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Default Transformed (not for NaNoWriMo)


A bang. A scream. A cry for help. He stares us each in the eyes and then shoots us. Then darkness overcomes us one by one.

These events still play in my head each night.

You see, we were kidnapped. We were all perfectly innocent pokemon. Our trainer was mugged that terrible night. The short man with a trench coat and pink mittens and boots took us into the Goldenrod Underground. He pulled out a gun. A sniper rifle, to be exact. He tied us all up against the wall and gave us a single order: to stay here unless we want to be shot.

He called out each of our names. "Zoroark. Sunflora. Seviper. Lapras. Ninetales." He wrote them down and proceeded to place it at the entrance. A voice called down from the entrance.

"Hold your hands up and lie on the floor. Drop your rifle, release the hostages, and submit to authorities." The tip of a gun waved around threateningly in the entrance.

"Heh." He pointed the gun at the Sunflora. "Do you want me to shoot her? In fact, do you want me to shoot them all?"

The gun from the entrance disappeared. He held the gun to the Sunflora's head. "Point that thing in here and it dies. You got that right?" the kidnapper said threateningly.

"Sir. We were trained to disarm you and we will at this moment." People came downstairs and the Sunflora screamed.


She was slumped against the wall, her wound allowing a steady stream of blood to come out. The Lapras began to cry. "Since you're weak, I suppose I'll kill you next. After all, we must save the best," he glanced at me, the Seviper, and the Ninetales, "for last," he hissed, smirking evilly.


The Lapras collapsed to the ground. Its blood was a violet color and was streaming from its head. Could this guy get any more violent?

He aimed at me.


The Ninetales jumped into the path of the bullet.

As he was dying, he looked up at me. He smiled faintly before passing away. Why would he do that..?

Unless he knew something that I didn't. Which he did. If only I knew...

He stared the Seviper in the eyes. He slithered around, hissing, but to no avail.


The Seviper, before submitting to the wound, bit the murderer on the leg, injecting poison.

He aimed at me, the very last one. He aimed for my heart.


My last moments of life consisted of me staring him straight in the eyes, letting off a Payback aimed at his heart. He, for the most part, dodged it.

And as I left this world, his skin became pink and he began to shrink slightly.

---Chapter 1---

It was a light at the end of the tunnel.

I opened my eyes to find myself in a gap of darkness. Giratina was standing before me, graceful and menacing as I had always thought he would be. Wisps of darkness were crawling up my legs, anchoring me in place. Fog emerged from the "ground" and covered both my ankles. The fog seemed to have light emerging from it-- no wait, it was the light.

I gazed around me, taking in the fresh breeze, and inspected my fatal wound on my paw.

Except it wasn't a Zoroark's paw anymore. It was a freaking human hand- with no sign of the wound.

I looked down at my feet. Pale red generic sneakers those teenagers wore covered them. A pink t-shirt- why pink of all colors?- covered my torso and a pair of regular blue denim jeans covered my legs.

I ruffled my hair. It was black with red interspersed randomly throughout it. It was really long and pulled back in a ponytail with a vivid blue ponytail holder.

"Would you like a second chance? The others have chosen already," Giratina said awfully calmly for the God of Death.

"Of course I would. Is there anything I can do in return?"

"Of course, Melanie." He smirked.

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Default Re: Transformed (supposed to be for NaNoWriMo)

---Chapter 2---

"Well, then, what is it?" I say happily.

"Find the murderer. Kill him and I will take care of him myself."

I smiled up until the word "kill". Kill? Just because I'm a Dark-type doesn't mean I'm evil...right?

"Fine," I say reluctantly, "I'll do that." He smirks.

The tendrils keeping me rooted to this realm fade away, revealing a doorway lined with light. I cautiously wave my foot around in it, making sure it's real, and fall through.


A boy with fiery red hair was standing over me.

"You're sure this is 'er?" he murmurs to a boy with pitch black hair and snake fangs.

...wait. Snake fangs, that hair...

It had to be Cruentus, the Seviper on our trainer's team.

"Yep. This is her all right," he hissed, smiling. He leaned down, put his hand to my cheek and hissed, "right, Melanie?"

I'm practically frozen as I remember what the heck he just said. I clear my throat and whisper, "yes."

He stands up, grinning like a snake- which, of course, he was.

I look around. Fiery haired boy in the beige clothes was Aureus, the Ninetales; blue haired girl in the blue ballgown was Aqua, the Lapras; the guy who just stood up was Cruentus; and the blond girl in the green frilly dress was Sunny, the Sunflora. All five of us were here.

Thank goodness.
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Default Re: Transformed (supposed to be for NaNoWriMo)

---Chapter 3---

I stood up. Sunny tackle-hugged me, and I fell, once again, to the floor.

"You can get off of me now." I stare into her eyes. She scrambles to get off of me.

I got a good look around. My- no, wait, our- trainer came here all the time. Shelves lined the walls, filled with brightly colored TMs and the like. It reeked of Hyper Potions, Revives, and most of all- money.

It was the Goldenrod Department Store.

A trainer with pigtails and a poof-like hat with a red ribbon on it was staring at us. She pulled out her Pokenav and tried to call the police.

Aureus came forward. "Listen. We're not 'ere to hurt you, all right? We just kinda...arrived here. We've got a rogue Abra with us and this 'un," he pointed at Sunny, "was just really excited that she didn't get lost. For once."

Aur was the most sly liar I had ever seen. He could outdo a lie detector, after all.

The girl shuddered. "Okay," she muttered. She walked away and didn't glance back.

"Now we just gotta get outta here," Aur said calmly, smirking. He walked towards the elevator, pressed the button, and waved us over.

We all walked towards the elevator and walked in, Aur holding down the "open door button".

He pressed the number one, no arguments. After all, he knew how humans worked the best.
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