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Old 08-31-2008, 11:00 AM
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Default What would be your PMD village be?

What would you have in your Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Village, i'd have a bigone, and im about to make a ridiculously long list on what i would like in mine mine would be a city.

It would all be based around a statue of Arceus
Clefable-Friend Areas
Kecleon Bros:Shop (Items)
Beldum and Metang (Stickers)
Elecktrike(Adventure Log)
Porgon, Porgon2 and porygon-z-(Bank)
Cherubi (Berry Shop)
Riolu (Friend Album)
Masquerain (Team member recruitment service)
Medicham-Fortune Teller
Ninjask,Loundred,Gliscor (Police)
Bidoof, Bibarel (House Customising)
Mime Jnr (Beginner Info)
Mr Mime (Daily Tips)
Tropius (Trade online or not)

Your friends
Castform+Rattatas (will help you unpack)
Bagon+Seel+Ivysaur+Pachirisu (Fan Club)
Ambipom+Electrivire+Magmortar (another Team Base)
Magnetons house

Do you have any ideas for the next dungeon?
you dont have to make a huge list like that, I was just in the mood.
but id love a town like this

also i'd have an evil clan, Dark Hood (bit like Team Meanies)

i'll be uploading a picture of my ideal PMD soon...
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pokemon mystery dungeon

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