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Default Mini Sagas

For a competition, we have to write a mini-saga, with a beginning, middle and end in 50 words or less. They have to be imaginative and innovative. These are a few of the ones I have written in the drafting stage.


The Adventure of Larry the Strawberry Custard Monster

"Flobergobobble," yelled Larry, as he stormed down the streets of melon cordial. He was being chased by an angry mob of Dandy Dairies, who were in outrage. But without watching his step, Larry fell down a ditch. Unfortunately, it was full of deadly acid, and Larry dissolved instantly.


The Final Minute of Planet Earth

It was falling steadily. The gigantic metallic hulk of death. The eternal scream of Hell echoed in his ears, and a blinding flash made his eyes shiver in agony. There was one last, feeble breath of air, and then, nothing. The pit of destruction that it was, gone. Gone forever.


The Realms of Death

His shadow lingered like a heavy stench, as his slender, bony fingers groped at the dust. The slit like nostrils that were carved into his chalk white face sniffed at the air. The one that abhorred life was in their land. A whisper of wind, and Death was gone. Home.


The Twilight Descends

He is sitting in his throne of emeralds, watching the six suns set. As he spectates helplessly, the Overlord walks over to him.

"It is time, King," he says finally.

The silhouettes of the once glorious Twin Hills obstruct the darkness. But soon, they are immersed. The twilight is descending.


Constructive comments and criticism appreciated. Thanks.
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Old 07-09-2008, 01:20 AM
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Default Re: Mini Sagas

As he spectates helplessly
all I could picture was someone going "GO NUMBER THREE! COME ON, YOU CAN DO IT!"
We want to be special in a universe that is uncaring and cold, and in which the nature of our existence is a transient flicker, so we invent these strange stories of grand beginnings, like every orphan dreaming that they are the children of kings who will one day ride up on a white horse and take them away to a beautiful palace and a rich and healthy family that will love them forever. We are not princes of the earth, we are the descendants of worms, and any nobility must be earned.
— PZ Myers
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