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Default (MLP FiM Parody) My Little Kitten Loving is Kindness

This is a parody of MLP FiM, basiclly with cats. This story revolves around a american shorthair tabby kitten named Rose, in a land called Nettic (NET-tik), Kittenville. The characters are fully aware there is a land called ponyville Equestria, and they are fully aware of the elements of harmony, and the six ponies who hold them. This story is just for random entertainment, and since this is a parody of MLP, all rights reserved to, well, the creators of MLP FiM. (Let's see if you can get one of those inside jokes, specificlly events that talk about or imply something well known, but not in the show. ;P)

All right, let's get this started!

Chapter One

Rose rustled in her bed. She was having another nightmare, as she was turning side to side in her bed, shouting and screaming in terror.

"Cupcakes....Sugarcube corner.....that pink murdering!" She screamed herself awake. It took her brain a moment to process that her nightmare wasn't real.

She looked around her room. You would think that kittens would only have a cat bed and a litter box, like a pony would live in a stable, right? No, the cats here in Nettic have large houses they live in, and their bedrooms are the most diverse. Rose's room had ivory coloured walls. Her bed was that of a human's, (Although no pony nor cat knows about the existance of humans.) with it being triple her size. the colour of the bed was blue, as the blanket was plain red.

Getting out from her blanket, and not bothering to set the blanket back to its original state, Rose left her room and went outside.

The town of Nettic was very modern, unlike that MLP Television show with its old fashioned theme. There were tiny cars parked on the sides of the street. Movie theaters, arcades, and restraunts were scattered around the town.

The citizens of Nettic were friendly, but judgemental, although, strangely, none of them were outside today. Was there a town meeting? No, if there was, Rose would know about it. Maybe there was a meeting only for the kittens with beauty marks.

Beauty marks are just like a pony's cutie mark from that TV show, except a beautie mark is on a cat's paw, rather than their flank. Rose looked at each of her paws. She sighed, as there was nothing on them, again. Rose was the only kitten in Nettic without a Beauty Mark. It was frustrating, considering all the cats would never even consider being with a "Sore Paw", as they call cats without Beauty Marks.

A meeting for kittens with beauty marks would make perfect sense, since she wouldn't be invited. She sighed once more. An idea then came to her. Would she be able to do things she wouldn't be able to do while the other cats were gone? Maybe. She could go swimming in peace, (that stereotype about cats hating water is false, though.) read a book in peace, or, well, do anything in peace.

This thought made her sad once more. If she was the only one there, then she'd have no one to be with. She desperately wanted friends, but that wouldn't happen today, obviously. Rose, lost in her thoughts, never noticed a ragdoll cat walking near her.

The Ragdoll cat walked up to Rose, which made Rose so surprised she jumped up in the air. No kitten would ever come up to a sore paw! So why would this cat acknoledge her?

The Ragdoll cat had fluffy white fur, as her eyes shones a bright green.

"Hi, I'm Emerald!" the Ragdoll spoke with enthusiasm, its voice being soft, but had a hint of a British accent.

Rose felt a little awkward. "Umm, hi, I'm Rose. Why would you talk to a sore paw like me?"

Emerald didn't speak for a moment. She tilted her head down, and looked up at Rose, head still bent down. "Oh, well, I know what it's like being a sore paw, as I just got my Beauty mark three days ago."

Emerald looked at her left front paw. Rose did too, and saw a green gem on her paw.

"What does that Beauty mark represent?" Rose asked.

"Oh, well, I'm not entirely sure, but I think it has something to do with, well, my name. My name is Emerald, and my Beauty mark is an Emerald." Emerald explained.

Rose found it peculiar that a kitten's Beauty mark matches their name. Would her Beauty mark be a rose? Possibly. Rose then thought of how awesome it was to actually have a conversation with a cat that wasn't a Sore Paw. But if that cat was a Sore Paw three days ago, wouldn't Rose know it?

"Hey, are you new to Nettic?" Rose asked cautiously.

Emerald stammered for a moment. "Oh, umm, well, yeah. I came here five days ago. Oh, umm, listen, I'll see you tomorrow. I'll be back at this spot at this time tomorrow. So see you later" she said, anxious to leave.

"Oh, wait! Do you know why all the cats aren't outside?" Rose asked, desperate to know.

"Oh, they're all at the newest movie at the movie theater. You probably didn't know that, since none of those cats would even tell you, what with you not having a Beauty mark and all. So see you tomorrow," she explained, and then left.

Did Rose just make a new friend? That's what she thought. Rose felt satisfied with herself, something that she rarely was.

Chapter 2

Rose woke up to another beautiful day. She jumped off of her blue bed and red blanket (in which she still hasn't set it back up) and went outside.

Unlike yesterday, the citizens of Nettic were all there, running around and just being carefree. Rose was excited to meet Emerald again! Emerald is her first friend, and no way is Rose going to fuck this up. Jogging over to the place she met Emerald, which was near a rather large fountain, she waited for her to show up.

Rose checked somewhere for a clock. There, on the movie theater wall, was a silver digital clock inplanted in it, standing out from the purple walls. The time clearly said 4:24, five minutes before Rose met Emerald here.

After 8 minutes, Emerald finally showed up, even though she was a bit late.

"Sorry I'm late!" she apologized. "It's just that I had to eat a large bowl of cereal for breakfast. Anyway, hi!"

Rose was really surprised that Emerald actually showed up. A small logical part of Rose thought that Emerald only talked to her yesterday because of some dare, and that emerald wouldn't even show up. "Hey there," she said calmly, even though inside she was filled with mirth. "Want to go to the town spring?"

"Umm, sure," Emerald said hesitantly, as though this question caught her off guard.

As they walked to the spring, they started talking more about themselves. Ok, well, they actually just talked about Beauty marks, and wondered what Rose's talent would be. Their guesses became more wilder by the second: Bowling, sushi tasting, sky diving, becoming a pony.

When they reached the spring, they both collapsed on the ground from sheer exhaustion. The spring was that of an ordinary spring. However, a faint mist swirled around the body of water, making it seem mystical and mysterious. Just what Rose liked!

"Hey Emerald," Rose said after a moment of awkward silence, "Do you think I'll ever get a Beauty mark?"

Emerald shifted uncomfotably for a second. "Well, that all depends on if YOU think you can. You just gotta put your heart to it."

Rose felt comfortable around Emerald. She seemed wise, but not the old owl kind; the empathetic kind. "Hey, how did you get your Beauty mark? You told me what it represents, but you never actually told me how you got it"

Emerald looked at her like she was crazy. "Well, I had a knack for creating jewelry, but the only things I would use were Emeralds."

Wait, did Rose hear right? Did Emerald say had? As in, had it before, but not now? "Do you still have that talent?" Rose asked warily.

Emerald seemed a little embarressed. "Well, yes. I don't have it anymore. The Fairy Cats took it away three days ago, basically a day after I got it."

Rose seemed perplexed. "Umm, Fairy cats?"

Emerald blushed for not explaining it. "Oh, Fairy cats are very rare. They are the supreme overlords of Nettic, but they mostly reign over Kittenville, which is where we live. When a cat has misused their talents, their talents are taken away, so they're no longer good at it. I haven't a clue why I couldn't make jewelry with emeralds on that random day, because I know I did nothing wrong. Nevertheless, I can't use my talent anymore."

Rose felt sorrow for this Ragdoll cat. It must be frustrating not being able to use a cat's special talent when it is THEIR talent. Rose spoke softer than normally, "That....that must be terrible!...Emerald, how come I haven't heard of these 'Fary Cats'?" she said, desperate to change the subject.

"Well, they are rare, and only the people who have encountered them know about them. Of course, I didn't even see them, but my grammy told me stories about all kinds of mythical cats!" she exclaimed, lost in the thought of mythical creatures.

Rose smiled at this cat. Emerald was fun and wise. A perfect friend! Wait...a perfect friend...there has to be a catch...Rose didn't care at the moment, though. She was having a good time with Emerald.

At that moment, water splashed at her face. Emerald stopped her reminincing and looked at the wet Rose. Emerald almost burst with laughter, but managed to keep it maintained. It was obvious that Emerald didn't splash water on her, since she wasn't even near the water.

But if Emerald didn't splash water on Rose's face...then what did? Rose turned towards the spring. A small, living, feline figure emerged from the water. The only problem is that this figure wasn't really a cat; It was living water...

Chapter 3

Rose stood there, absolutely stunned that there was living water. Emerald only looked very anxious and excited. Emerald hastily ran towards the water cat,

"Hello there. What might your name be?" Emerald asked, without a hint of fear in her voice.

Rose ran up to her and whispered in her feline ear. "Emerald, do you know what that thing is? It's water. It's not going to talk, so we should leave."

As though to contradict Rose's statement, the water cat started to speak. "Hello," it said, its voice kind of echoey, "My name is Aqua. I'm a water cat."

"Umm, hi Aqua. I'm Rose, and that's Emerald," Rose said, hesitantly.

Aqua smiled the best water can actually smile. Aqua then started to gain fur, which became a beautiful sea blue. Her eyes became a rich ocean blue as she materialized into a real cat.

"Water cats can become either water or real cats," Aqua explained. "Water cats are so special, aren't they?"

Rose got a little irritated at Aqua being so cocky, but Emerald merely just stood there, gulping every letter Aqua said. Rose sighed in frustration, since she had a feeling they were going to be there for a while. Rose was right; for two hours, Emerald and Aqua were talking about "the rich history of Water cats" and "How awesome they are". Rose started to play with her tail to pass the time. Eventually, Aqua stated that she was tired, so Emerald said goodbye as Aqua turned back into water and walked back in the water.

"Well, have fun?" Rose asked sarcastically.

"Yeah! We talked about all kinds of stuff!" Emerald said, taking the question seriously.

Rose sighed. "Well, I guess I better go home. It's pretty late."

"I guess it is," replied Emerald. "But don't you want to now more about what I was talking about with Aqua?"

"No," Rose said bluntly.

"Well, we were talking about how Water cats became creatures that can turn into water, which lead to the history of-" Emerald said, ignoring Rose's answer.

"Why do you want to know so much about water cats?" Rose asked.

"Cause they have such a rich history." Emerald said. "Did you know that water cats can-"

"Look, I got to go home now," Rose interrupted again, which lead to hear walking to her house.

"I'll be at the spring tomorrow, same time!" Emerald yelled.

"OK!" Rose yelled back before going back into her little house.

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Default Re: (MLP FiM Parody) My Little Kitten Loving is Kindness

I think you shouldn't break the fourth wall as much. You should add more dialogue later in the story (and make some scenario where they would talk about it in the first place; maybe she converses with someone about her lack of a beauty mark), or provide explanations in the characters' thoughts ("Unlike Ponyville from that My Little Pony TV show, Nettic was very modern." instead, perhaps?). I also see a few places where the grammar could be a bit better.
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Originally Posted by Pokémon Showdown VGC
[02:22:35] +Superbird: ok seriously tho can I get some opinions on modern art
[02:22:42] +Superbird: its important
[02:23:18] @amr97: Modern art includes artistic works produced during the period extending roughly from the 1860s to the 1970s, and denotes the style and philosophy of the art produced during that era.
[02:23:20] @amr97: The term is usually associated with art in which the traditions of the past have been thrown aside in a spirit of experimentation.
[02:24:26] +Superbird: opinions, amr97, not definitions
[02:24:49] @amr97: oh
[02:24:52] @amr97: i don't get it
[02:24:56] @amr97: is my opinion
[02:25:04] +Superbird: oh ffs
[02:25:28] +Superbird: maybe i should give up and try a different room
[02:25:32] @amr97: probably tbh
[02:26:19] @SamVGC: i think this chatroom
[02:26:22] @SamVGC: is an art form
[02:26:26] @Dog-for-Dinner:
[02:26:47] +Superbird: dong-for-dinner that is not a thing to be goggled
[02:26:50] +Superbird: *dog
[02:26:51] +Superbird: *google
[02:27:02] @amr97: dong-for-dinner lmao
[02:27:07] @amr97: that had to be intentional
[02:27:18] +Superbird: 100% wasn't
[02:27:28] +Superbird: i'm so used to typing dingram's name that
[02:27:45] +Superbird: anything starting with the same first letter
[02:28:17] @Dog-for-Dinner: why is it not a thing to be googled
[02:28:23] @Dog-for-Dinner: google is the story of my high school
[02:28:33] +Superbird: you dont google opinions
[02:28:36] +Superbird: you google facts
[02:28:52] @Dog-for-Dinner: seems like a science student is trying to study humanities
[02:28:56] @Dog-for-Dinner: and is having a hard time
[02:29:00] +Superbird: ^
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Default Re: (MLP FiM Parody) My Little Kitten Loving is Kindness

I know about the grammar thing. I'll fix that later. This is only the very beginning (And I don't think it qualifies as a chapter, personally, but that's all i could write at that moment, O.O) so dialouge will be added.

Hmm, ok, i'll change it with your suggestion about "Unlike that MLP Show" thing.
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Default Re: (MLP FiM Parody) My Little Kitten Loving is Kindness

Edited chapter one. Chapter one is done.
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Default Re: (MLP FiM Parody) My Little Kitten Loving is Kindness

Chapter two done!

...I find it painstakingly amusing that this has gotten almost 50 views since yesterday, and my "The Kidnapping" story has only 150 since about a month ago.

I just love my fellow bronies/ponyheads! ='D
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