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Default Pokemon: League Masters: Birth of a new Darkness

"Master Ralvarn, your presense is requested by League Master Lance," called the young female at the dorr to Jacen's room. Jacen, who had been watching television, got up and stretched.

"Okay, I'm coming Maria," he called back. "Come on, Doom." At that, his pet Houndoom got up from the side of the bed and stretched as well. Jace smiled as he headed to the closet.

Jacen hummed as he began to rummage through his clothes. Then he pulled out his black leather jacket that bore the insigma of the Gildor League Masters, a secret organization he has been a member of for only a short while.

Doom looked at Jace and yawned. Apparantly, Doom just wanted to head back to bed, so Jacen nodded.

"Okay, Doom, so I take it you wish to stay back." Doom growled an affirmitive and went back into his bed. Jace smiled. "Well, if thats what you wish, then go for it. I shouldn't take too long."

At that, Jacen headed for the door, looking back to make sure Doom was asleep and, to his relief, Doom was now fast sleeping. "See ya soon, Doom," Jacen called queily as he left the room.

(to be continued for now)

Made by me
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