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Old 12-28-2017, 11:54 PM
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Default asb pokemon profiles!

there's a sign still nailed to a wall somewhere in asber that reads "profile thread", but a new door has appeared beside it - there shouldn't be space for a door, but there is, and a room behind it too. inside there's a mess of jars lining the walls, holding pens, pencils, feather quills, and bright orange ink (other colors not provided). stacks of paper mark the corners, and pre-pinned corkboards around the room mark places to put the paper. there is curiously nowhere to sit or write, characteristic of the scatterbrained individual who might've imagined this incarnation of the place. oh well.

this is a place for little blurbs, profiles, or bios for your asb pokemon! maybe it will make writing pokemon easier for refs. (maybe it will make it harder for them!) anyway, i found doing this lots of fun. maybe it will be fun for you too!

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Default Re: asb pokemon profiles!

On the wall just beyond the reach of the door is a small stack of papers that's been stolen from the rest of the piles. It's honestly really in the way, and anyone opening the door into the room runs the risk of either stepping all over the hoarded papers or whacking the door into the person putting them up. Hopefully she'll be done soon so everyone else can walk into the room without hitting someone.

space for team posters goes here
...what? there's not even anything here yet? why is this person still standing practically in the doorway??

...just kidding there is something here now but I want to keep the message

the team
horseaPertina the female Horsea
Has a tendency to rage about. She fully intends to be the leader of the team and does not even entertain the idea of giving up her first spot in the lineup. She's super adorable right now as a Horsea and kind of resents it. Can't wait to be a Kingdra.

ivysaurSana the female Ivysaur
Is thinking she wants to evolve again, but isn't quite sure? Maybe she just likes being an Ivysaur. Watches out for Pertina, and isn't too afraid of letting it show (even though it definitely annoys Pertina).

fennekinNefi the female Fennekin

litwickVenus the female Litwick

gastlyDolon the male Gastly

wooperItero the male Wooper
Playful and energetic! Really wants to evolve but is having a lot of fun in the meantime, so he's not in a big rush.

murkrowObsidian the male Murkrow

larvitarDraka the female Larvitar

kadabraPsyfox the male Kadabra
Has seen chaos and has, somewhat consciously, somewhat unconsciously, let it bleed into his soul. He's very calm and doesn't speak much, but when he does, it leaves you feeling just a little unsettled.

oricorioapprentice cheep cheep the female Oricorio

pidgeyValiance the male Pidgey
Reincarnated from the original team long ago. He used to be second in command, until he saw his leader, Kyrii the Cyndaquil, traded away from him. Bereft, he assumed command, but there wasn't much activity to be had for himself and Agate and the replacement Fire-type, Feirno the Vulpix. He's happy to have Agate rejoin the team and is still waiting for Kyrii. Unclear how he feels about Pertina leading this team.

chinchouUrsoula the female Chinchou
Almost got to see battle! Honestly she's a little nervous.

natuXyan the male Natu
Kind of thinks he's an owl.

eeveeVivian the female Eevee

zubatChurain the male Zubat
Feels a little left out, honestly. He wonders if he really has a place on the team and is pretty eager to prove himself.

sneaselZaeda the female Sneasel

misdreavusMurphy the female Misdreavus

jangmo-oDjrago-ness the female Jangmo-o

sableyeAgate the female Sableye
While happy to see Valiance again, she's also pretty eager to get to know the rest of the team, unlike him. She's curious about Psyfox but hasn't gotten up the courage to speak to him yet.

litwickEnchantress the female Litwick

relicanthBosh the male Relicanth
Might be more interested in exploring alien civilizations than battling, to be honest.

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Old 12-29-2017, 01:56 AM
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Default Re: asb pokemon profiles!

"ILS" is finger painted in orange on a jar on the top shelf. Inside, a sheaf of papers is carefully placed.

the bois, the goils, and the noither
-work in progress, check back soon!




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Old 12-29-2017, 02:07 AM
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Default Re: asb pokemon profiles!

A corkboard in the corner has slowly, sloooowly, been overtaken with papers; mostly doodles of varying sources, flowers and Pokémon and a growing collection of dwarves (well, the same dwarf, but you get it), but a few papers have actual information on them.

information, you say?
oshawott Douglas (M)
-very much the starter, very proud of it. Will fight you, even though he's never been in a battle in his life.

petilil Sayuri (F)
-ever the elegant lady, will (reluctantly) fight. Is very disappointed that her trainer has yet to enroll her in a proper beauty contest.

vanillite Isolde (F)
-pretty chipper, but sweet, just as she would presumably taste. I mean what.

litleo Mariana (F)
-hotheaded, definitely. will also Fight You. does have a soft spot for the babies.

togepi Potato (M)
-tiny! still a baby, still confused at the world, but learning quickly. Mariana is helping.

pumpkaboo Squirt (F) (average size)
-a bit of a prankster; Kyu is a bad influence. mostly hangs out with the babies in her downtime.

mimikyu Kyu (F)
-OH GOD the biggest troublemaker of the main crew. CONSTANTLY causing mischief. Kyu pls.

vulpix-alola Prince Fluffybutt (M)
-the elegant prince to Sayuri's elegant lady. he is Above This. he is pretending that battling isn't fun.

rattata-alola Frisk (M)
-very curious, very excitable, very friendly. be his friend.

cleffa Joydancers Don't Cry (F)
-but does Joydancers Don't Cry cry??? yes. often.

the box
alomomola Bambina St. Dreams Come True (F)
-she's just happy to be here

alomomola Not a Luvdisc (F)
-tries very hard to make people think she's a luvdisc. is not a luvdisc.

ralts Cherry Mristmas! (F)
-Cherry for short! she wants to be elegant but she's still so wobbly....

teddiursa Paddington (M)
-basically a teddy bear. loves cuddles.

cottonee Gossypium (F)
-collects flowers. a lot of flowers. oh god so many flowers.

psyduck (all shiny) LHIRA'S, FUCKING and BLUE (ALL F)
-they're starting a psyduck gang. i'm afraid

bounsweet bousnwert (F)
-if she could talk, she'd have a lisp. very shy. yeth hi it ith her, bouthnwert.
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Default Re: asb pokemon profiles!

A single sheet of paper pinned to a corner corkboard is covered in small writing, with some lines sideways or in the margins - apparently increasingly cramped as the writer went on.

name references, etc.
  • Eris: The Greek goddess of strife and discord.
  • Vesper: A large, widely distributed family of bats, aka evening bats (Vespertilionidae.)
  • Tollah: "Worm" in Hebrew.
  • Supersmile Tommy: 2006-07 Best Russian Blue Alter.
  • Rhyme: A Player character in the Reapers' Game, from The World Ends With You.
  • Kiel: A sword dancer who joins the army, from Radiant Historia.
  • Airplane Baguette: A baguette that is also an airplane.
  • Lover Man, Ole! Ole!: 2010-2011 9th Best Solid Kitten.
  • Luke Atmey: A so-called Ace Detective, from the Ace Attorney series.
  • Toriel: A motherly goat, from Undertale.
  • Maya Fey: A spirit medium and legal co-counsel, from the Ace Attorney series.
  • Tule: A North American sedge, the namesake for a type of fog in California's Central Valley. Pronounced too-lee (/ˈtuːliː/).
  • Névé: A young, granular type of snow. Pronounced nay-vay (/neɪˈveɪ/).
  • Emily Kaldwin: A protagonist and player character in Dishonored 2.
  • Chrysso: A genus of tangle-web spiders.
  • Ellie Black: A Canadian Olympic gymnast.
  • Pallas: An epithet of Athena, associated with the owl.
  • Juno: Queen of the Roman gods, associated with marriage and sometimes the moon.
  • Paris: A Trojan prince who started the Trojan War.
  • Tybalt Capulet: An antagonist in Romeo and Juliet, called the Prince of Cats.
  • Bayes: An 18th-century mathematician, the namesake for a theorem in probability theory.
  • Xestia: A genus of moths known as clays, darts, or rustics.
  • Cozy Let's Get Rocked: 2016-17 4th Best Himalayan in Championship.
  • Ochotona: The genus of pikas, a rabbit-like mammal.
  • Aht: A playable character from Radiant Historia. Also, the best.
(More to be added, hopefully!)

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Default Re: asb pokemon profiles!

Featured prominently on each of the corkboards is a poster emblazoned with a Sliggoo's noble image: King Tassorosso in a bold pose — naked, save a scale in one hand and a sword in the other. And at his feet is scrawled the kingdom's new recruiting motto: "Tassorosso Wants You!"*

Beneath one of the posters is a sheet entitled "Boo Foo Woo Kingdom Census, 2017."


The King
Steadfast ruler of our nation. Undecided as to whether Boo Foo Woo is a kingdom or a martial art.

The Plastics
The most popular, richest, cutest, and most adored. Everybody wants to be them.
espeon blaziken furret mamoswine pelipper lampent meganium altaria linoone phanpy eevee cutiefly oricorio-sensu

The Junior Plastics
Good friends who have actually seen battle.
houndoom natu mismagius vivillon-monsoon spritzee swirlix volcarona zoroark arcanine galvantula croconaw cradily darumaka anorith

The Neglected
Too many to list.



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