgar.
: "An accursed Rune??"
Edgar's hand eventually falls.
: "No! EDGAR!!"
He I think tries shaking him a bit, then leans over....
: "E-Edgar..."
Pan out.
The rune cannon's disintegrating.
Eventually Brandeau picks up Edgar('s corpse) and fireman-carries him.
: "Damn it... I'm... going home... Right, Edgar?!"
The rune cannon finishes disintegrating, and Brandeau goes !
Peck is not looking so good.

: "Who's there?!"
: [stands up] "It's just me, Mr. Brandeau... Peck..." Umm....
: "Peck... you're Peck? What... What happened to you??"
: "Wha --" [looks at self] "What the...? My hands... They look like... a corpse's! Wh-Wh-What does this --?" D:
Peck turns away, looks at the Walter fish, looks at himself.
: ! "I-I... Mr. Brandeau... ... please!"
And he leans over, shaking his head.
: "Peck, do you want to come with me? I can't ever return to that island. But if you travel with me, this Rune might devour you, as well."
: "I don't want to drag you down."
: [stands up, fervent] "I'll go! I'll go with you, Mr. Brandeau!"
: "Are you absolutely sure?"
: [hand over heart] "I'll follow wherever you lead, Mr. Brandeau!"
: "All right, then. So be it. Let's go."
: "Yes, sir! Your wish is my command!"
Pan out and fade out.

Cut to Andarc floating on a piece of ship. No music.
: "Ah! Kyril..." He calls Kyril Kyril-sama, btw.
Pan over to Kyril and Yohn on the edge of a different ship piece.
Cut to Andarc, Kyril, and Yohn floating on that piece.

: "Thank you for your help, Yohn..."
Yohn lowers her head, looking at Kyril. :(
: "Kyril! Are you okay? He must be freezing..."
: "... Uuh... uuuhhh..."
: "We'll get you back to the ship soon. Hang in there!"
Andarc goes like orz then sits up.
: "Walter, give me the strength to go on! If I lose Kyril, too, I...!"
Pan up.

It is night. No music. Sounds of things being moved.
: "Phew... Well, that's that, Mr. Brandeau."
: "Good. Let's go."
: "A-Are you sure about this? Shouldn't we at least see Lady Kika before we go?"
: "No. I don't have the right to. What could I say?"
: "But that's--"
: "Forgiveness... salvation... I am beyond these things, now. All I have is this curse..."
: "We must leave. Now."
: "Yes, sir..."
Fade out.

It's daytime at the Nest of Pirates. Kika, Dario, and three generic pirates are there. So is a coffin with a bunch of stuff. (Loot from Steele?)
: "..."
PIRATE: "L-Lady Kika! This is Edgar's..."
: "*gasp*"
PIRATE: "R-Right??"
: "Shut yer trap, numbskull! Think about how she must feel right now, and keep quiet!" [ fistpump ]
[BGM: something short.]
: [collapses onto the coffin] "Edgar... You did come back to me. Edgar... Don't ever leave me again." And then she makes jewelry out of him.
: "Lady Kika..."
: "Oh, Edgar..."
Pan out.
: "Edgar...!"
Fade out.

- Unkillables: tiny Kyril, Seneca, Andarc; honorary Yohn; Walter, Edgar, Brandeau, Peck; met Kika
- Killables (Deaths): none; met Sigurd, Hervey, Dario

NEXT TIME: Given that the next Rhapsodia chapter's titled 'Three Years Later', time for some SuikoIV! Last chance to name Lazlo something other than Lazlo!
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pearl (u) 1289 4685 3598; platinum (j) 3566 4513 8338; platinum (i) 4383 3839 7305; soul silver (j) 4383 1211 4378; soul silver (j; ロケットだんよ永遠に) 1076 4655 0015; soul silver (u) 2880 1770 5916;
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For some reason, I have a strong urge to name Lazlo "Iodine"

....Or "Pyrite"
Originally Posted by Condunum
Originally Posted by Benuty
Baby jesus would hardly be offended by Lgbt people marrying after all he is .... baby jesus.
No. Baby Jesus will be very sad and he will cry. Do you want to make baby Jesus cry?
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Wow, this took forever.

puella-nerdii gave me an awesome suggestion for a name for Lazlo! >D Sorry, Legendaryseeker.

LAST TIME: Adventures with Rhapsodia! SAD BRANDEAU IN SURF.

[BGM: A New Journey ~ Opening Theme] Basically, the same Beginning Theme as always :D

Well, her first suggestion didn't fit, and I decided that along the same lines ...
8D RARITY Because Lazlo picks out Snowe's outfits for him.

No music; just the sound of seagulls.

Then some music starts up! I don't recognise it, though.
Pan down to boat.
A Lazlo is on the boat!
: [ HANDS ON HIPS ] "They're here! Are you ready? Don't worry. It'll be all right. You'll see. I'm going to take command."
: "Is everyone ready?"
: "Let's go!"

[BGM: Battle on the Sea 1]
????? vs Snowe's Ship
This is the flag for Snowe's Ship. The other one doesn't have a flag, oh no!
[ Victory Conditions: Counter the enemy's attack and emerge victorious! ]
: "Here... First, you have to assign the crew members." Jewel actually has a different icon here where she's in uniform, but at the moment I don't really care about getting icons right when I don't have art to crop from :|a I'm keeping note of what's what, but for now I don't care enough to fix 'm.
: "Rarity, you want to give it a try?"
: [ "Please explain it to me." | "I'll do it on my own." ] "I'll do it on my own."
I now have four options! Ship Setup, Victory Conditions, Look at map, and Commence naval battle. This takes place on a grid; my ship currently has 006/006 and I'm fighting a ship with 060/060 and two rune cannons, one lightning and one water.

I go to Ship Setup! My only ship is the Gaien Ship, with Move: 3, Range: 3, and Hull: 15. The Captain is locked to Snowe (+10 to hull), and I have one rune cannon slot, four Fighter slots, and six underlings.

My possible people to stick on rune cannon duty are Tal (20 earth), Paula (20 wind), Keneth (20 lightning), and Jewel (20 water). Since my foe has lightning and water, I stick Keneth on rune cannon duty. IV uses the same element pentagon that Rhapsodia does: Fire > Wind > Earth > Lightning > Water > Fire. Same element negates, weak element takes extra damage and is cancelled, both elements hit if they're not next to each other.

I stick Rarity et al as Fighters, which brings my total underlings to 50, 12 per person. Underlings are basically HP. The more HP you have, the slower you move, and you can actually lower that, but it's not usually that useful.

[ Engage! ]
: "Rune Cannon, fire!"
I deal 15 damage! You can only attack if your sides are facing the enemy: you don't have cannons in the front. Don't let your ships get caught as the vertical bar in a T-shape.
Whenever someone attacks you and you're able to attack back, you get a dialogue: [ The enemy is firing at us. ] [ Attack | Don't attack. ] The only time you should pick Don't Attack is if you know you're going to lose that match up.
: "Engage the enemy!"
That didn't do any damage that time, which means our friend is using lightning.

: "P-Perhaps I underestimated them..." Ooh, mysterious figure.
: [ PLEASED FACE ] "We won, Rarity!"
[ Victory! ]

Oh no! The ship is under attack! It keeps shaking!
: [ arms raised a bit, freaking out ] "We're in trouble! They're starting to board us!"
: [ PANICKED FACE ] "Oh!! Th-They're here?!" I really don't want to bother fixing all of these portraits ...
[BGM: Battle]
It's me and Snowe against a man and a woman! :O
: "Rarity, I'm here. If you need an explanation about combat, I'll provide it. Would you like one?"
: [ "Yes, please explain it to me." | "No, I'll be okay." ] "No, I'll be okay."

[BGM: Battle]
The battle system for IV is much like I and II's! (This isn't actually a given; III is weird.) The main difference is that now your party size is only four for some reason 8|
I start out with attacking Katarina -- uh, I mean, ???? -- because she's a mage.
Our stupid boys share a unite attack!
Friendship Attack consists of Lazlo hitting the target three times and Snowe eventually deigns to drop in and hits once, then strikes a dramatic pose. Snowe is a good friend.
: "Let's go!"
Snowe knows you're jealous you're not as pretty as he.
... ooor maybe I should hit Glen -- uh, I mean, ??? -- because he hits hard.
Okay, no, Katarina's the right choice.
Snowe has a Water Rune, so I'll Kindness Drops Lazlo.
And battle over after a bit!

: "Commander..."
: "How easily we boarded you, Captain Snowe! Had this been a real battle, I could have approached you from behind while you weren't looking and.." [draws sword, moves as to hit Snowe (who panics), and -- ] "Slash! Like that. For a captain, you lack a sense of awareness. Watch yourself! You hear me?!"
: [ deep breath because wow captain Glen is scary ] "Y-Yes, sir. I'll be more careful, sir!" [ SALUTE! ]

: "Good. Rarity, you still seem to be up for more action. How about a little one-on-one?"
: "Rarity, this will be a good opportunity for you to practice your fighting."
: [ "In that case, let's do it." | "Please give me a moment to get ready." ] "In that case, let's do it."

[BGM: Fated Confrontation] I love the music in this game omg ♥ Also that this has bits of the Rune of Punishment theme weaved into it.

: "All right, I'll go easy at first... But if things get heated, I'll go all out, so prepare yourself!"
: "Let's see you make a move."
[ ATTACK!! ]
I attack at full power!! You can only do this once per battle, so be sure you're getting the match-up right.
: "Pay close attention to my swordsmanship."
I special! And strike a cool pose.
: "Let's see how well you can wield that sword."
: "Pay close attention to my swordsmanship."
: "Prepare to get beaten to a pulp!"
: "My next move will settle this, once and for all!"
: "Now it's my turn!"
Glen grabs his shoulder when I defend against his specials, by the by.
And then he falls! >D

: "Brilliant, Rarity. This kind of improvement makes me proud to have trained you."
: "Commander, the graduation mock battle is wrapping up. After this, we'll return for the graduation speech. And later tonight, there will be the traditional 'Knight Initiation Festival.'"
: "Understood. Let's return to our posts. Snowe, I'm counting on you for tonight's "Kindling Ritual." It's an important rite for everyone."
: "Yes, sir. As a representative of the Gaien Marines Academy graduates, I shall do my best to conduct myself with grace." I eagerly await your definition of grace.

Fade out.

Running around the ship! ... Usually there's a treasure map in the cabin, but I'm not finding one.

KNIGHT OF GAIEN: "Just between you and me, the captain isn't the most reliable person right now. That's why I'm on standby here...
: "Yes?"
KNIGHT OF GAIEN: "I-It's nothing, Captain."

Back onto the deck ...
TRAINEE: "If you're looking for Commander Glen, he went back to his own ship."
TRAINEE: "So... today, we say goodbye to this equipment. Did you know the armor that official Knights wear is different from ours and can't be taken off easily? They say it shows their resolve and if it ever comes down to it, their lives are with the sea..." Thanks, kid.
: "Now, everyone, please continue to man your posts and keep working."

: "Whew... I'm hungry... I say we dine like kings tonight!"
: [keeps shrugging] "So, the training is over as of today..."
TRAINEE: "Hey, you'll get yelled at later if you get caught making idle chatter. We're still in the middle of training!"
Hm, where's Paula.

: "Rarity... Look, the color of the sea is changing. Razril should be coming into sight soon."
: "Really? Isn't it still pretty far off?"
: "No... I've watched this sea every time I've passed by here. No doubt about it, it'll come into sight."
TRAINEE: "Land ho!! There's Razril!"
: "See?"
: "Wow... It seems you'd make a better scholar than a Knight, Keneth." Snowe. What.

Cutscene! Of the boat moving. No caps here because boring.
: "So, we're graduating. Tomorrow, at long last, we'll officially be Knights..." But I want to be a day.
: "Snowe, are you worried?"
: "Worried? What are you talking about? I've been waiting all my life for this! Finally, the time has come for my abilities to serve Gaien..." Haha, Snowe's abilities.

: "I wonder what our duties will be starting tomorrow..."

: "So, at tonight's festival... Oh, Captain Snowe!"
: "Hey, do you know where Paula is?"
: "She wasn't at her usual spot? ... Come to think of it, I haven't seen her in a while."
: "Again? Really, whatever an elf thinks is beyond me. I guess she likes being a loner. Well, today is our last day..." PAULA'S THOUGHTS: 'I wonder what's for dinner.'
: "Oh, yeah! Snowe, you'd better nail today's "Kindling Ritual"! After all, you're representing us."
: "Oh, that... Don't worry. I'll make the ritual something you can all be proud of." Sure, kid.
: "Ooh! How inspiring, Snowe!"
: "... I wish you wouldn't make fun of me." But it's so EASY.
: "Sorry about that. Honestly, that's how I feel. Don't get mad."
: [from offscreen] "Prepare to disembark! Once you are safely ashore, please assemble in the training hall. Commander Glen has a graduation speech for you, so don't be late. Understood?"
: "Yes, ma'am. Understood."
: "Getting ready, ma'am. But man, I'm hungry... I'm gonna have to stuff myself tonight." * Tal is now known as a pińata.
: "Paaaauuullllaaaa!! Let's go!!" She's coming!
Pan up to Paula in the crow's nest! Seagulls fly by, and --

[BGM: Sailing] Cool music :D Opening credits go here! Lots of shots of the boat as it pulls into Razril.

The kids all run to the Hall of Knights!

Cut to the courtyard! [BGM: Landing] WELCOME TO RAZRIL.
: "Well, shall we head for the training hall? We have to hear Commander Glen's speech."

Whoo! Wandering around the docks outside the Hall of Knights.

KNIGHT OF GAIEN: "Today's speech is scheduled to take place at the training hall in the back. Oh... it's about to start soon! Don't you be late, you guys!"

TRAINEE: "Senior Snowe, Senior Rarity... Congratulations on your graduation!" She should probably just say 'senpai' :|
: "Hahaha... Thank you. You guys keep up the hard work, too."

I try to enter Razril proper :B
KNIGHT OF GAIEN: "Come on! If you don't hurry to the training hall, you'll get a scolding from Ms. Katarina." Shouldn't you be more polite to her than that?

This building needs some repair work done :B

I enter the Hall of Knights Courtyard! [BGM: Life of a Knight]

In the Audience Chamber is a chest containing Old Book Volume 9.

KNIGHT OF GAIEN: "What's wrong? Did you forget something in your room? The speech is starting soon, but... if you need something, get it quickly!"
: "Rarity, if you need something, I'll come with you." How forward!

In my room is a chest containing a Steamed Bun and a Water Orb.
: [ Rest a little. | Don't rest yet. ]
NAPTIME. It's a good thing Snowe is here.
Why does he have a massive desk?

No one's currently in the kitchen next to his room.
Commander Glen is not in his room. Shock and awe!
He is also not on the roof.

KNIGHT OF GAIEN: "Hey, Rarity, go buy some Medicine for me."
KNIGHT OF GAIEN: "Hey, Rarity and they have the graduation speech now. Ask them later."
KNIGHT OF GAIEN: "I know that... I was just kidding."

KNIGHT OF GAIEN: "Rarity, come on, hurry up and go listen to the Commander's speech. Ms. Katarina's scary if you make her mad, you know... Get going before you're too late."

: "You two are the last to arrive. Hurry on in!"


Lots of panning over the Knights throughout this speech! Paula and Jewel are talking about something; Tal is falling asleep. We are ALL LINED UP alongside many npcs in front of a Glen on the dais and a Katarina on the ground in front of him!
: "... All of you here today will officially be assigned to Gaien's one-and-only band of Knights. In other words, your long days of training are now over. For now, I will talk of my experiences." Oh, great.
: "It was seven years ago, on the seas of our enemy nation, Kooluk. Four of our Knights' ships were decimated by just one Kooluk vessel. It was a bitter battle. Many of my men paid the ultimate price... Most of you probably know this much." <Espeon> The ultimate price is a starbucks coffee. Those things are steep.
: "But no one wants to talk about what happened next... Why? Because it reminds us of the humiliation we suffered at the hands of a certain man. The commander of that enemy fleet was a man named Troy. Back then, Troy was not much older than those of you here right now. But... Even Gaien's veteran Knights were unable to inflict a single scratch on that young man... You must all strive to become Knights even greater than Troy! Do you understand?! Such a humiliating experience must not be repeated! The fate of Gaien is in your hands." Don't worry: we'll get at least as many Gaien Knights killed as Troy.
Everyone straightens. Tal wakes up. Jewel and Paula stop fooling around.
: "... That is all. Congratulations, graduates!"
They all salute! Katarina salutes a bit after the trainees, and Glen salutes last.
: "Starting tomorrow, your duty will be patrolling the neighboring waters. In other words, guard duty. Do your best and do not let your guard down."
Everyone relaxes.
: "Also, your official equipment is still in production. We will contact you when it is complete."

We're back in the courtyard.
: "Let's go, Rarity. Everyone's waiting at the harbor. It's finally time for the "Kindling Ritual.""

<Espeon> Snowe has a skinny latté with extra cinnamon or something
<Viki> tall skinny caramel macchiato with extra whipped cream, cinnamon, nutmeg, and his name written on the top
<Viki> probably with a heart
<Espeon> Haha
<Viki> so if he takes off the lid it says ♥ SNOWE ♥
<Espeon> Lazlo decides to have caramel iced latté
<Espeon> and everyone is like "Sooo original! *-*"
<Espeon> leading to Snowe-envy
<Viki> no, no, lazlo doesn't get a coffee
<Viki> snowe remembers he's lactose-intolerant and forgot to ask for it to be a tall skinny SOY caramel macchiato
<Viki> and then gives it to lazlo
<Viki> (Lazlo is lactose-intolerant too, but he figures it's a coffee and even if it's sickeningly sweet, he might as well.)

- FACES MET: our illustrious tenkai, Snowe, Jewel, Paula, Keneth, Tal, Glen, Katarina
- SNOWE POINTS: ... Is the fact I'm keeping a tally hinting towards him being a terrible boyfriend? Eh, I figure his being a terrible boyfriend hints towards him being a terrible boyfriend. 5 (pretty) - 2 (Friendship Attack) - 2 (competence) + 1 (not throwing a hissy fit because Glen likes me more) + 2 (... nap.) = 4
- TIMES FAINTED: None yet!

NEXT TIME: The Kindling Ritual and a nekobold scumbag!
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