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Default Re: Pokémorphs: New Day, New Dawn

A city sort of location. But at this time and in this place, without people. A city should have been full of people. It wasn’t. But such an obscure corner of a city as this one wouldn’t be as expected to be full of people. The sort of obscure corner of a city where a person could do its business unnoticed. Where a person could dispose of Yun unnoticed. Yes.

And the path they’d entered through. A path, at this time, without people. At the other end, there could be more there. Closer to the heart of the city. People? Information. And there would be more history there, probably. There was usually history where there were people.

It had been a while since that person left. That person had been intending to return. Yun did not intend to stay there until that person returned. Yun left, wandering down the one path out of that obscure corner of the city.

Yun looked around at the surroundings. People, buildings. A city, if not a very busy part of a city. People going about their usual business. Buildings largely maintained, not impeccably. Side streets coming off this one.

Futher in the distance, a much larger street. Noisier. More importantly, the people on that street—once in a while, a tail among the pedestrians. Not the only sign of the others, only a few of them really had had tails. But humans shouldn’t have tails.

It would be useful to find the others, Yun decided. There might be necessary things to do that Yun couldn’t do alone. Doors, food; daily struggles.

At the intersection, Yun turned helplessly in a circle. This place was … recognizably Johto. (Recognizably?) A busy road in a busy city? Yet even so, surely there should not have been so many others of their kind. Travelling in swarms, figures, like Yun and the others, vaguely human-like, but with distinctly pokémon-like features.

No, not like Yun and the others. Here and there, a paw fell off revealing a human hand, an exposed pin holding a tail to an otherwise human body, a shoddy headband decorated with ears. Often the original wearer or others in its group would notice the loss, pick up the fallen piece, reaffix it. And continue onward, all of them in one particular direction down the street.

That didn’t seem usual for humans in this time, but … perhaps some sort of tribal gathering-reunion in traditional dress? That certainly would have been a reasonable guess in the Alph area, though it seemed a bit out of place here. Though, with the transportation available in this time, who could say?

But even if they these humans weren’t at all related to Yun and the others, at least they didn’t seem to be … the wrong kind of strangers? Not like that person from earlier. And on the off chance … Yun turned to blindly float after another group of those apparently-human strange people as they passed by.
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