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Old 02-11-2012, 12:42 AM
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Default Re: sreservoir vs Barubu


Old 02-11-2012, 12:50 AM
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Default Re: sreservoir vs Barubu

... okay, so maybe not that fast, we probably can't get in a full rest there.

we'll go for alternative plan: waste time throwing money around. literally.

cram in as many pay days as you can. I'd imagine you can't combine them, but eh, whatever. at yourself, perhaps ... okay, the walls of the tunnels, then.

(pay day + pay day + pay day) @ tunnel / (pay day + pay day) @ tunnel / pay day @ tunnel ~ (pay day + pay day) @ tunnel / pay day @ tunnel / nothing ~ pay day @ tunnel / nothing / *a winnar is you*
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Default Re: sreservoir vs Barubu

Suspicious Crypt

This battle takes place in a spacious and mostly empty burial vault.

Recoil moves deal no recoil, but instead cost extra energy equal to twice the recoil which would have been taken.

Arena destruction is encouraged, as always.

Barubu (O)
Naios Aettida (f) <overgrow>
Health: 100%
Energy: 10%
- "... :[" Sweet Scent spited x4, giga drain spited x1, sludge spited x1.

sreservoir (O)
Kergen (f) <vital spirit>
Health: 97%
Energy: 43%
- ":D"

Kergen rubs her paws together, a devilish grin spreading across her furry face. As her paws rub faster and faster, a bright sparkle can be seen forming between them - a coin materializing out of nowhere, solidifying, and she tosses it at the wall of her smallish tunnel. It pings against the mud and falls to the tunnel ground, sparkling in the darkness; Kergen keeps grinning, knowing the spoils will be hers.

Naios, up above, sighs in exhaustion and begins to absorb light into her smallish bulb. There isn't much in this strange crypt, so it takes a while; minutes pass, her bulb glowing slowly, and finally she tilts herself over so her bulb can peer down the tunnel Kergen fled down - and a searing light pierces the darkness, dirt and mud flung into the air as the burst of light flushes the tunnel. Though the tunnel curves sideways, the beam simply can't, and instead it burns a hole into the bottom of the tunnel, pushing it downwards further. The light is short-lived; long enough for Kergen to be momentarily blinded and stunned, and for Naios to realize why she isn't hitting anything - Kergen has dug sideways, damn her. She falls to her stomach in sheer exhaustion. There definitely isn't enough willpower in her to get off another one of those.

Kergen mutters to herself, rubbing the light out of her eyes. She can smell the burnt dirt, and is quite glad that wasn't her fur. Still muttering, she continues rubbing her paws together, bringing forth another shiny coin; she doesn't wait before tossing it at the muddy wall, letting it fall beside its companion.

Up above, Naios stumbles to her feet, shaking unsteadily as she gathers speckles of light towards her bulb. She can barely keep it collected before falling over - she knows she won't be able to form an entire solarbeam. She doesn't wait, then, before turning her bulb towards the hole and releasing what little she can muster; a baby of a solarbeam, thin and weak, breaks against the burnt area left by the former beam, and Naios falls on her side unconscious.

Kergen is only alerted to the fact that she's won by a flash of red light through her tunnel - Naios being recalled. The mankey grabs her coins and hurries back up her tunnel, victorious and proud, only her have her winnings snatched by res...

Barubu (x)
Naios Aettida (f) <overgrow>
Health: 100%
Energy: 0%
- Fainted.

sreservoir (O)
Kergen (f) <vital spirit>
Health: 97%
Energy: 37%
- ":D" $2 earned for res.

Arena Notes:
There's a smallish hole in the ground leading to where Kergen is.

Final Notes:
- Naios didn't have enough energy to pull off an entire full-powered second solarbeam, not that it mattered since it couldn't hit.
- res gets $8 + $2 pay day dollars, Barubu gets $3, I get $5; Kergen gets 3 exp, Naios gets 1.

complete asb battles, loss: barubu, ref: pathos, win: sreservoir

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