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Default War of the Ancients

I've been thinking about this idea for a while. Finally I got around to starting it. It takes place in a region far to the south of Sinnoh. I felt like developing new geography alongside this story.



The ground thundered as the three armies charged across the plains, each in their alliances armour. From the north came the warriors clad in blue trimmed with turquoise. Five metal prongs protruding from the shoulder blades of their armour. The helmets were elongated with two steel blades running along its length and the boots were lined with three blades. Each wielded a sword with a diamond set in the hilt.
In a storm from the south east came the army covered with pink steel lined with red. False plate wings shimmered in their wake and the fronts of their helmets were plated to protect their heads while allowing breathing. Each carried a shield with a pearl set in the centre of it.
Finally, from the west came thousands of soldiers armed with battle axes, their spiked helms shifting as they ran. Amber plates guarded their shoulders while their bodies were covered in leather dyed grey and strips of golden metals.
The armies charged towards each other across the plain, weapons readied. In the centre of the plain stood thirteen humans, they rose as one and a shrill whistle halted the armies, now close to the group. An ash-blonde teenager stepped forward and began to speak,

“Arceus has sent us as his messengers, and we are to tell you that this war is to stop, you’re damaging this world to beyond what is acceptable for such a fight. It is not worth what you seem to think it is.” She spoke not to the armies but to the three beings that flew above them. Each gazed upon her with contempt, why should they listen to her? What proof did she have?
A voice echoed and the three beings looked into the sky, momentarily distracted.

“Don’t doubt this girl, I have indeed sent them. They speak as I do, show them respect or I will be forced to intervene.” The three beings growled in assent and turned their gaze back to the humans settled in the plain.

“What would you have me do? They invaded my territory. How should I respond to that? Ask them nicely to leave?” The other two growled at the blue one who had spoken.

“I invaded your territory? I was minding my own business in my realm when you two invaded me.” The pink Pokémon growled a warning at the gold and spoke for himself,

“I was in my own realm; I made no move whatsoever to invade your territories” The trio continued to argue and, afraid it would get violent, the blonde girl raised her hand to her mouth and let out the same shrill whistle as before.

“Hey! I don’t care who you think invaded who. Arceus tells me that your worlds simply overlapped.” The pink being scoffed,

“Sure, how convenient. Arceus is supposed to regulate the regions of our worlds. In fact, how do we know that he doesn’t want us to destroy each other so that he can rule without us?”

“I’m not taking chances, we should blow these worthless humans to dust then continue in peace.” The golden being looked to the others and, seeing an agreement, began to charge a beam. The pink and blue followed suit and soon three blasts were tearing up the earth where once the humans had been. A tall, solemn boy called out from a floating chunk of rock the humans now stood on, a Kadabra standing in the centre of the group was glowing with the use of its psychic powers. Once again the three beings began gathering energy to fire at the messengers. A grey-blue Unown floated forward, its body the shape of an Ankh, and a wall of shining green light appeared around the rock. glanced harmlessly off the barrier.

“We can do this all day, you can’t.” The boy pointed out.
The three stood back and waited. The blonde human stepped forward and spoke resolutely,

“Stop fighting, this world belongs to all who inhabit it. It is not your battlefield.” She looked at each of the three beings in turn and turned back to return to the group when the pink Pokémon swung an arm and tore a rift through the guard and the rock beneath, The rock crumbled and all fell to the ground. The armies stood like statues as the blue Pokémon fired a powerful beam of time at the group. An odd looking Dusclops that stood with the humans managed to throw up another barrier before they were struck by the force. The three beings lowered themselves down and began an assault on the guard.
The human who appeared to be in charge seemed to know that she had to end this soon. She took the knife from her belt and… (Scripture damaged due to fire)…The remaining twelve humans gazed across the now empty plain and then back at their companion. She had crumpled to the ground but her face was calm, soon her body began to glow and it shrunk down into the form of a black gem with specks of white scattered on its surface. I have not seen this stone again to this day but I know it is out here in the Kyera region, somewhere.

Translation of a damaged scroll found in the Warana Plains

The open summer breeze
Will sweep you through the hills
Where I live in the Alpine Heights.
Below the Northern Lights.
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