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Default Keychains, Skydiving, and Other Such Human Endeavours

Hey. Poems. Go. Here. Enjoy, comment, da da, da da.
Our love was like a keyring,
Very few keys were really necessary,
But we couldn't stop, was the thing,
The empty ring seemed quite scary.

All we really needed was a house key,
To let us home, and a car key to get us there,
But the limited choice scared you and me,
We added all we could, from anywhere and everywhere.

So we added more, more and more yet,
Keychains to remind us of each other,
(Did she really think I would forget?)
I had one half of a heart, her the other.

Little symbols that seemed so very important,
But really just made using it a real trial, a test,
Never could find the right key in the instant,
Important things being buried under the rest.

Towards the end, we learned to trim down,
To cut free what useless, make the keyrings,
Light and new. Until we again began to drown,
In the emptiness, that was again the thing.

So we abandoned the rings, the keys we wore,
Around our necks, and it was the glorious start,
Of elegant simplicity, and what was more,
The keys are now that much closer to my heart.

Don't Look Down
When you think about it, use your brain,
Life is nothing more than a skydive,
Tossed naked from a moving plain,
From the second that we are alive.

Along the way we acquire clothes,
Friendships, relationships, good times,
But still each one of us knows,
What's at the end-there are no lifelines.

We all grow older, we all hate it.
The longer we live, the more we appreciate,
And the less time left to appreciate it,
Better stop counting seconds before it becomes too late.

Some, their fate they frantically try to fight,
Unknowingly bring their end faster,
The one with no worries as a feather is light,
To ponder the end is to fulfill disaster.

So kick back, relay, enjoy life,
The time left with your falling friends,
Is precious, so release the knife,
It will only lead you faster to your end.

Live, love, be loved, praise the day-
Don't in your sorrows drown,
And even if you are seconds away-
Definitely don't look down.

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Default Re: Keychains, Skydiving, and Other Such Human Endeavours

Zombie's Lament
I touch the fire and it freezes me,
I look into it and it's black.
Why can't I feel?
My skin should crack and peel-
I want the fire back.

I feel the cold wash over me,
I feel my mind give up and die.
As the damage takes it's toll
I slowly lose all my control-
But I've lost the will to even try.

I feel the demon grip it's claws in me,
It takes my body for a ride.
I'd fight it if I could,
But it loves the taste of warm, fresh blood-
My self-control can't be applied.

I feel the pain as time bludgens me,
I feel myself falling apart.
But now I have no will,
All I do is walk and kill-
Every death I dole breaks my heart.

This isn't what I wanted, you see,
I always thought that I'd survive.
But as the it strikes at end of day,
And my life finally slips away-

I know it's been weeks since I was alive.

(The first verse of this was stolen from Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Episode "Once More With Feeling", entitled "Walk Through The Fire". The rest is mine, though.

To Take A Life
I'll do my best to tell you the truth-
It's terribly easy to kill,
The violent squeeze of a trigger,
Takes only the slightest of will,

The swing of a killing blade-
Is just that-a swing, for God's sake
It's no harder than stiking a ball!
But it's not the doing that breaks.

It's what comes after the swing,
What comes after the pull of a trigger,
Because then there's a puddle of blood-
A puddle that will only get bigger.

It soaks through the skin,
Get's under your nails,
Never gets out,
All cleansing fails.

Blood stays a long time,
After you've swung the baseball bat,
It takes weeks for the stench to wear off-
I swear there's message in that.

But after the blood has faded,
Long after the smell wears away,
You're still left with consequences-
There's always a price to pay.

Whether it was self-defense,
Or an actual deliberate attack,
Once you've taken a life, it's taken-
You can't ever give it back.

Road Tale
Little Boe Peep drove in her jeep,
Listening to old rock and roll.
She blinked as she fell softly to sleep,
The damage of the day took it's tole.

Red Riding hood swerved to avoid her,
You can see how this extremly annoyed her,
Jack missed her car by just a hair's breath-
Then crashed into Jill, leading both to their death.

She swerved to the path, all awarness forsook-
She splattered Humpty Dumpty into grizzly egg yoke.
Her car barreled through a streetful of shops,
With a spat Mary's Lamb had become mutton chops.

Jack, jumping over candlesticks in his room,
Gave a start, fell, and burned to his doom.
The Itsy Bitsy Spider was feeling pushed,
He felt so much worse when he was crushed.

Ladybird leaped to avoid being maimed,
Crashed into the cooker, sending her house aflame.
The car engine began to shake and started rumbling.
It exploded, sending a certain Londen Bridge crumbling.

As she flew through the air, to her eternal guilt,
She crashed into the house that Jack built,
Jack, not being the best builder around,
Burst into tears as his house fell to the ground.

And what did she see when she awoke in heaven,
The very angry faces of a very angry seven,
Peep A was guilty of the most grevious of crimes,
The cold-blooded murder of Nursery Rhymes.
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Default Re: Keychains, Skydiving, and Other Such Human Endeavours

These are all quite good!
Most of them are very relatable (excluding the last one) and the rhyming flows really nicely. Keep up the good work!
how painful is this life?
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